Apr 11, 2007

post sew-in

Well, another two day spring sew-in has been completed. Since I had scheduled this right after Easter, we were missing a few folks or some could only come one day out of the two. 6 of us came on Monday and 10 yesterday.

We were thrilled to see our friend Sarah and her daughter Jane. Sarah had been seriously ill earlier this year but has made a good recovery, regained her appetite and is now able to walk with a cane rather than a walker and going through her rehab assignment. We all headed out to our recently opened Olive Garden for her long postponed birthday lunch. Yum--soup, salad and breadsticks! One carload of us stopped at the new little quilt shop on the way back--not a lot of inventory in yet but good stuff, nonetheless. A few patterns and some heirloom sewing materials.

Monday morning I had stopped to take pictures of the turned in quilts, posted pics to the album, helped pin three quilts, etc, etc so I got a very late start sewing. Marilyn needed some help with a sashed on point appliqued quilt so that provided a break from the machine in the afternoon for a little bit but I was home for supper both evenings. I only managed to get one top done and I was bound and determined to stay till I did. I had gotten most of the backing together---it is the same building and car fabric as the borders but lacked about 8 inches on the length so I will complete that and the binding her at home. (Debbie Mumm's quilting project of the month for March---Pam and Norma have shared tops that they have done using this same pattern in recent posts. Here is my version. (Aline just about had two done but she still had some work to do on the borders so stay tuned for those in coming posts)

Below is the Delectable Mountain top that Jeanne sent to us for donation. All I did was put the borders on and quilt it and Pat finished up the binding since our last meeting. Thanks again, Jeanne. I know that she had a picture of this on her now defunct first blog so I cannot link back to it for you but her readers may remember it. Isn't this a stunner? Pat's husband was even commenting on the Southwest look, she said. They had lived for a time in New Mexico and had moved down there about a year ago intending to build. Plans has changed and we were thrilled to hear that they will be building about 6 miles down the road from one of our other members right here in Calhoun County.

The quilt below is one that Jane and Sarah teamed up to make. I suspect that Jane is the one operating the sewing machine these days since Sarah had her leg injury. Another fun string quilt but I like the idea of the scrappy print blocks between the strings to break it up a bit and the pieced HST's on just the two sides make the quilt a bit longer and add a bit of fun.
This is a top that Aline made for one of her granddaughter's. I am going to quilt the ditch stuff for her and she will do some hand quilting on the outside borders. Very pretty though this was one time when the hanging system didn't work as well with a bigger quilt than doorway, LOL.

Rosa came on Monday and was working on assembling a king sized scrappy batik star sampler. I really wanted to get a picture of it but she wanted to wait till the top was completely done. It is gorgeous! She also had brought a crockpot full of broccoli cheese soup for our lunch on Monday.

Always good to get together and see what others are working on. We all probably get more done if we stay home but it is the fellowship that makes this fun. I can and do sew by myself any other day of the week, after all. I came home with 9 finished WTIL quilts, one top I made that we had pinned and one that I am going to quilt for Marilyn's niece for pay. Stack those with the other 6. Bedroom looks like Quilt Central again, LOL. About time to take some over to Linda S' again and get a count of how close to goal we are. I plan on finishing up the beetle top and maybe piecing one more top (Warm Wishes that I have always wanted to try) Next week I'll be back in quilting mode for sure.

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  1. I recognize that fun little Debbie Mumm quilt! *VBG* Isn't that the cutest pattern! I love the Delectable Mountain Quilt and Aline's star quilt! The strip quilt with the bright squares is so cheerful. Good to hear that Sarah is doing so well! I agree with you--the fellowship side of quilting is wonderful--irreplaceable! It looks like it was a very successful sew-in!

  2. Always good to see what you and the girls have been up to. The string / pieced squares is really quirky and I like the borders at top and bottom.

  3. More wonderful quilts *s*

    Love the soup/salad at Olive Garden - nothing like Pasta Fagiole on a cold day to warm you right up.

  4. What have you picked for your Warm Wishes? I cutting one out as we type...for my firefighter neighbor..red/gold/ green and black. I will post pictures on my blog as it goes along..Will keep my eye out for YOURS...:::Grin::::

  5. The quilts from the sew-in look just great! Lots of progress in a little time.
    Glad to see that house and car/truck fabric in use at last! Wonder what I was thinking when I bought that??? LOL....

  6. All wonderful quilts Linda! You gals do such great work! Love the meals at the Olive Garden! Soup, Salad, and breadsticks is the favorite!

  7. Aaah, the mountains look nice with the border and quilting! I did that for the Project Spectrum "orange" challenge, but it is absolutely terra-cotta/clay and southwest feeling.
    Jeanne :)

  8. As usual, the number of things you do get done is totally amazing! Seems like you don't do anything except quilt!

  9. Looks like there was a whole lotta quiltn' going on! Good job!

  10. hurray for all those fun hours of sewing with kindred spirits! thanks for the quilt show.


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