Apr 18, 2007

cats and quilts

Isn't this the cutest thing? Well, if you are cat lover anyway? What I can see of the dog is just as cute though and I think it will be featured in the next issue. Foundation pieced which I enjoy doing. Here is the link

Yesterday I quilted a grid pattern in a Green Bay Packer colored quilt (alternating green and golden yellow large squares) that Marilyn's niece had made on a recent visit. This is intended for her boyfriend Josh. Marilyn gave me her copy of the Quiltmaker magazine. She said she thought of me immediately and was done with her copy.

Today has just whizzed by. It was a bit cool this morning so I didn't get out to walk till after 10. Delivered the quilt to Marilyn's house and chatted a bit with her and her husband. Their 2nd grandson was born yesterday and I got a peek at the digital photos of the little guy. Off to the bank and home just in time to fix some sandwiches for lunch. Then did some paperwork this afternoon and another errand after that. Next thing I knew it was time to fix supper. (Chicken enchiladas---I added some fat free sour cream to the meat this time and DJ kept saying how much he liked them tonight plus they weren't so "hot"--the age old argument. He thinks it is spicy and I don't, LOL)

If I do any quilt related activity today, it is probably just going to be some bluework or some blanket stitching on the "Dazzling Dogs" blocks. That and change out the machine to my Viking since that is what I normally quilt with. I did try the Brother for Heather' s quilt but that was because I was quilting it with a variegated thread as opposed to the monofilament that I usually use. I know how the Viking handles it but don't want to start messing with the Brother settings.

At some point I need to give some thought to what to do about the row robin. Joy has asked for 48 inches in length and either 6 or 12 inch blocks. Her piece is Grandmother's Flower Garden but not necessarily in the traditional colors other than the Nile Green.

And speaking of kitties, Pippi was sunbathing in the door way a little bit before I took the two pictures. Must have gotten too much sun as the next thing I know she was hiding "in the jungle" where she thinks we can't see her. Looks like I should change the water on the plant. The beta is long gone..................

I got a nice surprise in the mail that I forgot to mention. I had come back from an errand Saturday and met our fill in mail person at the end of the lane. Turns out he had left two boxes for me on the drive. I thought it might be the tops that Nancy had indicated she would be sending but instead it was from one of the Belles who has not been able to come to a meeting for awhile. 4 Snuggle Up quilts all quilted and bound--just need labels put on! Three will go to the girls and one is good for the boys. The other package was some books from my SIL (thanks, Jan) for DJ and I to read.

Oh, I guess I could sew labels on--that needs to be done and it's handwork, after all. Two from the sew in need them also--always somethin', LOL.


  1. getting donated tops in the mail is nice but how great was that to have 4 that are completely finished except for a label??

  2. lovely to finally chat with you Linda-maybe I will catch you again in the am....! I wonder where my copy of Quiltmaker is? it's always later than the ones that show up in your area.

  3. Cute cat!

    I'd be tempted to blow up the pattern and make it a huge medallion center for a quilt. :)

  4. Okay now I HATE paper piecing but I have to have that pattern. So I guess I'll be hounding the stores until it comes out. Thanks for the link. (I think!)

    Nope haven't mailed the box yet cause I keep adding stuff to it. I have a BUNCH of stuff to get in the mail in the next few days and this box will be one of them. I'll email you the shipping confirmation when I get it mailed so you'll know when to expect it.

    David and I have that same "too spicy" argument here. I don't like it HOT but I do like a little tingle. He wants mostly bland. :-(

  5. I love how cats think if they can hide their heads from you...they are somehow invisible. All 20 pounds of Noodle doesn't hide easily! Pippi looks great!

  6. Those are two adorable patterns! Nice to get DONE-DONE donation quilts. Love Pippi's way of thinking!!!

  7. I love that cat pillow! I will be on the look out for that magazine tomorrow when I am out and about doing my errands!


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