Jul 1, 2008

Tuesday meeting wrap up 7/24

I just barely got home from our trip and the Bama Belles met the next day. I mentioned in an early post that we had gotten bumped from our meeting site at the church with no warning from the staff. Judy offered her space for the next meeting time we met. So you will see a little different background on the pictures and quilts wearing tennis shoes, LOL.

Judy's has a wonderful pinning area that her husband rigged up from a large door. I was a little late getting there but this time I didn't have to be the door keeper. The girls were pinning a top of Lois' when arrived so I didnt get a picture of that one. But here is Beverly with a patriotic themed one that she made for a young family member. If I remember correctly, one or more of the parents were in the military??

Linda C had just complete this wallhanging top. Not sure about the pattern source but she has taken quite a few classes at the local quilt shop in Oxford so it might be from there.

This top was designed by the staff at the quilt shop and is the one we helped her lay out when we were at her house earlier in the month. Good pattern for a large focus piece of fabric. It WAS a bit confusing on the layout though. I know when I first saw it, I thought it was a straight set---and it could have been designed that way. Nope, it is on point and that was what was making it difficult for her to figure out. This way it keeps the large focus piece intact whilei n a straight set, the floral piece would have been chopped up into large half square triangles. I keep thinking this would work for some of that donation fabric Mom and I were playing with.

Here is Lois with her completed challenge quilt for this year---ALREADY!! It is not due till December. The piece is that green print and Lois had said it was an "ugly" one this time. One of the contrasting prints is a 30 year old Dan Rivers plaid that once belonged to her MIL. It works! What really sets it off though is the lovely embroidered blocks that she did up on her machine. She could pick the thread colors from the fabrics and they match wonderfully. The rust sashing really sets it off as well.

Judy and I worked on rolling up the batting that had come stuffed in a giant box onto a roll like we are used to using dividing it up into thirds. That will make it easier to transport to the meeting and take up less space while in use. Since the basement goes the entire length of the house, we had plenty of room to spread it out and roll.

The night before the meeting I had gone through the books Mom had sent with me and pulled out the ones that were selling at give away prices. (I'm not a big volume seller after all--just trying to make a few bucks so I can go on my dream trip to Oregon next year, for pete's sake.) I took those with me to share with the Bama Belles. Judy brought a few she had to share along with some magazines. We had fun looking through those. Linda C found one she really, really wanted and had kept checking out of the local library, for example. Nancy is a neighbor to the woman who heads up the Friends of the Library sale so she took the leftovers with her and saved me a trip to the library or the thrift store. Worked out well all the way around then.

We also helped Linda C lay out another top she had planned that used Jelly Roll strips. Judy's design wall came in handy for that as we laid out the medallion styled strip pattern. I don't know what book she was working out of off hand though but it was a Victorian type medley with pinks, purples and greens basically. Like last time, we pinned it to a sheet so she could transport it and then pick up the pieces to sew it.

Lunch was a potluck--sandwiches and salads which was good on a hot summer day. Next week we will head out to Linda's again. Doubt we will be able to pin anything but we'll find something to do and enjoy each other's company. We could always field trip somewhere on the 2nd meeting date. Maybe by August we will back at a more "normal" routine though it might be time to seriously consider an alternate meeting spot.

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  1. This group of ladies always come up with something wonderful in their quilts! It is nice to get together with quilting friends even if you don't accomplish much--I know when we get together here on Monday nights there is sometimes more talking going on than quilting. Of course the show and tell part of the evening is the best as I am sure it is for your group as well.


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