May 4, 2016

Wednesday check-in

I know--I just posted a couple of days ago, LOL. I'll catch a few of you off guard maybe.

What a gorgeous day we are having. It has cooled down a bit but that to me, is a blessing. Apparently we are due to go even lower for a couple nights with an "Alberta Clipper" swooping down or what they term "Blackberry Winter"   High 40- low 50's for overnights actually sound good.  I didn't even get sweating till I was almost done with my laps this morning.  Lately it takes more like 3 or 4 laps instead of 8!

I took these yesterday.  Skyler stole Oscar's little bed mostly because I had laundered that towel earlier in the day and he loves clean laundry.  I would prefer the towel to my underclothing or the basket of binding.   He even followed the basket with the spaghetti heap of strips over to the spot atop the printer.  I put it an opening atop the shelving unit so he can't access it.  Today I kind of rolled/folded it so it wasn't in an attractive heap so we'll see if he leaves it alone.  I'm going to find a small container for it next trip out as a holding spot till it is pressed and filed in one of two binding containers.

Meanwhile, Oscar just flopped on the living room floor.  He still cannot decide if he wants in or out.  Lately too he is doing something I want to stop, now!  I tell him "time to go to bed" and he trots not to the bed but the back door.  Usual pattern.  I figure he should potty one more time anyway.  The problem comes when it is time to come back in.  He flops on the patio for belly rub.  I go outside and try to coax him in.  THEN he has taken to getting in his dog house and won't come in.  I take the lid off and tell him again.  Growling, snapping ensues.  I am afraid he is going to bite me.   He cannot stay outside all night and bark!  Am I doing something wrong or is he just being an unruly dog??  Looks pretty innocent here, doesn't he?

I went to evening sewing last night and got my Climbing Roses top finished up.  I also seamed the backing and binding I had cut earlier in the day.  I had Skyler's supposed assistance with that until I finally had to just escort him out till I finished up in there.  I cut out the Floating Squares top I mentioned the other day but only had time to seam one small piece of what looks like floating sashing.    I wanted to get home to watch the American Masters presentation on PBS featuring Janis Joplin so didn't stay as late as I could have.

Susan of Patchwork Reflections has said to me in comments  "I have been looking at granny square quilt patterns, didn't remember you doing one - will have to check it out in your archives".   It has been awhile!  I don't always remember to tag my posts and I don't always share update pictures as I am working on the same project.  I told her I had two batches of them but didn't re-call just how many on either UFO.

These are the bonus squares from challenge fabric Ellen had sent.  I added the background and that light lime-y green to the mix but the other three prints where what she sent to make a quilt or quilts for Wrap Them in Love.   I had made a Quatrefoil quilt but had a lot of leftovers so cut strips to make the Granny Squares using the Blue Elephant Tutorial the guild had used for its raffle quilt.  Now this was all circa October 2015 because I was working on it at the Fall Retreat in Attalla.    I made 5 of this bunch at that retreat once I had the Quatrefoil top done.  Then later I made a few more at one of the Friendship Quilters sewing days.  I'm trying to recall which machine I used on it though.    With the limited strip selection I am trying to make one in each color way, switching out the "outer ring" color.  I still need to do a couple more greens and another pink,  it would appear.   The tute shows 20 blocks but is a bit larger than what we shoot for but I don't know if a 3 x 4 set is big enough.  I still have a lot of strips cut but they could go in something else---even that Square Dance top.

Then we have this bunch circa spring 2012.  These are a little schizophrenic actually.  I started off in sort of the bright range with the greens/blue, gold /red and purple/teal combos.  Then somewhere along the line I got a jelly roll set from Connecting Threads and they got a little more towards the Civil War range, LOL.

And here is more strips in the same container that are not particularly bright looking.  I think I have two projects in this grouping!  I like them and like doing the blocks but maybe I just need to settle down into one or the other.  Not right now though.  I think the donation ones need to be done first.  Just one of many UFO's.

Stacy one of the new quilters in the evening group heard us using the term UFO as we were chatting last night and asked what we meant.  She is working on her 2nd quilt and the girl is bit!!  Her enthusiasm is contagious.  We told her a few of the quilt acronyms but basically she would find out the longer she is at this craft.  She had taken a top her grandmother had made to the long arm quilters after doing some repair work.  Marilyn helped her get the borders and binding put on it.  She had it at the meeting last night and it looks wonderful!  It is going to be a gift for her mom for Mother's Day and Stacy was trying to figure out how she would present it to her mom.  Sweet!

Okay, I think Oscar needs to go for a stroll in the lane so I'm off.  Hope you are having a good day where you are----thx for stopping by.


  1. I like your Granny Square blocks - and I can see that the 8 sections of the background and adjacent piece can be strip pieced - and then 4 background squares added - but I also see the center section as 4 sections of the inner and outer colors strip pieced and surrounding the center square. I downloaded the tutorial a long time ago but haven't tried it yet - but after seeing yours, it may move up farther on my "to do" list.

    And as a side note - I stopped "tagging/labeling" my posts when I realized that anyone can do a simple "search" of any subject on any blog by typing in whatever it is in the little white box next to the orange B at the top left of the blog. That's how I found your other posts on "granny square" - ;))

  2. love your granny squares! I guess I am just in the granny square mood because I have been crocheting them :) An idea to get Oscar in at night - how about a bedtime treat? I know that is just reinforcing the bad behavior, but it might be more peaceful. And love the 'girl' in your quilting group learning the craft! Pass it on, pass it down.

  3. I wonder if the weather is affecting the dogs. The one I am sitting has been really stubborn for the past couple of days. I have had to physically carry her a couple of times. (she is chihuahua/dachshund mix)
    The good part is that she has kicked my physical activity up quite a bit.

  4. You cut out and started Floating Squares! Your granny squares look great; that's a block that I've never tried. "

    What is it with cats and laundry? Or cats and fabric in general? As soon as I cut a few strips or squares of any fabric, my cat feels compelled to almost immediately sit/lay on it. Even if I have 2 different stacks of fabric that I've just cut, she has to sit on one for a few minutes and then lay down on the other.

    It's always nice when the weather cools down. :-)


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