Aug 27, 2014

Part 1: Colorado and the wedding

Before you think I dropped off the face of the earth, I had better post!  I was gone for a week. August 13 through 20th and home since about 4 p.m. Wednesday evening.  A week has passed.  Every time I thought I might be able to sit down to update my blog, something else seemed to come up.  In fact, I am still sort of catching up, LOL.  I barely got back and it was off to one of the guild sew-in days on Friday.  Yesterday was Bama Belles.  It is also time for me to be getting out the guild newsletter---did much of that on Saturday because the gals were giving some of the stuff that needed to go in it on Friday, LOL.

BUT every body keeps asking about the wedding and getting to see the baby.  I keep saying I'll post to the blog including pictures.  Guess I better get to it, huh?   This will be long, just saying.

I knew going in that my sister Janet needed some help in the kitchen.  She had arranged my flight to get into Denver in the early afternoon on Wednesday (the 13th) for that very reason.  My brother-in-law Rich picked me up from the airport, about an hour away from their Littleton home.   I  had told her to give me a knife and point me to the kitchen in our messages back and forth.    Little did I know just how much she did need me to help!   In fact, we had to make most of the wedding food, not just feed the house guests and my niece's friends from college for a few nights.   Fajitas and Pizza Pasta was on the menu that I knew of.  Jan mentioned something about the caterers not being available as soon as initially hoped.  A little cryptic perhaps, LOL.  It was on messenger, I didn't press for details.  She was up to her neck in alligators with wedding details, after all.

My sister is very organized and that was a good thing.  The wedding was going to be held in Buena Vista, Colorado on a ranch that Greg's aunt and uncle (Rosie and Gary) own, some 2- 2 1/2 hours away, up in the mountains.  Everything had to be taken up there: all the food, all the decorations, guests, luggage ----everything from wedding central AKA the living room, the stuff for the bachelorette party........practically the kitchen sink!

All the menus were planned.   She knew what we would be having for supper that night and Thursday night (3 kinds of soup)  when Amber's 6 friends from college were driving in from Des Moines, Iowa and points east.  That stuff was already made and just needed heating.   She had meat marinating in the fridge for the fajitas.   Jan and I sat down and figured out what we could do ahead in preparations over the three day span based on the menu.  Because she would be helping to set up the decorations plus be involved in wedding rehearsal on Friday, could I oversee the kitchen details at the borrowed church kitchen with some of Amber's friends?  Sure! I was there to help.   With our lists made and action plan set up, she and I headed off to Sam's while Rich had his list of items to get from the other area supermarkets.  Turns out he was kind of the on call shopper over the next few days!

Wednesday and early Thursday I sliced my way through probably two dozen bell peppers of various colors.  Some were for the fajita meal and most for the veggie trays at the wedding.  I lost count of how many onions I sliced or chopped. Wednesday I chopped and Jan and Rich made up two kinds of salsa, a tomato one and what I would call Texas caviar or something similar.  Jan browned the meats for the pizza pasta and the Greatest Queso that Ever Lived.  We should have owned stock in the ziploc bag company for how many we were packing up.  We had to keep things separated out for what was wedding food to transport over to their nearby church refrigerator and what needed to stay at the house.  That would be important when it came time to load up the coolers----all five of them!!

The wedding menu for 50-60 people was---

  • pulled pork which my sister had already cooked up, shredded and froze up in ziploc bags
  • fruited Chicken salad--not sure whose recipe she used but it called for Worcestershire sauce in it which is a little different that most you see
  • Spinach Salad with a variety of fruit, similar to what is served at Panera Bread
  • those good Sister Schuler yeast rolls to use for the sandwiches
  • deviled eggs
  • veggie trays
  • Watergate salad, the bride's favorite
  • Mexican Pinwheels----one of Greg's favorites; the groom's family made these up but from Melanie's description this is a similar recipe.
  • They had a cake to slice just for the pictures more or less but served red velvet cupcakes from a bakery
  • coffee, iced tea, hot tea, lemonade
Thursday I set to work poaching a bunch of chicken breasts for the chicken salad and cutting it up into cubes---like, 18 cups worth by the time I was done.  We would finish up the dish on Friday at the church.  Later Jan and Rich grilled up the fajita meat, slightly underdone for reheating.  I sliced and bagged up the chicken, while Jan packed up the beef.  Amber's friends arrived for supper and were to spend the night at Greg's mom and step-dad's (Melanie and Glenn) home as they were already up in Buena Vista.  My sister Diane and husband Rick got into the airport around 8 pm and rented a car to drive down to Littleton.  We didn't see much of them before we all headed to bed!

