Jun 17, 2016

Quilt meeting and so on (slight edit)

Bama Belles met earlier in the week and my friend Gene came to visit us. Mostly we pinned quilts as Gene had one of his terrific improvisitional quilts and Lois had three donation topd. I had three tops readied-- two recent and one that has uh, been "antiquing" in the closet so we did those two. Bev and Brenda had binding projects going. Bev was working on a cute Christmas table runner but the pointy ends were presenting some application hurdles. I think I have her on track to deal with those weird angles. Brenda was working on the binding on her huge t-shirt quilt for her son. I think I posted a pic of it awhile back. If I didn't, possibly when she is done with it.

I had set up my machine to piece but that didn't happen after all.   Lois had 8 quilts to deliver so I needed to take pics and document those.  I knew about it ahead of time so had taken my Notebook with me eliminating the need to unfold and enter the data once I'm home.   As I entered the photo numbers this morning ( I should have done that at the meeting but must have been too busy talking, LOL), I realized I missed one!   I'm working at the desk in the master bedroom so Oscar is trying to get up on the bed and Skyler keeps taking my chair when I get up to get the camera, etc.  You two are NOT helping!

Ready for a little quilt show then?

Lois' version of Pixie Stix (GE Designs Strip Your Stash)

Lois' Ribbon Candy Rings--variation of Ribbon Candy Block from GE Designs Strip Your Stash

I called this one Snuggle Up Variation but it was something Lois came up with.  Some elements remind of Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Trips Around the World.  She has two with similar names, one in long strips and another in block form.  I'm talking about the long strips one, LOL.

Lois Emily's Wedding Quilt--Fons and Porter.  I've linked it before.  Google it.

Lois' Scrappy Sashed and Barred 9 patches  (I think she came up with this one)

 Lois' ever popular Twin Sisters---Eleanor Burns' Quilting Through the Seasons

Patience Corner with I Spy Squares #1.  Her table mate at the fall retreat in Attalla 2015 had given her a bunch of squares from  her stash and this was a good spot to use them.

Patience Corner with I Spy Squares #2

It has been a slightly less busy week for me, mostly it is too blooming hot and muggy to want to do much of anything.  We have gotten a bit of rain the past two days with pop up thunderstorms.  Wednesday only got us about a 1/4 inch in my gauge while yesterday was an 1 1/4.  Kinda looking like we may be in for a repeat of the same thing today.  In fact, there goes my weather alert radio announcing a severe thunderstorm alert.  It didn't sound at all yesterday but it was gusty and blowing rain.  Facebook showed a damaged home in town, parts of tree landing in someone's living room.  The family was not home at the time so no one was hurt.  What a surprise to come home to though.

I got my Pad Thai dish made and shared with my neighbor but not till Wednesday.  Yummo!  I like the shrimp version better but not on the re-heating.  Donna's brother had sent yellow squash with her to share with her quilt buddies so yesterday I made my version of Boston Market Squash Casserole.  I saute my squash instead and add some grated carrots for color and taste (I love carrots!)  I had to bake the cornbread first to crumble in with the squash.  I also made a Toll House Chocolate Chip Pie just because I was craving chocolate.  Most of it is in the freezer.  Yes, the house got way too hot yesterday but worth it.    Baking and cooking is suffering and will continue to do so, I'm afraid.

I've not started another sewing project yet though I may head in the sewing room after lunch.  Not if there is lightning though!  Layer Cake Lattice, I think.  However, I am about to go off on another tangent.  ( I hear you saying "what else is new!?")   Donna is wanting the evening group to do a Christmas in July sew-day.  Several of the girls have signed up to do the guild Christmas block exchange and I think have to make 12 to14- 12 inch finished blocks.  This would give them a jump start on their obligation and not leave a time crunch in late November.  I didn't sign up to do this but have been thinking of what I might do with a container of leftover Christmas fabrics from some of the tree skirts I made for the nieces and nephews as wedding gifts.  I don't know if Josh (DJ's grandson) and Lauren will want one as a wedding gift or not but will ask Lauren next month.   Depending on configuration those fabrics are in, I might try GE Designs Nina quilt which calls for fat quarters, not for a tree skirt but a couch throw, come holiday time.  Sorta looks like a package with a ribbon on it, doesn't it?  You should see how quickly Gudrun cuts and assembles this top using her Stripology ruler.  Here is the LINK to the You-Tube video.  Might be something I can play with while they do their blocks?

Okay, it is time to dig out the leftovers or throw my Chopped Salad together.  I'll decide on the way to the kitchen, LOL.  Skyler, you may have my chair now and I'll move my base of computer operations to the couch. Y'all have a good day, okay?


  1. I had a great time visiting and I am sure I will return. It was nice to see the photos of the quilts after seeing them in person.

  2. I was wondering if the Gene you were speaking about was Gene Black and I see it was. How nice that you know each other I just assume everyone is living somewhere else like me. Nice to see the fur buddies are getting along well.

  3. Pretty quilts! I particularly like Emily's Wedding Quilt.

    The squash recipes looks delicious. Can't wait to try that one out.

    Thanks for the link to the GE Designs Nina quilt.

    The photo of Skyler on the desk pull-out is cute. :-)


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