Aug 28, 2015

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Here I am! Before the search party comes looking for me, LOL. I'm still here plugging away, keeping busy with I am not entirely sure what. It seems like one minute I am out walking laps and the next winding down to go to bed. This week I had Bama Belles, two sides of a queen sized quilt to finish binding and the guild newsletter to get out in addition to the usual household stuff. Well, the kitchen floor still needs mopped. I even snaked the bathroom drain this week and wondered why I didn't do it weeks ago.  Yuck but man, does that water drain out well now!

That is the quilt that I was binding, or actually one just like it.  Sorry I have no clue about the pattern source or pattern name.  I was not asked to make any blocks or do any of the applique or might be privy to that information.  Some were sewing the blocks at one of the sew-in's but it was obvious they had it well in hand without MY assistance.

The one pictured is the guild opportunity quilt but they made a 2nd one just like it to be given away at the guild Christmas party.  Anyone that helped work on this is eligible for the drawing.  The opportunity quilt might be hand quilted?? and this one I had was machine quilted.   Being the opportunity quilt it is one of the guild fund raisers at the quilt show come June 11, 2016.  I was piddling with the binding at the last two quilt meetings we had but did not get very far with it.  Aline had put it on the quilt and hand finished two sides and turned it over to me---yeah, me who hates doing it but does a good job.  Just to get it finished up I drug it back out Wednesday afternoon, put Oscar outside and set up at the kitchen table.  The backing was a dark background floral with burgundy colored binding and not the easiest thing to see but I kept plugging.   I told myself I would work on it till 7 pm and would quit regardless of how much was left then.  Woohoo,  the whole thing was done by 6:30 so Oscar and I headed out for last walkies of the day.  Closest I've been to doing something quilt.

I don't have any quilt pictures from our meeting the other day.  Several of us had been out of town (not that I personally was working on anything, LOL) and we were doing hand work-- Beverly, Lois and I were all doing binding while Bev was working on her yo-yo throw. Lois didn't have tops to pin either though Jane was prepared to help her out if she had.  Mildred came a bit later and we all went out to lunch at McAlister's Deli out near our mall.

This past Wednesday was National Dog Appreciation Day.  Well, mine spent his literally in the dog house.  Naughty boy kept banging into the hallway gate and running under the bed, first the master bedroom, then my room and so on.   I don't want him up the hall or why put the gate up??

Skyler rats him out though, standing guard at whichever one Oscar has chosen.  I walked in my room after yet another escape and Sky was on the blanket chest with his tail puffed up like a bottle brush---dead give away.

I have been quite frustrated with him.  He won't come out.  Growls and snaps if I make some attempt to force him out.  He waits till I go outside or into the kitchen to try to go to----sneaky! However, he has been  brazen about it too.  Glynda suggested I try her First Alert Bark Genie thing with a loud NO and see if that would be a deterrent.  It works IF I catch him but sends Skyler leaping over the gate to get away from it.   A facebook pal suggested a food enticement.  We tried that---he poked his head out long enough to get the bite of string cheese but not long enough to grab his collar.  Eventually he comes out and does that cute act "flop and pet my belly" though I am not falling for it.  Outside he goes for awhile.

I was debating about replacing his gate with something he won't be able to barrel through but thought I would try this first.  I had his old gate in the closet so I used it to reforce the first as the bars are touching on the side he goes through.  It worked well last evening though I was mostly in the living room once I got done with the newsletter.  I had been working at the kitchen table but Oscar was logging some outdoor time till I was done.  He has gone near it once that I know of.  Normally when I go off to the desk or sewing room,  shower whatever he waits for me on the loveseat as you see him pictured or on the floor in front of the gate.  I may still replace his gate with something I can walk through as this gives me a double chance of tripping over it.  My niece has a Carlson extra wide walk through gate that has extensions on it that might work for us.  This setup just gives me a double chance of tripping over it.  Stepping over just one gate has led to two falls and several near misses.

Skyler was helping me re-load and recharge my Ipod for walking.  The dude said I had a "low battery" after I finished up my morning 2.2 miles.

Yep, still walking most days.  Took Tuesday off for our quilt meeting but I still try to go 6 out of 7 days, weather permitting.  I was having some shoe issues one day and had to cut it short.  At least I hope that was the problem.  My left heel and ankle was giving me fits and had me wondering "heel spur?"  while I knew I was getting a blister on my right heel.   It seems to be better with some change in shoe padding and inserts and a change in socks.  Meanwhile,  the town is having its Heritage Days in a couple weeks and there is a run/walk 5 k.  I was half considering trying it.  I know I can walk 3 miles/day but usually that third mile is in 3 separate trips with Oscar on the lane.  Maybe not quite ready yet.

We had three mornings this week with the humidity down and cooler, that little hint of fall around the corner.  Up to the 80's by afternoon but even that is a blessing after all the 90's and super sticky ones we have had this summer.  They say it is supposed to warm up again this weekend and rain chances increase.  I'll whine and say "but, but I liked it like it waaaaaaaas"  I miss baking and making things that go in the "real" oven.  I mean, I LIKE salads and sandwiches but it is getting old.  I keep seeing recipes to Pin that DO require an oven, not a toaster oven, and I just have to wonder "where in the heck do YOU live that you think that will work for MY evening meal too?"   Yeah, maybe in October it would be great!   The closest I've come is Baked Oatmeal and I did use the toaster oven for that.  Or a little bread shell pizza.

Time for a veggie break and maybe make a low cal version of iced coffee.  I picked up a cup of senior coffee (yes, it has come to that!) from Jack's earlier today when I was out on errands and stowed it in the fridge so it might have cooled enough that the ice won't dilute it.  Got some Torani sugar free syrups for it too.

THX for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead------

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  1. Thanks for sharing the quilt picture. Have a great weekend!


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