Friday dawned and it was time to load up the cars, the coolers and everything but the kitchen sink!  As I said 5 coolers had to go with just the food, some to the ranch, some to the church for preparation.  Jan and Rich ended taking up both cars and pulling a small trailer.  Amber had her girlfriends and drove Greg's car with all their luggage.  The rental car was loaded up as well.  We were supposed to be to Buena Vista at 10.  Three cars left and Diane and Rick were coming up a little later with the things that needed to go to the rental house.  (We could not check in till 3 pm) 

 It was an outdoor wedding so the photographer needed to know about the light patterns, food preparation needed to done, decorating done, tables set up and any number of details to attend to.
When we got there, the guys were still working on building the stage area with seating left to go.  (Log sections that they would attach two by fours to).  They had expanded the size of the path on the hill we needed to walk down to get to the creek and pasture area building in steps to the bridge that traversed it in previous weekend trips.  Needless to say, the rehearsal didn't apparently get started as soon as they hoped.  Rehearsal luncheon became rehearsal supper.  Diane said that rehearsal took about 3 hours and in the meantime she had polished all the silver teapots, trays, communion goblet etc.  

Meanwhile my helpers Katy and Alicia and I spent about 4 hours at the church.  The caterer's basically were to set up, serve, replenish, make the dish look pretty, bake the rolls and partially slice them, set up the beverages.  They would not arrive till late Friday and there was a funeral at the church on Saturday so they had to move all that stuff back to the ranch bright and early Saturday morning.  SO our job was to ready things for them.  We had fruit to prep for the spinach salad, strawberries to float for garnish in the lemonade.  Watergate salad to mix, veggies to wash, canned fruit to drain, celery to slice for the veggie trays and some to chop for the chicken salad.  Iced tea concentrate to brew.  Alicia had some cooking class experience and good knife skills and Katy was a good helper, doing whatever we asked of her. 

Our biggest task was probably making the deviled eggs.   Jan and I had discussed whether to buy eggs pre-boiled or fix them ahead but vetoed both because of cost or the fact that they might get rubbery and icky.  Surely we could buy a few dozen locally?  They came back with 3-18 egg cartons and we cooked them all.  Their hands were about frozen trying to peel all those eggs.  I worked on the filling and another task while they kept plugging.   Somehow we had enough of them that looked good to fill the trays Melanie had provided.   Alicia piped in the filling, making them look pretty.  At that point I said "okay, bonus salad with the remainders" and Alicia chopped them up for egg salad.  The bowl was about half gone at the reception so that was probably a good thing we did make it up.

Rehearsal supper was brats, burgers and green beans cooked over a camp fire in cast iron pots which gave them an interesting smoky taste.  Some other things as well but that is what sticks in my head.  I know I was pretty hungry by then though we had been dealing with food for hours, that was for the wedding, not for lunch!!  LOL  Other than the taste tests to see if something needed a bit of salt, or more dressing added and a bit of pineapple juice drained off the fruit we had no lunch.

Okay, moving on.  Buena Vista is known for its outdoor activities such as rafting, hiking, fishing and the hotels book up on the weekend.  My sister had arranged for a time share like house that slept 10.   It looked to be a log cabin that they had built a 2nd story on as the lower level had just two twin beds and two fold up cots.  Up stairs there was a  beautiful master suite with king bed, a crib in the walk in closet and a small sitting room off the suite with a twin bed and a pull out.  That is where I slept actually but all that separated me from the bedroom and one "wall" of the bathroom was two curtains on either side. Outside, above what looked like storage building they had also built upward and it housed a double or queen sized bed.  No bathroom or TV but a bed.  Diane and I had to make an executive decision about who was going where for the night as Jan and Rich did not get back from the ranch to about 9:30 or so that night.  Jan and Rich got the master, Diane and Rick the treehouse and the 5 girls who were staying over hashed it out as to who went where.

The girlfriends all came back to the house for the girlie get together.  There was a large living room area with dining table set up with a door that could be closed for privacy.  Then us old heads could hang out in the sitting area off the kitchen or outside by the fire pit, whatever.  That night the girlfriends that were not staying with us went on to Greg's dad house about an hour away.  We didn't have to feed them after all that night.  One meal for the newlywed's freezer, I'm guessing.

