Apr 3, 2007

some production

I have been getting a little production done, though somewhat slowly since I last posted. Not completely stalled out but not really raring to go if you know what I mean?

I made a few more blocks for a 5 x 7 block set of a Heartstrings quilt for the Bama Belles and I. It sat overnight as I tried to decide if I needed to add some borders. LOL, you can see that I thought it needed them if only to carry the red color out to the edges and frame the quilt. I think that any bias pull was probably stabilized on the edges by the muslin backing but I think the next ones I do will be on old phone book pages. I am a foundation piecer from way back so pulling the paper doesn't bother me all that much. I do want to do some diamond shaped ones so have been saving my old used color catcher sheets to do some like Norma shows in her recent post.

Strings are the ultimate in stash busting, aren't they? I hope that the boy that gets this one will have fun picking out the dogs,cats, M & M, sports figures, etc that are hiding in here. The backing is some that I pulled out of the donation bin at the church. The binding is more of the red since it will go with the backing print.

I also managed to finish up the July bluework snowman while watching the Civil Rights Baseball game Saturday night and started on the August one. Those dinky little stars were not easy to stitch making me wish that I had decided to use little buttons or whatever to embellish this block. One finish, however small, for March on the personal quilting front.
Here is the kitty picture for the post. I wanted a quick stitching project but by day two all I have done with this top is all the blocks and three rows joined though Pippi is parked on just two at the time. Bad kitty Mama moved the quilts Pippi had been dozing on to use the pressing surface. This is a series type quilt using the same prints as the quilt seen HERE--just switching things up a bit to make the top bit different. I may border it with gold print to make it a bit bigger. Normally I don't make square quilts but this will be an exception.
That strip hanging there is a cat toy, BTW. She had taken some token swipes at it just before I took the picture. Naturally, being a cat, she stopped.
Around the house---DJ finally got to play golf after taking off a week due to a procedure he had done. I am keeping up my committment to walk 5 to 6 days out of 7 though today was one day I took off. I think all that pollen is finally catching up with me and I've got the headache from HE** this morning. We just got back from getting me a new pair of walking shoes so I guess DJ is doing his part to encourage me in my endeavor. I hope this will put an end to the blisters that have alternately been popping on my heels from my old pair.
Our spring sew-in days will be next week---Monday and Tuesday right after Easter. I would like to cut out a Building Blocks top or two though I have plenty of other things that I could work on while we are there including the beetle quilt I had started last week. I think that the Belles would like the pattern is they saw how quickly it goes together. Pam whipped up three of them in no time flat making them a good sew-in choice.
I had gotten a call about possibly sitting with a couple next week--the husband is critically ill but the wife who is the primary caregiver has to have a surgery that cannot be put off . Just found out that the family stepped up and have help her make other arrangements. That's okay. It would have been hard from me to be gone away from home for 5 days (counting the sew-in) anyway. I was just going to do it to help out a friend of a friend, more or less.
About time to heat up our lunch so I will close and hopefully catch up with you later this evening-----


  1. Pippi does not look too happy there! But I DO like your heartstrings top... such a nice bright red you've used!

  2. That's red? It looks like a very bright orange on my monitor! Whichever - I love it! Though I can't picture it as a very restful color.

    As always I love the kitty picture and report.

  3. hurray for new walking shoes-hope the head is better!

  4. Getting new walking shoes is the best - I'm long due for a new pair myself. Time to shop *s*

  5. Of course Kitty's never perform on command! That would be against the code!

  6. Love that string quilt. I pulled the blocks out that were sent to me yesterday and will start assembling tops tonight. I think between what I've made and what was sent I have enough for 3 quilts. and mine will have borders cause I just think they need something on the edge to pull the busyness of the blocks together.

    I have to laugh about Pippi. Of course she stopped playing when you got the camera. ALL of mine do the same thing. All "cuteness" stops when the camera comes out.

  7. Love your heartstrings top - the red border is wonderful :)

  8. The bright colors in your quilt really bring it to life!

  9. The red border really does make that quilt pop! Wonderful!

  10. Hi Linda,the string blocks quilt for the BR looks great! The red string in the middle really gives it a punch, and the border and binding pulls that to the outside perfectly.
    I've had a bit of a stew in that not quite as motivated as I should be pot...LOL. A couple of extra busy weeks businesswise. I'm looking forward to Monday and quiet waters. I'll bet you are too!
    Have a happy Easter Day and a great time at thje sew-in..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

  11. I love your string quilt! The addition of the red border really sets it off. I can't bring myself to sew my string blocks onto foundation paper. I just hate taking the time to pull it off when I am done. The dryer sheets work great--not too bulky in the seams. I have others saving dryers sheets for me now. I couldn't wait to see what they looked like sewn together so I sewed them into blocks of 4--they really make cool diamond shaped strings!


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