Oct 1, 2014

Sewing....and unsewing

I have gotten a little bit of sewing done since the blog hop and yesterday's scheduled post.

I did the ipad/tablet stand for Jane on Monday afternoon and the wonder wallet on Monday evening while Skyler and Oscar took turns hiding under the skirt on the sewing/pressing table.  I've done enough of those that I didn't even look at the directions to sew it---and then forgot about the stitching you do to join the 3rd and 4th pockets and form a coin area.  I got it done but after the fact.  OOPS!

Yesterday I got a little ahead of my self and reverted back to the sewing room re-do projects.  I want a gingham chicken pin cushion.  Those tablet stands sort of look like chickensand no doubt, that is why I had the bug.   I want it to be as big as the one I have been using, that Veronica sent me (empty for mailing) when my beloved one died.  I asked her if she knew what size she had cut the initial squares.  Too much water over the dam and she doubted she could find her notes about the pattern changes.

SOOO I gutted an extra one I had.  Looked like the squares were 4 1/2 inches on it, but it was much smaller.  I'll go with squares cut 7 1/2" and then 5" and 6" for the tail feathers prairie points, 2" for the comb prairie points and a hair smaller for the beak square.  I cut it all out last night and sat down to sew this afternoon.  I looked at a few websites.  Even watched the You Tube video from Missouri Quilt Company. She shows a bigger one but does not say how big to cut them, just two equal sized squares.

I called this post "sewing and unsewing" so you KNOW I messed up, right?

OOPS!!  This one has his beak scraping the ground!  It is also a good bit bigger than the one I was trying to make.  That one measures about 5 inches across the backside while mine measures 7 inches.  I'm guessing if I started with 7 1/2 inch squares then 6 inches might have been the better choice.  BUT that part doesn't bother me near as much as the mess I made.  Obviously I chose the wrong side of the three sides to sew before you match up that seam with the prairie pointed end.  Not only did I have to remove that seam but I had basted the tail feathers in so they would not slip.    I had to take the seam out on the 3rd side too since I had to be sure to leave an opening to turn it and fill it!  I had interfaced it as well with medium weight fusible interfacing making it a little harder to remove the old lines of thread.

BUT I am back on track.  It is fixed. I think it will be cute and it matches the curtain and table skirt deal.   I want to use bean bag pellets in this one as I love those in the existing pinnie  (and the one that expired )but will need to make a store run tomorrow.    I need to go anyway for several zippers for another project I have in mind.  I have a kit from Connecting Threads for the Zip Zip Bags and of course, that is just the fabric for two bags and the pattern.  Zippers and d-rings not included.  I possibly need cording for the pacie clips I told you about5.  I have something that I could use but it feels like of plastic-y and is glittery;  I am concerned about the suitability should Lily start chewing on it.

See that little babies head peeking out on the computer screen?  Hooded ruffled girly towel from Stitched by Crystal..  Think Lily needs one of them too?

Well, you know where to find me---at the machine or cutting table.  I would like to work on the Koin Keeper yet this evening---now that I have chickens under control!!

Sep 30, 2014

The " next ups"

By the time this post goes live I hope to be working on the three items I mentioned in my last post.  That means that I have the guild newsletter behind me and have time to do a little sewing.  None of these should be too time consuming but fun things to whip up and use a bit more of the fabrics I purchased for the last blog hop.   I've also got a list of about 7 household things that need attention so it would be good to see some cross-outs happening there as well.   As DJ was always saying to me "who gave you all those jobs anyway?  aren't you retired?"  Not always sure about the source of the work but it DOES happen.

The ipad/tablet stand for Jane.  Tutorial on Factotum of Arts

I need those heavier needles before I think about starting this wallet,  .  I have made one before and like the style but it is a bit of a bear through multiple layers of interfacing (Decor Bond was used in their sample) This time I am trying with the interfacing cut down a half inch all around to try to keep it out of the seam allowances.  Auditioning buttons, LOL.

I've made or been gifted with a bunch of these over the years but again, I interface each piece almost even though it just calls for optionally doing the cover only.  I also like my friend Pam's idea of a elastic closure, especially if it is for those loyalty cards.

