Nov 10, 2015

quilt meeting--edits now in place

Lois called this morning to make sure I brought my camera as she had 8 quilts to turn in.  I later learned that she has 8 MORE at home---and we pinned a couple more today!  I will post those pictures now and tomorrow or the next day update y'all as to where I was last week for a few days.   (Clue:  Florida to see some of my family members!  woohoo.)

I need to look up some quilt names on these so will come back and update this post as I find the pattern source etc.  Meanwhile you can see how pretty this batch of her quilts turned out.

One day I WILL make one of these as I love the pattern.  Great for scraps as you can see and she has done this one several tines but they each end up so differently with a fun backing fabric.  This one happened to be Mr and Mrs. Snowman riding a bicycle built for two with candy cane wheels. Oh, 4 in 9 Patch Zig-Zag from Quilter's World magazine October 2009.

This is one I found this summer and though Lois might like for her 2 1/2 inch strips.  The original pattern was for much narrower ones but we know how to adjust those to suit.  Four Patch Pinwheel from Ellen Pahl's Pinwheel Party-12 Fun and Unique Quilts.

Rolling Fields from Legacy Patterns that uses 2 jelly rolls---Lois went scrappy and I recognize some of MY strips in there!

Traditional Log Cabin---this uses 1 1/2 inch strips.   Very striking!

ED. This is one of the Missouri Star Disappearing Hour Glass 2 (I think).  I think what makes this one look different from the one in the you tube video is that Lois has sashed and cornerstoned her quilt rather than set block to block.  Still a cool quilt either way.

Another Rolling Fields

Lois said this was a Missouri Star Quilt too.  Ed.  You can find this one on their site where Jenny called it "Fence Rail and Nine Patches".

Another Log Cabin but this uses two sizes of strips which makes the blocks curve.  Actually seeing the quilt itself, you do not notice this "curve" effect as much.  The camera seemed to condense it enough and the lights stand out more.  I'm not sure where she found the pattern.  However, I know I saw something that told how to do this in a book I picked up at Jackie C's estate sale called Log Cabin Quilts Unlimited by Patricia Cox and Maggi McCormick Gordon.  They termed it "Thick and Thin"  It IS possible that she used Missouri Star's Curved Log Cabin tutorial.  I didn't watch it to verify that statement though.

We pinned three---Beverly had a cute Mickey Mouse quilt for a new great-grandson.  Then took off to Panera for an early lunch.  Lois had to pick up her computer and I needed to run to Sam's while we were down in Oxford.  Plans were made for a potluck next month.  I'll see Jane in a couple days for something else.

I need to run so I'll finish up the detective work in a bit!  Missouri Star is so prolific so it will take more time than I have at the moment!


  1. wow great quilts! what size are they? that curvy log cabin is a hoot!

  2. WOW! What a great selection of quilts! And - just for the record - I, for one, appreciate all of the time and energy that you devote to your "detective work" trying to identify the source of the pattern(s) and trying to give credit to the designer(s). So many times that simple courtesy is glossed over with an "I saw it somewhere" or "I don't remember." While it may be true - I have used both myself at times - I do at least TRY to remember where I saw the idea. Kudos to you for going the extra mile - ;))

  3. Thank you for sharing the pictures...and the link to more disappearing quilts. These intrigue me. Loved the pictures of your Florida trip (on another one of your posts).


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