Saturday came, the wedding was scheduled for 10 a.m. back at the ranch so most of the group left early.  Diane and I started washing some towels and pulled the sheets off the two twin beds.  Different bunch staying on Saturday night----the sound guy, his wife and two young kids.  I think he was somebody Jan and Rich know from church and he initially wanted two nights in the hotel, meals, his fee, etc etc but apparently at some point it was down to "we will have 4 beds and will feed you supper".  Laundry started, showers and dressed for the wedding so off we went.

A gorgeous, sunny day.  The hospitality tent on the way down to the field was stocked with sunscreen sprays as well as insect wipes and we were encouraged to apply them!  Several people already had gotten a bit reddened the day before, after all.    The rain did hold off except for a few odd sprinkles and you may see some cloudy skies in some of the photos.  A few of these were taken by one of Amber's friends or Greg's sister or the best man's mom.  My sister also took a few to share with my parents who were unable to attend.  I can't find where I put those!  Others are in a drop box folder and they won't let me rotate them to share but I do have some to show.  One that I really love of Greg and Amber I cannot seem to upload right now and I am getting a bit perturbed in my attempts.  Maybe later or next post.  Whatever is running in background presently is making this more difficult than it needs to be.  GRRRRRR

My niece Amber, the bride obviously

My sister Janet, niece Randi who was maid of honor, Amber and brother-in-law Rich.  Rich would lead the song and do the message in the ceremony while Greg's step-dad Glenn performed the vows and other portions of the nuptials.

Greg and his best friend/best man Dane on the left.  Note the gorgeous 14's in the background.

Randi and Dane, maid of honor and best man

Greg escorting his soon to be mother-in-law

Rich doing the message and the happy couple

Greg before the "You may kiss the bride".  He bent her over and there are two really neat pictures but I cannot  upload/download them properly

1st dance---friend Kaela has a great picture close in of this and I hope to upload that one 

The courtyard were the tables were set up for the reception

Lovely personalized ceremony with family and friends.  After the reception, Diane, Rick and I went back to the rental house.  We got the beds re-made for the guests, folded towels etc.  Later Diane and I took care of finishing up the preparations for the queso dip and then I tended to preparing the fajitas when everyone was ready to eat.  Jan will be doing a half marathon in the area next month and wanted to check out the route they would taking.  By the time they returned it was time to eat.  We did not get a whole lot of time to visit before bedtime.  The sound guy parked himself on the couch and left his wife to tend to the kids in the back room interjecting himself into our family time anyway.

By Sunday morning, Diane, Rick and I along with Randi headed back to Denver.  Jan and Rich had some last minute things to tend to back at the ranch.  The sound guy and his family were on to another site.   The photographer Liz and Amber's former college roommate  Becca had stayed back at my sister's home in Littleton while the other girls started back to Iowa and points east. Becca was needing to catch a flight on to Michigan and knew she would have a bit of a wait at the airport but it saved another trip .  By the time we got to the house Liz was on her way to Colorado Springs for a few days by bus.   We boarded our plane back to Bloomington-Normal, IL by mid-afternoon, picked up some Avanti's gondolas (a tradition if you live in the area or attended college at ISU) and since my folks were watching one of Diane and Rick's dogs, they took me up to my folks where I would spend the next couple nights.

I am happy that I got to make the trip.  I was glad to whatever I could to help Janet and ease some of her stress about the wedding.  So many details to think about!  She did say that they hope Randi does not want to marry miles, and miles away from home when it is her turn, LOL.

More in the next post-------you are probably thinking, "Lord, will she ever run out of things to say?" by this point!  The answer might be "maybe" or "temporarily".   LOL  I'll set the other one to go live in a day or two.  Baby pictures.

Aug 11, 2014

Check in

  I was reminded this morning at breakfast that I had not posted in a week, LOL.  I guess one person besides myself notices those things.  I had my reasons---nothing much to show in the stitching area though I did start on the tree skirt was the first one.  You don't get to see that one as I MIGHT have to count it towards the "3 projects for September" hop.