And here is one that I forgot the other day when I was writing up that list---DIY Pacifier Clips from Make It, Love It  (borrowing their image).  The pacie attaches on the loop of cording and Nana is supposed to be mailing me the "brand".

Of course I am making them for this little cutie pie.  11 weeks old almost.  Doesn't Lily look like she is giggling or someone is blowing on her tummy?

Still considering what I might use for a bag for the tablet and its accessories but no decision need be made just yet.  And sew it goes--------

Sep 28, 2014

DAY 5 Rush Hour Blog Hop -- My turn

It's time for me to post my Rush Hour Hop objects!  As always, we are are encouraged by Mdm Samm at Sew We Quilt who sets the themes and works behind the scenes to make these hops what they are.  Head cheerleader for this round is the incomparable Carol of Just Let Me Quilt.  Take a bow, ladies!

Here is the list of today's fellow participants 

Monday, September 29
Life, Quilts, and Cats, too   <<< you are here>>>
Coeur d'Alene (moved from the 26th)

Studio E Fabrics is our sponsor this round and what a wonderful line of fabric to inspire us!  Have you seen their upcoming Pearle and Essentials 9??   I tell you, a red, black, white and gray lovers dream.   I think it is my favorite combination of colors, at least in my clothing and accessories.  I don't give a hang if redheads "shouldn't wear red" and never have.  Of course, it is often a choice for sports teams, either red and white with black accents, or red and black, with white accents: my beloved St. Louis Cardinals, our local high school team, the nearby college are just a few examples.  Being a t-shirt and jeans gal, you know I have shirts for a few of those teams.  I like red bandanas  and drive a red car.  I do redwork embroidery.   I love red!

Some have related stories of what "Rush Hour" means to them. I guess I was lucky that my commute was as little as 2 blocks and at most 5 miles drive time.  I never got stuck in a traffic jam, also only got to call in to work just once because snow kept me from getting to work.  I "retired" when we moved to Alabama back in 97 so any deadlines I face are self imposed for the most part.  But that didn't mean I couldn't participate in the hop!

We were not required to use the wonderful Rush Hour fabric line as long as we used red, black, white and gray.  Good thing, as I could NOT track any down when I ordered fabric back in July.  What I DID use is still Studio E but is part of their Essentials 8 line plus a mottled black Essentials from Wilmington.

So what did I make? A few practical items naturally or why do the work?

 First, a tablet prop as mine as a wobbly stand.  Actually it is a just a pincushion like I made for the "See You in September" hop last week.  Beats the rolled up kitchen towel I had been using and keeps the thing from toppling over.   I put some kitchen shelf gripper stuff on the bottom to keep it all from sliding though.  Just a scrap piece of fabric from the picnic hop.   I pull this table  and its contents up when the "boys" and I are chilling in front of the TV in the evening.

Next up:
 I was intrigued by the ipad/tablet stand that one of the hoppers Helen of Till We Quilt Again shared with us recently and whipped one of those up.  My friend Jane had lent me her backup Kindle and the books on it (without my asking even!)  While I know it is a bad habit to read when you are eating, it helps me avoid seeing that empty chair and missing my dear companion.  I read,  sometimes it is the only time I get a chance to all day.   Anyway, I  put gripper stuff on the bottom of this as well as it slips a bit on my table top otherwise.

One more quickie item before I get to the main event. 
 I had a lapboard that I thought could use a face lift so I dismantled it.  "Re-mantling" it meant that I had little bits of styrofoam flakes and balls blowing away with the breeze.  I've got most of it vacuumed up now but still see some down in the cracks of the driveway, LOL.  Emptying it was not near as bad as it went right into a 2 gal ziploc bag without too much fuss.  Filling it was the challenge!  I ended up using a good bit of crushed walnut shells and now it is a bit heavier on my legs.  Oh, well but it looks so much better than what was on it before!

