Apr 30, 2007

done--for real this time

Late Sunday afternoon I was celebrating that I had taken the last stitch in the blanket stitch on the blocks I had made for the row quilt assignment---just in time to pop them in the mail by Tuesday. Seconds later it hit me---I needed 48 inches finished in 6 or 12 inch blocks. DUH! (6) 6 inch blocks sure doesn't make 48 inches, LOL. Talk about being mathematically challenged---only took 4 days to realize that these were not 8 inch blocks.

Back to scrounging around in the fabric bins to make two more in two different color ways. I just barely managed to squeeze out what I needed for the background WOW; one had to be seamed. Any more than that and it would not have been possibly without more than one seam. Really, it didn't take all that long to pull, press, cut, sew, baste down and then blanket stitch but it did delay the celebration till this morning. I delayed walking till I got the last one done and the package readied for mailing on my way into town. (The color of the blocks is a tad off in these pictures as I have a flourescent type bulb in the desk lamp. )

The pink/rosy blocks use mostly Peppermint and Sassafras double pinks from Judie Rothermel line from Marcus Brothers about '94. I know this because I made my niece's Indiana Puzzle with those and had included little snippets in her baby shower card. The moon shape is a Hoffman though. The blues--mainly Smithsonian reproductions of the "Groom's Quilt" with a couple of recently acquired repros that I thought I might use for Gary's row robin, Maybe Wyndham Fabrics? I know a few pieces of the greens are from that line and again from the Smithsonian prints with a blade of Debbie Mumm and the stripe from a SW basket line coordinated, maybe from Springs---guess I should have turned that moon so the strips when the direction of the blades but it's too late now.

Continuing on---mainly a mix of yellows--one blade and the moon are 1800's repro, the center blade leftovers from last years round robin. Mix of both my red and purple fabrics.

The teals are a mix of the yardage I am hoarding from the quilt shop that is now closed but I think that blade on the bottom is some that my mom shared with me. Peach block is one that I had to cut and prep last night---just stash pieces except for that moon--that was a scrap left from something one of the Belles had made. It is a little light in comparison to the others but I thought it a better choice than bright orange stuff. A little of that goes a long way.

Joy's row and then mine atop it.

What you will find me doing till our next meeting 5/8---the ones on the armoire are to be quilted including a top I am supposed to mark with Baptist Fans for Theramae. The ones on the hamper are finished but there is no room in my closet---I need to call Linda S and get those over to her house. Wednesday is already shot as I have a nursing CEU seminar to go to--keep my license active even if I don't really want to practice. I keep busy enough at home, thank you very much. Catch you later----------


  1. At least you realized it - I would be left scratching my head for sure *s*

  2. I really like the grandmother's fan done in blanket stitch applique. I really like those colors to. You work so fast woman.

  3. I love these blocks. Gonna have to try something like this one day... Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. What is it that they say? Measure twice. lol!!! Your blocks turned out nicely and I'm sure the'll be loved. Good work!

    You can send some of those finished quilts over to my house since you've run out of closet room. I can make some space! :-)

    BTW, the birthday cake looks great!

  5. Love the fan blocks! You have your work cut out for you if you are going to quilt all those by the 8th!

  6. Joy will be thrilled with your row. Now on to the next set...I love watching as row/round robins develop, sometimes taking on a life of there own with each participants addition.

  7. Hi Linda, busy,busy,busy but with a super great result! Your row of fans looks just spectacular on top of the GFG row..*VBS*
    I you are beginning to have those senior moments, you gotta run sweetie! You are just plain tooooo young to be doing that. Of course the normal distractions of daily living couldn't possibly be the cause...LOL Sending big hugs for a great use of stash! Hugs, Finn

  8. Good catch! The colors are great and the buttonhole is perfect!


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