Jul 10, 2015

checking in

See what Skyler has been doing lately?  He has re-discovered his fascination for hopping on the fridge and either heading to this spot but more likely, on the high kitchen-living room pass through.   There is more foodstuff than usual atop the fridge today so he may find it a deterrent.  I don't care that he's up there till he starts chasing imaginary things or goes a little crazy.  He has fallen off there once.  DJ was sitting in the living room and said Sky bounced about a foot up in the air after hitting the couch.  Then did the classic "I meant to do that" walk away from the accident scene.

Okay, a week has passed.  In some ways it has drug and others, flew by.  Sunday afternoon, evening, all night long it was colonscopy prep.  I went in at 8 on Monday morning with my pal Lois accompanying me.  I was in the g.i. lab around 10 and the last thing I knew it was 1015.  1045 I'm in recovery and on the way to my room.  All went well though Lois got the briefing.  I'm okay, I think, for another 5 years.

I crashed and burned Monday night though as I had only had about 5 1/2 hours of sleep in two days time.  Saturday night it was because of the neighborhood sharing their fireworks till after 1 a.m.  I was awake by 6 with no hope of going back to sleep.  I may have dozed briefly on Sunday night-Monday morning but didn't need the alarm set to get up and take another bottle of Mag Citrate at 4:30.  I'm just glad it is over.  THX again to Lois for volunteering to take me and keep me company.  I am not a "patient" patient.   I lost a little more than 4 lbs with all that laxative overdose and being NPO.  Wrung me out and squeezed all available moisture.  Hard way to do it.  Naturally it went back on once diet and fluids resumed.

Wednesday I had to take the car in for its recall work so I got up early and hit the walking trail by 0545.  They had told me they would need the car all day and they shuttled me home.  All day stretched into most of yesterday too.  My neighbor ran me into town about 3: 45.  Earlier I told him it was going to be delayed as I  didn't want him to have to hang around waiting for me to call for the ride.

I don't know what it is about feeling like you are stuck at home when you have no wheels.  I am home a lot and never feel "stuck" but I guess there is some comfort in knowing you COULD go if you wanted to or had to.  The car is there and waiting.  Well, unless it is 8 miles away in the shop!  The two days just drug with me spending way too much time on Pinterest and such.

 I had meals all covered even with the extension of repair time but did have errands to run today.  With all the vegetable bounty have been given lately---some cukes, fresh picked sweet corn (yummo!), tomatoes and zucchini--I have tried a few new recipes.  I tried my hand at making fried green tomatoes; I have had them before in restaurants but I should have known that I wouldn't be crazy about cornmeal breading.   I also tried Panko Parmesan Crusted Zucchini Fries, baked not fried.  Pretty good though I forgot to put any salt in them and they needed it.  I reheated the other half of the small batch I had made for lunch yesterday and they crisped right up in the toaster oven.  This afternoon, it was Pesto Pizza Grilled Cheese.  I love tomatoes on regular grilled cheese sandwiches so it was a good combo.  The tomato and basil from the store bought basil does sort of give you a pizza vibe.  None of these things were exactly diet food!!

 I'm down to my last tomato but Glynda and Robert have more that she offered me though I was not quite ready then.  I did come back with another zuke though.   I might try one of the chocolate zucchini recipes I have seen on King Arthur Flour and some other suggestions --there is a cake and a brownie recipe.  Rather than shredding it, for the brownie recipe anyway , PJ Hamel suggests pureeing it,  This eliminates the stringiness you sometimes get in your zuke baked goods but keeps the moisture.  I'm not crazy about turning on the oven these days but I might consider it.  How bad do I want some chocolate??   Or get one of those Veggetti things and pretend I'm eating pasta?  OR maybe in some type of casserole.  I've got a few recipes for that like using it instead of eggplant for something similar to Moussaka or one my mom recommends.

On a more personal level,  I am going to ask for prayers for one of my niece's who developed big problems with her pregnancy.    Amber was at the 23 week mark and Baby Wyatt had to come way earlier than expected by emergency C-section due to the risks to them both.  She and Greg were two states away from home when all this happened.  My sister, her husband and Wyatt's auntie are on their way to Montana from the Denver area.  Greg's mom, and I assume step-dad, were with them in MT so they are not without family support till Jan and Rich get there.   There is a long road ahead for the parents and a lot of unknowns.  Please hold up Wyatt and his family in prayer if you would.  THX

I'm skipping guild tomorrow so I can be near the phone or computer for any updates from my family.


  1. Aren't colonoscopy's fun? I sure wish there was some other way, but at least you have 5 yrs before the next and you never know what they will have developed by then. I laughed when I saw the pic of Skyler, I bet he did it to tease Oscar. I'm not comfortable around cats even though my kids had one or two growing up I'd be afraid he would jump on me when I walked by lol.

  2. My iPad stopped working, prayers for your niece and family.

  3. I can only imagine how "stuck" you felt without the car. I know I would feel that way too and suddenly discover a million reasons I needed to "go."

    I have never done a mag citrate prep. I had the gallon UGH jug. But I slept for another whole day.

    Prayers for Wyatt and family.

  4. Hate that stuff you have to drink

  5. Praying for your niece and family. So glad your colonoscopy went well. My sister-in-law recently had one, tumor found, surgery, margins all clear, no further treatment required, scary times. I know what you mean about the wheels! Love the pic of Skyler :)


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