Apr 9, 2007

isn't this the truth?

From today's "Pickles" syndicated cartoon---so, so true about that "cat-itude". Mine seemed happy to see me after I had been away all day but mostly she was meowing, and quite loudly, for a taste of our supper. She rarely meows but she was definitely being vocal and no way was she going to let you get away without noticing.

I'll report in about the sew-in tomorrow and have some picture of some of the finished quilts that have been turned in and maybe a few finished tops.


  1. Cute cartoon! They definitely have a way of getting their message across, don't they!

  2. Yep, that's the way it is at MY house! The cat's definately rule. LOL!

  3. Love the cartoon! And I always marvel at how cats can zero in on the one visitor who doesn't really "appreciate" cats and try to win that person over!!!


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