2nd one, I have not been in a good place emotionally, what with my birthday approaching and going through this year of firsts without my mate.  Rather than be a real Debbie Downer, I stayed away from the keyboard.   DJ and I would have gone out to eat at the place of my choosing,  he would have gone to Winn Dixie and gotten a bouquet of flowers usually a day or two in advance so we had something to brighten our table for about a week.  On the actual day a lovely card, usually one that made me cry and a check for some spending money if I hadn't already picked out something online and told him to give me the credit card.  Usually no cake though he got a store bought one once and hired my friend Marilyn to make one once since she does cake decorating.  We would often have cake at Belles and he knew I would bring some home.  I refuse to make my own and he knew that.   While all that might have sounded a little predictable, it was our tradition; I cannot tell you how much I am missing it.  Missing him.

Not that my friends did not step up because they did. I collected hugs at guild on Saturday.  Yesterday Jane and Terri took me to lunch at a deli near the mall that I had never been to.  Then we went on to see "100 Yard Journey"  the new Helen Mirren movie that just came out.  I ran into another friend in the rest room as we were leaving.  Judy and Conray had been to the same movie.  I think the last film I saw in the theater was "It's Complicated" with Jane and Aline.  DJ worked for a cable TV concern so he got the movie channels as a job perk.  No need to pay to go when it was going to be on HBO soon enough. 

Today the Belles gathered at Cracker Barrel for breakfast which was fun too.   The girls were generous and got me a lovely card and spending money for my upcoming trip.   Jane said I should have birthdays twice a year just so we could all go out for breakfast.   OHHH hold up there unless you count them as the half year kind.   I do not plan to attend tomorrow's meeting as I am leaving soon for Colorado and Illinois.  Got to pack, do laundry, clean up the house a bit as I hate coming home to a mess and finish up any little odds and ends that need dealt with before I go. 

I do have a couple pictures I could share though.  This was Friday or Saturday evening.  I was sitting on the end of the couch not covered with the spread.  Oscar was sleeping too till I got up to get the camera.  I was piddling on the tablet and did not realize that Skyler had left the love seat to perch himself on the back of the couch.  Apparently done without the usually hissing and snarling.  In a way, I think these two are like two toddlers competing for Mom's attention.  If I were to move to the other couch, they would both follow me.  I get up and Oscar definitely follows me to the gate to be sure I come back or whines if he doesn't see me come back right away.  Skyler could care less but he watches what the dog is doing first and foremost.  What goofballs.

And latest Lily picture.  It will not be long and I will get to hold this precious little baby.  I won't be long in Illinois but I will get to see my parents.  My niece/god-daughter and her dad may be coming down from the Kankakee-Bourbonnais area to see us.  My sister is taking me down to Springfield so I can meet her daughter-in-law as we have not made connections on either trip back.  Then off to see Kristine and the baby and then back to Bloomington for supper at Schooners hopefully with my brother and his family if available.    For those of you who don't know, I am the oldest of six kids and have three brothers and two sisters.  One sister lives in CO and the other, in IL.  Two brothers are in IL and the other is in TN.   You would need a copy of the family tree to keep the nieces and nephews all straight.  LOL
I don't know what the heck is the matter with trying to get the pictures to line up right with the text nor do I have the patience to mess with it any further.  Do my best Scarlett O'Hara and say "I'll deal with it tomorrow"   Things to do and people to see.................

I hear rumbling outside so Oscar may be coming in a bit sooner than planned.  I see that Skyler vacated his window seat too and probably dived under the bed.  If you look out one window it looks window, the other not so much.  So far I have only emptied a half inch out of the gauge this month and it was terribly dry before that.  Hit and miss, it was pouring in Oxford when I was running an errand at the exchange.  Completely dry on the roads once I hit Anniston and the route home.

THX for stopping by---even if I don't have much to share.

Aug 4, 2014

finished to flimsy---woohoo!

By the time I quit sewing on Saturday I was up to the last two joining seams.  One at the quarter mark of the 2nd half and the long middle joining seam between the two halves.  I didn't sew a lick yesterday as I was considering if I wanted to make some changes with the left side of the Chevron quilt. I HAD initially planned on trimming it off on one side but................I like how this last corner looks.  The chevrons are sort of floating on the white background.  I mulled it over and mostly read a couple books on the Kindle app instead, did the laundry, walked my dog, played with the critters, anything but sew.  Still, every blessed time I woke up during the night last night that quilt was on my mind. Time to finish this thing up and move on!

