Nov 18, 2008

some progress

I have made some progress on the long postponed appliance covers though I still need to join the three sections together and bind the bottom edge. I am thinking that a serged seam would work well to do that and I no longer have mine but a girlfriend does! Just the blender cover to go. I have made the pattern on both sides rather than one plain side so they would be reversible.

Some of this fabric has been around for about 11 years but I added a few bits from Theramae. The green check is leftover from my kitchen curtains. The quilty looking piece is old too and I am making a dent in the yardage by using it for the lining. Some is new yardage but I'll have a lot leftover for other things. Wish I had more of that green plaid piece--old favorite.

The food processor covers were re-sized to fit my appliance better and the picture was taken before I rounded off the corners.

This obviously is the toaster cover---the bread and jam was a dead giveaway, right? The green strip in the back is the gusset fabric.

I was using an old almost empty can of 505 temporary basting spray which I seldom ever use unless it is small project. The stuff was making sticky strings of goo on my hand. I don't remember it doing that before. After picking the adhesive, the batting fuzz and loose strings off, I ditched whatever remained and tried some Sulky that I had on my carry around sewing tray. I'll have enough to finish this job but I am not so sure that I want use 505 again if that is what it does. Reminds me a spray rubber cement----maybe it is. Not crazy about that rippled area about the bowl on the one of the left but I am not going to put more quilting on it either. What do you use or do just pin these smallish things??

Not much else going on here--errands, household duties, nothing new.


  1. These covers are turning out really cute! Too bad that the 505 is giving you grief. I have used it for years and have never had it turn out in sticky strings. Glad you had the Sulky to fall back on though.

  2. I am not a big fan of spray adhesives. I will use a glue stick anytime tho. I have some green check fabric very similar to what you used in this project that I absolutely love. I know what you mean about using up a favorite fabric.

  3. Your appliance covers are really cute! I've used 505 and it has gotten stringy on me when the can is almost empty. Good thing you have the Sulky as a back-up.

  4. Hello there Linda, I have bookmarked this post in my bloglines and have been meaning to comment and ask you what pattern you are using for your appliance covers! They are so nice and I love the colours.



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