Jul 1, 2016

And now it is July

Think this is what they mean by dog days of summer?

Oscar seems to have fallen in love with his little bed in the living room.  Wish he felt that way about his real bed!  Last night he managed to not only move a yard away from the wall again but also made a left hand turn while he was at it.  I think he wore himself out with all that rocking and rolling around 2 a.m.  I put ear plugs in and did not give in to let him out or scold him.   He has been napping a good bit of the day, snoring softly but it really is a bit warm to be out.   ( 95 to 98 range at the moment.)  Yesterday the temps were a bit lower, the humidity was down as well so it did not seem too bad.  The a/c would actually shut off for a bit.   We'll go walk when the sun gets down closer to the tree line and shady areas can be enjoyed.

Not to be outdone, Skyler was keeping me company on the couch.

He is not fooling me though.  He wants to be ON the bag of knitting as there are several washcloths in there that I need to work the stray ends into the piece and it crinkles!  The pattern is in a sheet protector in the bag.   This little booger decided to hop in the dryer when I was doing laundry earlier today.   Just because it is empty and warm does not mean you do silly things like that!

Nothing to see here!  I feel a bit lazy like these two.  Don't feel like sewing --though I did get the 2nd arm on the stack of Layer Cake Lattice blocks earlier in the week, they still aren't pressed or up on the design wall.  I had appointments and quilt groups this week so haven't just been parked on the couch.  Typical errands and home tasks.

Baking, of course, is out and really any oven time to speak of.   The most "exotic" thing I've managed to cook is a crockpot of black beans which took about 3 times longer than the recipe stated, even with soaking overnight.   I am considering doing a pizza crust sometime this weekend but that only takes about 12 mins plus pre-heat time.  Or not.  Ambivalent.

 I binge watched Seasons 1-7 of Inspector Lewis on Amazon Prime over about 6 day period because there was a deadline to do so.  The final season will air on PBS come mid August.  Some I had actually seen, at least parts of them, though I may not have released just what I was watching when I tuned in.   That's where some of the knitting came in.

Mostly I've been piddling about here at home though.  I've been reading but still have an Mary Kay Andrews book to get through ahead of the bookmobile stop on Tuesday.  I renewed all three books last time but surely I can finish up in time!

Nothing really planned for the 4th.   Still, that is better than LAST year when I was prepping for a colonoscopy, LOL.  Some jerky neighbor has already been shooting off some of his fireworks--like, 4 days ago.  I do not look forward to this as it upsets Oscar, akin to thunder to him.   I know the general direction it is coming from but not which house is involved.  Since the county is in moderate to severe drought,  conditions are dry enough in spots for grass fires.   Occasionally the debris travels into MY yard and then I get to pick up their mess.  They also keep at it till after midnight.  I know I am off in the county but you would think there would be a cutoff time for disturbing sleep regardless of address.  SIGH  Happy Birthday, America.

So I hope you have a safe holiday weekend especially if traveling.  Guess I'll go unload the dishwasher and switch over the last load of laundry.  Boring but necessary, LOL.


  1. Love those Masterpiece Mysteries! Foyle's War is my favorite. There was a Masterpiece Mystery series called Zen that was set in Italy. I only saw one season of it, and I'm not sure if they produced additional seasons of it. I watch the Midsomer mysteries off and on. The Sherlock series kind of makes me feel anxious because Sherlock is so wacko, but I watch it anyway. :-) One of my friends really likes the Wallander mysteries, but they are a little too dark and gritty for me. I haven't seen the Endeavor series at all, but you mentioned it in an earlier post. I'm definitely going to add Endeavor to my viewing list. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. You might consider trying an ace bandage as a thundershirt for Oscar. http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/549289/lifestyle/animal-lovers-offer-diy-wrap-to-reduce-dogs-anxiety-on-new-year-s-eve

  3. Have a happy holiday weekend, Linda - ;))


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