I had already trimmed some off of the left side.  If I were to keep it the way it was, and sub out the print quarter square triangles with white background ones then some of it would need to be re-constructed.  OR I could ditch one of the peaks across the quilt top---go with 6 instead of 7 or 12 subcuts instead of 14.  Quilt was a bit too wide anyway so you see what happened.   The top half took a bit longer, the middle quarter less and the last quarter did not need remodeling.

I joined the lower half sections, pieced a couple of the quarter squares on the top and then went to out to lunch.

And finally, the top is done!  I am much happier with the result and did not have to trim away any of the fabrics that I paired up to make a "wave" quilt for Lily to go with her nautical themed room.  It does not quite mirror the right vertical but it is close enough.  Short of piecing in a small square of the adjacent zig color into the quarter square triangle in some manner, I don't know how to make it less stubby on the left side????  Or shorten the right edge rail piece by adding a 2.5 inch square of the background color might work.   How OCD to I want to appear to be?  LOL.  I might try that on another quilt OR here is a novel idea, I could follow the tutorial as written!  This finished about 46 x 68, close to lap size 50 x 70.

What's next?  Well, it will have a special appliqued label on the back featuring some of daddy's art work from his childhood days.  It will be pieced into the backing but I am not working on it today.

I could start on the wedding present tree skirt but probably will not.   I may cut it out tomorrow but I really do need to get started on the September Blog Hop pieces--yes, plural as in three.  I've got the fabric I will use and I know what I am making.  Since I have my trip coming up before I know it, I would be smart if I got going on that.  The happy couple will not need the tree skirt till like after Thanksgiving and hey, Lily is just a few days shy of one month.  I'm allowed to detour!   Once I do set up to quilt, I have two donation tops of my own to do as well. Also I told one of the Belles I would do her nieces' Snuggle Up tops once she is ready and has them pinned.  I would put the binding on for her too but she will have to finish that up.  Those are quick and easy simple lines and won't take long

I still have not made connections with the sewing machine dude.  May try again tomorrow if he doesn't manage to call me back. I'm not waiting by the phone or holding my breath dragging the cell everywhere I go.  I did that for two days and that was enough.

Aug 1, 2014

Checking in

August 1st.  In some ways this year is whizzing on by and in others, dragging.  Whizzing by because I am busy most of the day either inside or outside.   Dragging because it is 6 months to the day that my dear husband departed this earth.  Growing older and doing it without the love of your life is the pits, just got to say.  I'm trying---all you can do, right?

I have the chevron quilt half done but did not even sew for two days this week.  We had a bit of a cool down weather-wise and what a gift that was!  One day it was sweeping inside and out, dust mopping, mopping, vacuuming and even dusting in spots that it had never occurred to me to ever dust.  You know, the "don't look up" philosophy?  Well, that framework around the kitchen pass through, and around the windows flanking the fireplace----ugh.  Dust accumulation, big time.   I dust around the doors of the bedrooms and bathroom but I don't know why I didn't think about the windows!  Well, after all that floor stuff was done, I drug the vacuum outside and cleaned out the car and then hand washed it.

The next day it was cook ahead.  Poached some chicken breasts and browned some ground beef with chopped onions for later dishes.  Then I cleared out the frozen bananas piling up in the freezer door by making banana nut muffins for coffee break time.  Then since I dislike any of the available pizza choices around here, made my own ham and cheese pizza.  Most of that is up in the freezer too.  Now the freezer is stuffed full again and the cycle repeats, LOL.   There is not a whole lot of room out in the chest freezer either.  Not with more freezer containers and varieties of bread and vegetables out there too.

So here is sort of where I left off with the quilt except that loose row you see.  That is row 8 and I sewed that at about 3 in the morning this morning.  Yeah, awake again at the magic hour of 2 a.m. and not going back to sleep.  Row 9 is pinned and read to feed through the machine.  The top half rows are joined and folded on the hanger.

I did mess up on two counts with this.  First my drawing was incorrect as I had 13 sections in it and there are 14.  That part may not have mattered so much until I tried to flip the table cloth over and upended the drawing.  I had to re-pin what remained but it didn't look like the picture.  I figured it out then.  14 on hand, 13 pictured.  DUH!  Debating about re-drawing it. It was laid out right from the other direction.  Forget just flipping it.   I took the finished part off and pulled the cloth up as I still need to keep Skyler away from the sections and possible string pulling.   I put row 8 back on the hanger once the picture was taken.  He's napping on the perch now and ignoring it.

