Dec 16, 2008

Christmas around the house

It looks a little like Christmas around the house. I thought I would share a few of the pictures with you. Of course the shots loaded in reverse order so you are starting the tour in my bedroom instead of the front of the house but hey, if the pics will load you take it!

First, the little snow village that I set up on the armoire in the bedroom. Dickens' Village knockoffs but it works for this small space. So far, Skyler has not hopped up here to see what's going on, LOL.

Bedroom door---wreath made by a friend in Illinois who has since passed away. The wall hanging was one I finished years after the fact, hand appliqued and hand quilted. "Santa Magic" designed by Wild Goose Chase. I purchased it from Keepsake Quilting as a kit so no stash busting was involved with that--more like acquisition in that case. I would still like to do the stockings in the same pattern. That one or scrap patch stocking pattern from Thimbleberries that I got as a door prize at some point................

The angel corner in the hallway. The plate is one that was given to me by Judy last week while the angels are mainly secret pal gifts, package tags or picked up along the way. Most have some sentimental value to me or I wouldn't put them out. The wall hanging was sorta adapted by me from one of the Appli-quilt books by Tonee White. I listened to the end of "It's a Wonderful Life" I don't know how many times to see if it Zuzu said "its" or "his" wings

The sewing room door--I purchased the "Welcome" sign with little seasonal hanging years ago. The snowman is the winter offering. The door banner is a Katrina Designs pattern with removable seasonal centers. Veronica so kindly sent me the Santa insert last year as well as the turkey for Thanksgiving. Pretty cute, huh?

The hallway---normally the one above lives here. Debbie Mumm Santa---not sure which book but it's been around awhile. I made it probably 6-7 years ago, maybe. The ornament in his hand was made by the same friend who made the wreath.

The tree---Mom made the tree skirt and Joy, the stuffed mouse under the tree. Skyler is quite interested in the braided tail it sports but it is too heavy for him to drag off, LOL though in this shot he was just looking out the door. No ornaments--just lights and red bows.

The Santa collection is on the mantle. Purchased over the years but the golfer Santa I made for DJ stayed in the box---that guy has seen better days and I don't know that even hot glue would help him, LOL. The stockings were purchased at a church bazaar. I think they forgot to flip the pattern so it cracks me up when I see them facing the opposite direction. Marilyn gave me the "nice kitty" stocking for Pippi a few years back. It's Skyler's now!

The VCR has been replaced so now I get the top of the entertainment center for decorating. The ceramic tree was made by my mom years ago though somewhere along the line it lost its star. I made the Recycled Santa and Snowman--patterns from Fabricrafts---somewhere in the last 11 years we have lived here. Essentially you are using a 2 liter or so bottle and dressing it up weighting it down with kitty litter or sand. (Made a Noah version for my sister as well) I didn't take a picture of the holiday runner on the coffee table, the wreaths on the doors, the purchased holiday throw on the back of the couch or the JOY door mat my godchild gave me but trust me, they are there.

And last but not least, the reason for the season. The ceramic nativity set made by my mom--that missing sheep has not turned up yet though I am still looking. Where did you drag it off to, Skyler??? The creche was purchased on a visit with my sister-in-law Ann.

Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas!


  1. Thanks for sharing Christmas around your house!

  2. All of your decorations are just right to help set the Christmas tone! We have a collection of Santa's like yours on the mantel, these will go to my son when he has his home.

  3. WOW you really did decorate! whoo hoo!

    Thanks for the tour...I think I have that same moose/reindeer, it is Ed's stocking guard...sits in the top of Ed's stocking so he doesn't peek.


  4. Wow! Wonderful Christmas decorations! Love your tree skirt!

  5. Thanks for the tour Linda. I made the same DM Santa and the ones with soda bottles! Love all your little vignettes.

  6. So glad to see that you decided to get right into the decorating this year! It really does look like Christmas at your house! The new Santa redwork project will be a perfect addition to the collection once it is finished!

  7. Looks beautiful, Linda. Thanks for sharing and inspiring, as usual! I've got my tree up but that's all. Maybe I'll set out my big Nativity scenes this weekend.

  8. Your Christmas decorations look great! Glad to hear that Skylar hasn't gone crazy over them!

  9. it certainly looks like a very Merry Christmas at your home Linda- great job decorating!

  10. What lovely decorations - your whole house is "Christmas-ed up"! Hopefully Skyler will not find your village, because some cats seem to really like those "bottle brush" tree decorations. Something about the texture.

  11. Lovely Christmas decorations and quilts.


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