Aug 26, 2016

Some progress

Just warning you--this post may seem a little more scattered than usual. I was awake till 0530 and only got about 3 hours of sleep. I expect that at some point today I will crash and have to head to bed, whether Oscar is on board with that or not. I hope that this post will make some semblance of sense.

Part of the "not sleeping part, for last night anyway, was playing with some blocks you'll see a bit lower down in the post.  Too wound up! I started placing them at 2300 or so and was still playing at 0100.  Basically, I ignored the woozy headed feeling I get when I am over-tired. By the time I got there, I was overheated, felt sick to my stomach and headachy.  UGH!  Here's hoping for a better night.

I found out earlier in the week that the quilts for the Veteran's facility in Lebanon (TN) that my sister-in-law was organizing was not happening, after all.  The costs of renovation were prohibitive and the project was scuttled.  I put the patriotic fabric up for now.  Lois has most of a QOV already done.  I don't think this is a total wasted effort as what is to keep us from making some to take over to the Col. Robert L. Howard Veteran's Home like the Friendship Quilters group did when I was involved with them?  The Quilts of Valor program has a lot of rules and you know I feel about that!!  Worthwhile cause but needlessly restrictive, IMHO.

I have been focused on piecing or getting organized TO piece the last few days.

First off, I DID get the blocks organized for the Belles Sew-in Day blocks.  Monday I had cut the setting triangles that two of them required as I mentioned in my last post.  I laid them out on these trays that Valera had donated to the group with the sashing bits if that pile of blocks needed them.  I miscalculated and will need to make 3 more blocks but that is not a problem.

Easy to store the trays until I am ready to work on them.  Those overly tight headbands work great for huge rubber bands.  Maybe it will stretch them enough that I can use them for their intended purposes without giving me a horrid headache!

 We were a small group on Tuesday.  Lois had a lovely log cabin quilt to pin and Jane helped her with that.  Brenda was binding on a Christmas quilt as it is entered in the upcoming Lick Skillet Quilt Show.   I'll get a picture of it at the show but Bev told me this morning that the pattern for "Tree Farm" is free online.  It had been featured on the Moda Bake Shop site and there is a link in the post for the pdf file.  Jelly Roll friendly.  

Bev was binding too and I should have been, LOL but Margarita needed some help with her Ashville House Block of the Months.  She had to cut out 4 Courthouse Steps Log Cabin blocks and the fabrics were in neutrals with no clear lights or darks.  The pieces provided in the kit did not give a whole lot of room for error in cutting in the width anyway.    We put our heads together to unravel the pattern and I got her started with it.  Since Lois had a birthday coming up, we told her to pick where she wanted to go for lunch.  I was home earlier than usual since two of the gals had other obligations.

A few hours later and I was off to the evening group---and a little binding DID get done.  I am beginning to give up hope that I will get it finished up in time for guild Show and Tell but you never know!   I wanted to show you how well Stacy is doing with her Chevron Quilt.  The week before we had worked out what she needed to do to get it a bit bigger--ended up just needing 1 extra block per row and one more row.  She had cut out all the needed setting triangles and was ready to start adding those.   Proud of her efforts!  I only provided the guidance and she ran with it.

Here is a closeup of the focus print.

Wednesday afternoon the critters let me go sew and this top got finished up.  Woohoo!  Thursday I prepped the backing fabric after digging around in my stash.  The binding choices was a bit more tricky but I think a weird colored Jinny Beyer tone and tone will work.  If not, I'll go back to my other (darker brown) choice.  I also prepped the batting from the leftover bits in the closet.

The other slight detour in plans was influenced by this little box.  I am subscribed to the monthly Sew Sampler box from Fat Quarter Shop.  It is about $30 per month with shipping but they pack it with all kinds of cool stuff.  This month it was a neat tin, a binding ruler, a Corey Yoder Sundrop Jolly Bar (which was on my wishlist!!!), that cool bobbin holder, quilt hangers and the little booklet of 20 Jolly Bar patterns.  Wowie, do they keep topping themselves each month.  Oh and that little recipe card thing is a block pattern in 3 sizes.  This is one in in the series, each box has had one.

The detour?  Well, I was going to use the Brighten Up Jolly Bar to do the Garden Gate quilt and had in fact, sewn the stack of white charms to the whole pile.  Now I had the REAL Jolly Bar in my sampler box.  After considering this, I sat down and unsewed them.   These two were sorta, kind keeping me company while I did this at the kitchen table.

 I'll get one Brighten Up Jolly Bar and do the original pattern called "Step it Up" included in it but that meant they needed to be trimmed down to 9 1/2 inches.  No biggie.  I got the backgrounds cut out as well so that is all kitted up till the order comes and some minor cutting will ensue.  I went back in the sewing room around 2000 and had the blocks done and pressed in about an hour.

Here's the initial layout---it didn't stay that way!

I've fiddled, flopped, swapped and this was one of the incarnations.  I've sewed them up but not entirely like this!

And I thought I was done--the rows are done--but you can't flip the strips end to end as there are 13, not 14.  Look at the 3rd column and you see why!  I put it back the way it was.  Tomorrow, I'll put the sashing/borders on the columns.  It does not call for a top and bottom border and I'm debating on whether it needs them or not.  What do you think?   

I doubt I am going back in the sewing room anymore today.  Both of the critters came in there to get me this afternoon as it was.  First, Skyler was lounging around on the pressing surface and not wanting me to pin the row when I was supposed to petting and playing with him.  Then Oscar came strolling in and acting all lovey so I would walk him.  I was just about done, one more short seam, when he appeared.

I'm tired!  I passed on a last minute invitation to go to a local football game because of that but have a birthday party to go tomorrow and will see our friend then.  Oscar is making indications it is time again to stretch our legs.  Mine feel like lead weights but I'll go and then I'm hogging the couch, Boys!

And sew it goes------


  1. I hope you get the rest you need today and have a good night tonight.
    Hmm.... I got lost looking on Fat Qtr Shop at the sampler box. I may have to do that one sometime.

  2. I love the double tray storage idea....hmmm! You are amazing even with a lack of sleep!


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