Mar 30, 2007

Spring foliage

Some of the spring foliage from a few days ago---of course they all have opened up a bit more since then. Isn't nature grand?

The pampered lilac bush--not native to the area so DJ augments the soil, etc. All that attention is starting pay off. After about 5 years in the ground, it is looking the best it has ever looked with lots of blooms open now.

One of the azaleas--this one was darned near dead when we moved in but it is now thriving with the help of "Farmer Alfalfa" Watering it also encourages the clover and nettle though.

This azalea looks a bit more spindly. It was planted in a pot for a long time and it looked better than the other bush. Loaded with blooms though. We also have a small white Encore azalea planted between the two red ones that he got last year.

My little dogwood tree. Actually this is the 3rd one we have tried to grow and seem to be having a bit more luck. I really had my heart set on a pink one but I guess those will have to be enjoyed in someone else's yard as I drive by. I always enjoyed going to the AQS show in Paducah and hoping that the dogwoods were in bloom and take the drive around town in the evening to see them. Now all I have to do is hop in my car in about any direction. Had I remembered to take my camera with me on Tuesday I could have gotten some good shots of all the wisteria and redbud.

I got my little row of spools finished up and mailed off yesterday. Did a little bit of sewing of the beetle top shown HERE in this EQ sketch. The first row is together and part of the 2nd row units are started. I am thinking that I should have finished up the heartstring blocks first though since Lois sent a bag of strings home with me. Somehow the last three blocks that Beverly made and dropped by the house for the quilt are missing. I could at least get that ONE top done before diving head first into another. I am more in the mood for some mindless sewing--strings or Chinese coin strips might be just the ticket.



1. Good news from DJ doctor appointment

2. Cooler weather today and some possibility of rain

3. Walking getting easier and shaving a minute off the lap timing

4. BLT for lunch---yummy!


  1. It's so fun to see all the colors bursting forth as I drive around town.

  2. Wow, all the colors blooming look wonderful. I love your azaleas!

  3. I really like azaleas and lilacs. Too bad it gets too hot here for either.


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