Jun 23, 2007

not much happening

Sharing a picture that Roger took when my parents dropped me off at the pickup spot last Saturday. We are all so horrid about doing the "goodbye scene" at the car so it surprised us a bit to have Roger say "smile". Guess we managed though. (They brought me the print yesterday so I scanned it. I should see if I can get the negative or see if that was a digital pic to get a copy for my folks)

No piecing or quilting go on around here this week--only binding, if that counts. The week has been so chopped up that I haven't even set up either sewing machine. Monday was pretty well shot with running up and back to retrieve my Viking from the shop and some other round town errands. Tuesday, Pippi had to go in for lab work followup Two trips back and forth to the vets though for about 35 miles more on the car. Wednesday, my own doctor checkup took half of the blooming day---long enough for me to read about 180 pages in a Patterson book while I waited. Thursday, more errands to run but closer to home. Friday, Pippi had to go back into the vet bright and early to get a urine sample--naturally, it took all day for her to oblige them. Another two trips back and forth and supper preparations had to be put on hold waiting for the call back.

Basically Pippi is holding her own in the labwork department--one kidney test was up slightly but the other was unchanged. They gave her some subq fluids while she was there anyway but no mention about my having to do this at home. I guess that depends on what happens when she has followup lab in a month. The UTI is cleared so thankfully, no more antibiotic administration. The last dose took 7 tries and she was growling at me. She is spending a lot of time under the bed but hey, I would avoid ME too if I was getting a pill stuffed down me or was grabbed up to head to the vet's. Mean, mean kitty mama! I think she is feeling a bit more like herself though as last night I caught her up here (see picture below) when I thought she was sitting sedately on her catnip box. Old picture but that's where she was. Vaulted ceiling in the kitchen and living room with a large open space in on what would be a solid wall, looking towards the living room. Sorry, kitty, you cannot get any higher.

Rather than waste what time I did have available for my craft, I have been working on hand finishing the binding on my quilted stack--just about 30 inches from having the 4th WTIL quilt done. Boring but necessary. Meanwhile, the bowties that I want to go to the Boys Ranch are not sewed into a top yet and the Beetle quilt remain half quilted. I have done nothing on my row robin obligations other than to pick out some possible patriotic themed blocks for one of them. The Halloween re-do one has the fabric pulled but that was true after I had done my first rejected attempt but I was waiting for my Viking to do the applique stitching. The tops that need backs seamed or marked still sit waiting too. I know what needs to be done and will get going on it as soon as the binding bit is done--probably after lunch today. Always something............


  1. Since you had not posted I was beginning to wonder if we would need to call out a search party!

    Glad Pippi seems to be doing ok if not a bit better...thanks for the update.

    And BTW...binding DOES count!


  2. I'd rather do anything than bind. I pay a friend to bind for me. But you are doing a great job finishing your 4th one! That's a nice pic with your folks.

  3. I like the photo-and good to hear the news on Pippi..I think it's good to have a break-especially with all the running around you have been doing! all that quilting will still be there when you are ready. I agree, binding certainly does count!

  4. I am glad Pippi is doing better and I can emphatize (sp?) with the pill down the throat thing, from both sides ;-)
    Binding does count !!

  5. Hi Linda, so glad to hear you had a chance to go home for a nice visit. Sounds like you and Mom got just tons of stuff done! good for you and the belles, and I'll be Mom feels better about the sorting and donating also.
    Sooo sorry to hear of Pippi's problem, never like to hear that, poor baby girl. Glad that she's doing better, altho I know how worrysome it is for us mama's. Give her some pats and love from me and Ebby sends her best wishes for a speedy recovery and says, "growl at whomever you choose Pippi". Hugs, Finn


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