Apr 20, 2007

this and that on a Friday

As usual, Earl and Opal Pickles are cracking me up--check the archives HERE for other recent strips if you do not get this in your local paper. What a hoot!

On my last note I was headed off to do some handwork--and I did. Two labels applied till I realized that I had no more numbers to put on them and not enough labels here at home to finish the job and also put them on the ones I needed to quilt. I figure that someone at our meeting on Tuesday will not bring their machine and will be looking for some handwork like labels or binding. I will happily oblige them, LOL.
At left or wherever it lands on the page is a top that Aline made for the boys that I said I would quilt for her. I am afraid that the tan binding will obscure the small green batik border she used so this is NOT its official picture for the WTIL gallery pages. When I first opened it up yesterday, because of the mix of blocks, I wondered how in the world would I go about quilting it. I hate to free motion, I don't have the nice pantos that a long armer would use and I cannot draw a wavy line to save me. Time to get a little creative.
I had DJ flip it over so perhaps you can see the quilting from the back on this one. I ended up marking a diagonal zigzag type line through the log cabins and cornerstones. That secured the perimeter blocks. Then I extended the lines around the two strips she put on the top and bottom of the quilt and the squares below them. Ditch work around the rest. Well, make that all but the diagonals in the pinwheels. I just did the square grid and it lays down nicely without felting it with too much quilting.

I am still trying to figure out how to quilt the BQ top I started quilting last evening for Lois' donation. She really doesn't like to quilt and she took on another project in exchange so she got to pick which one I did. Ginny quilted the one I had made in a cool zigzag but she has a Hinterberg set up to accomplish it. I thought I would lock in the blocks and then think some more. That will be today's project---mainly I don't know what to do in that big square that will not obscure the neat race car fabric she used. I'll think of something though.
Not too much else going on around here. DJ started the wash first thing this morning when I was still in bed. I let him go for it. I still have to hang up my stuff but he has done the bulk of the work. Off to the walking trail with me while he tended the washer and dryer. Pippi is back to her hiding place under the cutting/pressing table for her morning nap. It's weird because I can hear her making her kitty snoring sounds but can't see her. At the moment I am the only one vertical, LOL. And so it goes living the retired life.................


  1. Very cool. You should see Noodle take up HALF the sofa! If you check out my blog on the date July 15th you can see how I quilted mine with that pattern. You might not want to quilt that way but it might spur an idea.

  2. I love that cartoon, too funny! What a gorgeous quilt, thank you for sharing!

  3. Great quilting, Linda. I tend to get lazy with straight stitching since free-motion seems to be easier for me to do. I would've probably just started at one corner and done loops and circles diagonally until it was covered. I like the way the pattern from the front emerges on the back with your quilting.

  4. Nice quilting job! That is a large quilt to wrestle through your machine! Isn't that cartoon the truth!

  5. Big chuckle at the cartoon! :)

    The quilting is lovely. Good job!

  6. Lovely quilting Linda. The cartoon is to die for :-)

  7. you do great straight line quilting Linda- much nicer than mine! I just eyeball and go for it. love the cartoon.

  8. Love the quilting - I do free motion because I wouldn't be able to follow a straight line to save my life *s*

  9. That cat reminds me of my son. We just bought a new bigger sofa for that reason and he is only 6! You did a great job on the quilting, it looks nice. Take care.

  10. Pickles always cracks me up, Linda! Nice job on the quilting!


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