The other thing--the ledge I built up with the long skinny stuffed tube will not stick.  Ran out of hot glue sticks and that just boogered up the fabric.  Tried double stick carpet tape and that was a bust too.  Finally I figured out last night to just put the tube under the tablet to angle it a bit.  Now I'm cooking, LOL.  Fortunately the carpet tape just peeled off.

Okay, the main event---
I had hoped to have made this BEFORE I took my trip to Colorado and Illinois in August as it would have been good for my personal item carry on,  shove my smaller purse in it and go.  There are pockets on this Creative Thimble Professional Tote everywhere!   Good sized too about 18w x 15h x 5d.  

The front side picture shows you the zipped front pocket with lined pocket behind it.  Also there are two side pleated pockets which gather up with cord locks.   I will tell you that I panicked about having to make my first button holes in about 30 some years there on those side pleated pockets. I had gotten out of the garment making business some time ago and avoided button holes like the plague even then, LOL . I sucked it up and got through it after a few practice button holes on one of the computerized machines I own.   Those side pockets are good spots for a water bottle, your umbrella, glasses case, cell phone, etc.  I did make by own fabric handles so they matched the trim and bag bottom though she gives you the option of this or webbing/belting. 

Back side picture will show the wide open topped pocket at the top but I used the optional magnetic closer rather than Velcro closure.  Good spot for the newspaper, magazines, files.  That magnetic closer insertion was a first for me.  Also I did put on the optional strap across the top that will allow you to slip the bag over your luggage handle.  It kind of blends in but I think you may be able to spot it.

It is hard to get a decent picture of the interior but I tried to show some of the inside pockets.  There is a set of three pockets and three zippers on the bag.  This shows the zippered pocket that acts as a divider .  My chromebook is inside.  There is also a small vinyl pocket for business cards, ID in the exterior of this pocket.  I framed mine with the black fabric and left it open at the top but didn't get a picture of it.

Here is the interior patch pocket with key fob attached. I used a swivel hook but D rings were the other option.  You decide where you want to make the pocket divisions to fit what you normally would carry.  

There is a large three pocket on the other side.  The center pocket is pleated and has a Velcro tab at the top, shown here closed

Shown here open.  The whole bag zips closed at the top and you may notice the zipper tape/teeth in this picture.

The bag is heavily interfaced with decor bond so is quite sturdy.  I was happy that I had chosen to sew with my old mechanical Singer as it is a workhorse!  When one of the computerized one balks at even 4 thicknesses of plain cloth, you can appreciate the Singer plowing through multiple layers.  I did, however, bend the tar out of several 110/18 heavy duty needles and broke a couple of 16 Jeans needles.  I have more ordered but a few tasks will wait till they arrive.  

What is next?  A blogging friend asked the other day if I was going to be getting back to quilty things rather than the craftsy things I have been doing.  LOL  eventually, yes.  I have three items kitted up with the leftover fabric. 

  • another ipad/tablet stand in red for Jane as a "thank you" for letting me borrow her kindle.  She knows about it as I asked her favorite color and she liked this red floral fabric I used
  • a this and that wallet to go with my bag
  • a wonder wallet for the loyalty cars to go with my bag
  • I also want to make a tablet case so I have some where to stow the two chargers with the tablet

Overview shot of my items

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoy the remainder of the hop.  I know the others are waiting to strut their stuff for you too!  We are, after all, as Mdm Samm says a " sew and show" blog hop!

Last two days of Rush Hour Hop

Two days remain in the Rush Hour Hop!  This week has gone so quickly but then I was busy, busy, busy trying to get my main entry finished up.  Come back and see it on Monday (tomorrow), if you would please?  I've got my pictures taken and will be working on my post sometime today.  I also have the guild newsletter to get started on so it is a toss up which one I work on first, LOL.

There has been a schedule change so I'll re-post our cheerleader Carol's note since my list is buried a few posts back at this point.  Hope you'll join us or check out the Pinterest link at http://www.pinterest.com/mdmsamm/rush-hour-blog-hop/ for the hop overview.  There have been some wonderful things made for this talented group!

Monday, September 29
Coeur d'Alene (moved from the 26th)

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