Apr 27, 2010

finished to flimsy

This isn't the best picture in the world but I know better than to hold up the reluctant quilt holder too long. My 12 days of redwork top is completed as of yesterday afternoon when I finished the outer border. I will bind it in the same red as the interior of the quilt. I am thinking about doing some hand quilting in the outer border so it will need to be marked before we pin it. I am reasonably sure I have some heart templates that will work.

The whole project including the backing fabric uses fabric I had on hand. Woohoo for stash busting! I may pass the leftover backing stuff onto my mom for QOV strips just to get it moved along. Moved elsewhere works too, doesn't it? LOL.

The quilt group met today and the quilt shown on the right was turned in. Linda C made it some time back and I quilted it for her--this one and one like it but bigger.

I had some deadline handwork going while the girls pinned. Jane had a sweet snuggle up top Lois has been a busy girl and had several scrappy tops on hand. Apparently both Linda C and Marilyn have been stocking her up, LOL.

Marilyn also "gifted" Lois with a box of blocks that can be used for donation with a little modification or combined with other abandoned blocks I have on hand. Yeah, it came home with me. That is more my area than Lois' I don't mind taking things apart to re-purpose them for the kids. One project has a ton of pieces cut for more blocks along with its templates. I doubt I will make any more as there looks to be enough for our purposes but I didn't toss anything just in case.

We went out to a local cafe for sandwiches and made plans to run up to Boaz next week. Jane offered to drive and Lois is always up for a field trip. Beverly has a quilt to take to Susan, our long arm friend. Me, I am looking for blue fabric for my niece/godchild's t-shirt quilt. I had ordered something we had hoped would work online. Unfortunately it is leaning more towards purple than the almost royal shade of blue it appeared to be--it is called "blueberry". I can use the stuff on another project down the line but I am hoping I will have better luck finding what I need on our little expedition. Of course, lunch at Mill Street Deli will be on tap too.

Once home I made DJ's birthday cake. He didn't express any preference for what kind he wanted what I asked telling me "whatever you want to fix". I started naming off a few things to narrow the field down a bit---banana cake with caramel icing, it is! He will pick the lunch spot for tomorrow and we'll keep things low key. I think he would just as soon forget it but I won't let that happen!

Hope you have had a good day! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Congrats on the finished flimsy! My how our tops look different. I love the white border on your version--the perfect place to showcase your wonderful hand quilting!!! Happy Birthday to DJ!

  2. Your redwork top turned out beautiful and with your hand quilting~it will be awesome :)

    Happy Birthday to DJ!


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