My other goof?  I kept thinking that I had misplaced some of the pieces when I took them down off the tablecloth.  13 sections, where is that other green tone on tone???  Looked and looked again,  retracing my steps.  When the next row, the polka dot, was short 2 sections the light bulb finally when off.  You already sewed it into the preceding rows, you goofball!!

Does seeing this laid out straight how just how this thing goes together??  Simple block sections and you should see "L's"  all across the row.  If you don't then you have turned the piece incorrectly.  I pin the sections as I pull them off the design wall flopping the section on the left over the one on the right with the pin indicating where to stitch.  So far I have not messed up that part though I did need to re-cut the right upper corner.  Again, that drawing thing messed me up.  Most of it will get trimmed off in the end anyway so this is just to aid in the piecing.

Wanna see the latest pictures of the little recipient? Lily is now 3 weeks old.  The quilt will be one our little peanut can grow into, LOL as it is looking like it will end up more like lap quilt size.

Her Nana, my sister Diane sent me these.  I know her Mama is humoring Nana with that pink business.

Nana said she fell asleep in her arms

And the critters?  Some of you have told me that you like reading stories of their antics.  Oscar is a bit in the dog house, literally as he has had to have a bath two weeks in a row as he has picked up some fleas.  I thought the scratching was a bit better with the advantix (dang but that stuff is pricey!) but he is back at it.  I even bug sprayed the section of yard he frequents the most as that is what the neighbors who had him before said to do.   Two bottles later, he is still scratching.  Anyway, both times after his bath when I was in picking up the wet towels he has taken a dump on the floor.  Peed too, once right by his food dish of all things!!   He is fairly calm about the bathing part but the minute my back was turned.  Ohhhhh bad, bad doggie.  So, is he mad at me?  Trying to get even in some manner?  Stressed out?  My fault for not making sure he did his business before I gave him a bath?  He had been outside for a few hours at that point and had plenty of time to do it in the appropriate spots.

I have allowed him to romp and play in the living room about an hour or so before he heads to the crate for bedtime.  He enjoys it and we get some snuggle time in.  Don't let him in and he just whines and jumps against the gate.  He must have done a bang up job jumping the other night as I came out of the rest room to find it knocked over, and he was tearing into the cat food on the other side.   Skyler just looks at him, like " you are insane, man"  hissing at him if he gets too close but more or less, just watching to see what he will do next.  Last night, Skyler was top of the couch at one end, Oscar right below him and me on the other end.  Maybe there is hope and I can take the gate down.  I caught my foot on it the other day heading into the kitchen and fell banging up my right knee.  Really surprised I don't have a bigger bruise.

Mz. Mouzie,, the door stop Christmas stuffed mouse he "stole" from Skyler bit the dust and I got him this duck complete with crackly stomach and a squeaker though he has not really elicited the squeaking yet.  As you can see, it is not going to be long for the world either.  Half the beak is gone already.  I pulled some more stuffing out of the head so I could sew it closed.  He tore a hole in one of the wings and about tore it off.  I patched it and sewed it back on.  The tail feather section is torn.  He is missing a couple of "toes" and one leg is about off.  It was hanging by a few threads so I took it off the rest of the way.  Still he is having fun with it.

Friends has told me that I need to look at garage sales or thrift stores for toys as they will not last long with those tearing up teeth and the pulling they give the toy.  I had pictures of both of the boys but they must still be on my phone.  I was goofing around with that setting yesterday, LOL.

I boogered up my Singer trying to sew a pocket on the vinyl table cloth.  It was not happy with me and I've probably thrown off the timing or some such thing.  Big bad loopies on the back.   I am waiting for Mr. Haynes to call me back about making hand off directions.  When I called late yesterday afternoon, he told me he was possibly headed towards my little town today but was unsure of a time since he had another client's commercial machine to deliver too.  I did drag out the Brother to finish up with top even though I don't like switching machines in the middle of the job but I did check the machine settings with the Perkins Dry Goods Perfect Piecing Seam Guide that I had used to set up the Singer.   Get back to row 9 after lunch. I do have  an errand to run and just know he will phone once I leave the house.   That is also why I haven't walked Oscar in the park yet today.  It will ring to my cell but still, there are areas of poor reception.

Guess that's it for now-----thanks for stopping by to see what I am up to.