Apr 7, 2007

break time

Boy, has it gotten chilly down in my little corner of the Southeast! Down in the 20's at night and struggling to get UP in the 40's with a brisk wind. Those 80's of a week ago were too hot, too soon but what a contrast. I have walked the past three days in spite of it but today had to wait till 1 and it was only 40 by then. DJ said the azaleas definitely took a hit last night. I suppose it could be worse though--didn't Judy report some snow fall? All the golfers at the Masters seem to be bundled up in sweaters and long sleeves---DJ has been watching some of the tourament the past 3 days. The whole thing strikes me as being so pretentious--naming the trees and golf holes, sheesh. And that sappy theme music---please.

Here is the top I finally finished up Friday---lollygagging along. I had asked DJ if he thought it needed a border. You can see that he won that one, LOL. Its twin quilt is HERE. Since the two quilts will be headed to the same spot, I wanted them to be a bit different even though the fabrics are the same. I was able to get rid of some yardage from the donation bin for the backing and had some of the blue binding leftover from a previous quilt and just enough fabric left to cut the extra needed bits. Busting me some stash!

I am back to working on the beetle quilt. DJ came in and asked if those were ladybugs. I thought they were when I first bought the fabric but when I looked for it online at the Avlyn site, they called it beetles. The block is "Frosty and Friends" from Ursula Reickes' book More Quilts for Baby but I am approaching it differently to avoid seams in the white squares where the blocks WOULD join. I am doing it in rows and have 6 of the 11 needed done--pieced 4 patches alternating with plain squares rather than block to block as shown in the book.
One that Cher made and donated to WTIL in the past was my inspiration for the quilt. I don't think she would mind my showing the picture I have on file of it. Looks the same but mine has less seams is all.
The spring sew in is coming up on Monday and Tuesday. Joy and I started these in the spring and fall back in 2000 so I guess this is the 8th Annual event. I am not at all sure what I want to work on while there. Trust me there are no shortages of possibilities but it just that I feel it best to do the whole project on the same machine due to the variances in 1/4 inch seam allowances. So pull one of the kits or something that I know for a fact was started on the Jem probably is my best bet. Cut another kit or two so someone who didn't bring anything to work on can get busy?? Bring the cut squares?? Working on personal projects is allowed so I know some will do that.
I best get out to the kitchen and see what I can scare up for supper. Slim pickings this close to grocery shopping day and often a cupboard meal. I will have to go tomorrow to get groceries since I will barely be home for two days. Pippi and DJ will have to fend for themselves.


  1. YES!! We had really wet sloppy snow all morning and it finally let up and then returned to snow and snowed off and on ALL DAY! Cold as heck out there too! I had to go back to the heat.

    Love the quilts! SO bright and cheery. I have the one top finished for you and I never got that second one done. I'll either make one up soon or send the first one alone to you for the gang! Good work Linda!

  2. Have to laugh about the golf tournament. Hubby listens to XM Radio on his commute. He happened on to the coverage of the golf tournament on Friday. Nothing more dull than listening to golf *s*

    As always I just love your quilts - they are so happy.

  3. Lovely your quilt, Linda! Best wishes for Easter ;))))

  4. nice job Linda! I enjoyed that pattern and like how you made it easier-maybe I will make another one thanks to you...in May of course.

  5. Those are cute fabrics! I really like the sports jersey fabric. Excellent choice for the boys. I hope you get a chance to work on something personal as well as the donation quilts in your sew in. Have fun!


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