Oct 7, 2008

5 down--8 to go

It seems like I have been quilting for "weeks" but I only have 5 donation quilts done to show for my efforts. 8 more to go and one more to pin on our meeting date. Since I have some of my own projects that need tending for a change, I am NOT going to bring any more home with me---and I am sticking to that!

Here are a couple of the ones I have been working on this past week----full pictures later when the binding is all done and I take their "official portraits", LOL.

This first one is a modified nine patch type block in two colors donated by Janet E. This has been living at my house since we made the trip to Bowdon, GA a couple months back. The way she joined the blocks made it look like a Puss in the Corner variation. I tried some "Borders Made Easy" paper on this one, just to shake things up a bit. 2nd time I had done this in my quilting career. I remembered after the fact that I had had a hard time removing the adhesive strips that hold it in place but maybe they have done something to improve that aspect of it as it ripped off easily. It went on easily with just a few minor shortened cables on two sides as the quilt was slightly rectangular. What I didn't remember is that I had pins underneath the paper!! I moved them to the top but you know you always a miss a couple so danged if I didn't bust two needles along the way.

This is a top that Finn donated to the cause some time back. I only remodeled this slightly by narrowing the quilt by one block and adding them to the bottom to make a rectangular quilt and bordering it. Coincidentally, I owned some of that burgundy print fabric that she used in the body of the quilt so that worked out well. It took me 3 days to complete as the square in a squares are all SID with most of the work done on Monday. Then I crosshatched all the setting squares and triangles masking the first border that was the same fabric as the block backgrounds a bit. Lastly, an egg and dart cable was done on the last border. Not sure how good that turned out in the pic I took but trust me, it IS there. I hope Finn will be pleased to see how it turned out.

Jane and I went out to lunch today so she took two of the finished tops for binding detail, Finn's being one of them. We stopped to see our friend Theramae on the way home for a lovely visit. Health concerns have kept her from coming to quilting since the first of the year and that happens in your 80's sometimes. The mind might be willing but the body is letting you down. We miss her. She misses us.

Take a peek at Pat's post of today for one she took off my hands. She did a far better job with anything I would come up with since I detest free motion work. I felt my "CGF" quilt needed an all over design and the popcorn panto looks terrific on it. It will make a new home with a project Pat's friend Paula is doing for kids this coming Christmas season---40 some quilts will be needed, I believe Pat said. Thanks again, Pat!

Having said that, I am half thinking of marking some Baptist Fans on one of the tops in the stack though it might be easier if we re-pinned the top with the backing on top first. Fons and Porter's "Sew Many Quilts" magazine from September/October 98 had an article on this along with a pattern to make your own stencil to mark the lines. I have used it for two quilts in my past--one of them, a log cabin. I'll mull that one over and if I am still thinking in a couple days time, I'm unpinning and marking it.

Last picture---Skyler tracking the sun through the house. 8 in the morning or thereabouts, this is a good spot to catch some rays. Also he thinks he is hiding. From my vantage spot across the hall I often just see one paw sticking out so he might have something there. He leaps out at DJ's pant legs in a flash if feeling particularly feisty. What a silly boy he can be sometimes!

Guess that's it for now----hope you have had a good day.


  1. You have been busy with the donation quilts lately! You did a marvelous job of the quilt donated by Finn--I am sure she will be pleased! Cute picture of Skyler at the end of the post!

  2. Wow! Don't under-estimate your quilting talent! They look marvelous :)

  3. What lovely quilts! Looks like Sklyer and I are doing the same thing these days ..... tracking the sun!

  4. Gonna get me some of that Borders Made EZ stuff....I'm pretty much willing to try anything at least once...but that free motion, move over GF cause I detest it as well!

    Hi AKAO!!!


  5. Your quilting is beautiful.

    And around here we call it "The Mighty Paw of Death" inflicted on anyone who has the nerve to step over Tigger even if he's laying in the middle of the hall. LOL.


  6. Very nice quilts! And your kitty is absolutely adorable!

  7. Your quilts are wonderful! And you're almost half way there!

    Keep Quiltin'

  8. Oh my goodness! I appreciate the comment on my blog about my sewing room closet. I really appreciate it because I found your blog. I will mark you as a favorite and will check in from time to time.

  9. I just left a comment on your blog, thinking you were someone else. I am still glad that I found your blog even if by accident.

  10. Your Skyler is such a handsome boy!! Good job on all the donation quilts you do.


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