Dec 4, 2009

I promised more pics

...........and here they are! I do love show and tell.

First up, Lois' Flying Geese in the Cabin. She pieced most of this in a class with Trudie Hughes at her then local quilt shop we were guessing in the late 80's/ early 90's. She said that the colors never did go in her home and after antiquing for a long time, she wasn't going to put the borders on it at this stage of the game. She was donating it. I quilted it for her---in the ditch so it looks as pretty on the back as the front. I thought I posted this before but the batting was sticking out or we had it on the pinning table. This is it's "official portrait" shot for our photo albums and personal copies.

Next up, Lois peeking out above her quilt with machine embroidered mouse squares. I had to clear the girls out to get the picture as they were drawn like moths to the motifs, LOL. She used a large cat print for the backing and the block is Puss in the Corner. Appropriate, I thought.

Next up, Betsy's quilt that she will gifting to someone soon. 30's prints which is one of my favorites. She did a modified curve in each square of the quilt forming what looks like orange peels or that cathedral window shape on the back. I should have taken a picture of that too! Click bigger and you probably can see the lines she free motioned in.

The next quilt is also one Lois made. I asked her what the block was named since I didn't recognize the pattern. She said she didn't know but "Lois Has Scraps" to use up. Boy, does she since Linda C keeps supplying her with more! It does have a Hovering Hawks appearance in some blocks but her name works for me and my documentation of the quilts. Check the quilting motif at the block centers. I love the flying frog borders, originally planned to be a square dance skirt but what fun here! It had a different frog print on the back too.

Lois made two Twin Sister quilts like the one below---this is one of them. One was backed with robots and the other with a motorcycle print so that will be fun for the youngsters that get them.

Lois also turned in another Scrappy Trips similar to her challenge quilt in the last post so I did not include it here. I should have noted the great job she did in quilting them though---nice wavy line in diagonals on the quilt. Why can't I make myself try that?

So me on a personal sewing level have made some progress with my strip twist top. 6 of the 12 rows are done and a couple rows joined. More today and maybe done to flimsy by Saturday evening--that's my goal anyway! Hold my feet to the fire, will ya? Right after the Christmas decorations go up, I promise!


  1. All the quilts look fabulous! What a talented and hardworking group! I love the SID on that modified log cabin quilt that you did. That quilting really suits that quilt. There is something very cute about the mouse blocks with the cat backing--someone has a great sense of humour. I am glad to see the note at the bottom of your post about working on the Strip Twist--and a possible finish to the flimsy stage by Saturday--excellent!!!!

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