Jun 3, 2007

Sunday check in

This is going to be a pictureless post, I'm afraid. I've been quilting on WTIL quilts since Wednesday after I got back from taking my Viking in for cleaning and adjustment. The Brother is quilting well--I didn't know how it would act with monofilament whereas I KNOW exactly how the Viking does. In fact, I like the fact that the Brother has a push button for raising the needle and a knee lift (when I remember to use them---old habits die hard!) as this makes it so much easier when pivoting and rearranging the quilt. Not crazy about the walking foot on this machine though. If they were ever to make a machine that had all the features and/or stitches we need wouldn't that be something??

So far I have three quilts quilted and most of a 4th. I can link you back to the pictures of the tops--three of them were donated by Nancy and one is the Building Blocks--got that one done on Weds. on the top that I did at the spring sew-in. I did the Spiky Star on Thursday, Boot Scoot Boogie (the resized version) on Friday and started on Cross Roads to Jerico yesterday. That just leaves the Faux Log Cabin (resized) she sent and my Beetle top shown partially done in the link. I am toying with the idea of stuffing one in my suitcase and testing out my mom's superfast Brother quilting machine. Figure I can work on the binding on the trip back and keep my hands busy on that 750 some miles back if I do. I've got a couple UFO bags set aside to sew on while there---one is a neat Ohio Star that Finn so kindly shared with us and that stack of bowties I was working on last weekend.

ED. NOTE: Nancy just emailed me and told me the pattern source for what I called a "Spiky Star". It is actually "Galaxy Star" and is a free foundation pieced pattern shown HERE on the PCPiecers page.

I'm doing laundry today so I can get packed (see if that quilt will even fit in the bag). I've already laid in groceries that my "cooking-skills-limited" husband can handle while I am gone for 10 days. At his suggestion I typed up a note of what is available and where it is located. He can eat some of his lunches out if he wants but he has stuff available --and paid for--at home. Then it will just be the piddly things--need to give him a haircut before I go. Need to make sure the camera batteries and cell phone are charged up and chargers set out to pack. Replace the battery in my MP3 player as I just found out I left it on when I got back from errands---oh, oh. I'll keep up my walking while I am gone--no vacation there.

I found out that next Sunday will be the gathering of my dad's most immediate family and their families. I always enjoyed going to this but have not been able to go since we moved here 10 years ago--we normally are back in either May or early June so missed it when it was held in August. Mom's small quilt group that I was once a member of will be meeting while I am back. She also set me up for my sewing machine classes. Other than that, we will have our own little sew-in and I hope to see my siblings and godchild while I am back.

Yesterday our little town had its antique tractor/craft show in the park. I knew something was up when I was walking on Friday morning. Normally there is one guy who does the park and trail detail but he has two young guys working with him for the summer. All three of them were working, one blowing off the pine needles and pine cones from the walkway. Then the mayor popped up. Next came two other trucks of city workers to help put up the tent they erect over a seating area for entertainment. Finally I just asked Norman what was going on, Nosy Parker that I am.

I had already decided not to walk on Saturday but DJ and I did go into see what was going on. I should have taken my camera perhaps--they had two early on riding lawnmowers and a rebuilt tractor that was almost like a hot rod. Trust me, all the guys were hanging around THAT one. DJ was giving me a quiz on the engine parts of a John Deere model that was slightly older than me---and I failed miserably. Oh, I guess calling the distributor that "spark plug thingy" might have been close, LOL. He is the guy that had to tinker on his cars for years to keep them running so he would know but I guess he expected me to know a bit more than I did on this subject. Hey, I know all of them are under the hood and this at about it.

The square dance group was performing so we stopped and watched for a bit---my friend Lois and her husband Les are part of that group though and must have been on break when we first approached but we got to see them strut their stuff. Another young lady was singing and playing the guitar under the aforementioned tent. Too early for a hot dog, funnel cake or ice cream though all of those were available. Small town America.

Well, time to check the dryer and that quilt won't quilt itself----


  1. How nice that things will be happening when you are visiting. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time. Looking forward to hearing about it when you get back.

  2. I think 'spark plug thingy' describes it perfectly - they would know just what you were talking about at my auto repair shop *s* That's why I love them - they understand what I mean and they don't mock me.

  3. I wouldn't trade Small town America for all the tea in China!

  4. Have a great trip Linda! If you need room for the quilts I know Bonnie over at Ouiltville used those suction bags to compress a few quilts needing to travel to the Netherlands and it worked great.

  5. Sounds like you've been busy as usual! I haven't forgot that fabric I promised to send just haven't packed it up to ship yet. Hopefully this week so you'll have it when you get back home.

    Have a wonderful trip!

    BTW that spikey star is called Galaxy Stars and is a paper-pieced pattern that can be found at http://www.geocities.com/pcpiecers/galaxystar.html

  6. Have a wonderful visit and enjoy the family gathering and quilting times.

  7. oh even more fun to be had when visiting back home-I miss you already!


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