Mar 16, 2007

checking in

From Wednesday afternoon, Pippi, the bright eyes girl---just sure that I am heading to get her Petromalt. That must be like "chocolate" is to humans or something. The one below shows her scouting out the birds flitting around outside on the patio. Today she is smelling the pot roast cooking in the pressure cooker and is trying to get me back out to the kitchen with her.

Yesterday we had a rainy day and eventually had over an inch of rain in the last 24 hours. The weather guy says that most areas are about 6 inches behind on our rainfall totals for the year so even a little bit will help. DJ and I went on our trek to the thrift store about 35 miles from here and found him several really nice golf shirts for a dollar each. Some of these were quite pricey designer name shirts. We stopped a catfish restaurant for lunch on the way home.

Here is my DJ up on the ladder doing some home maintenance work. He needs the super long ladder that was NOT delivered on the moving van when we moved here 10 years ago. Scaring me to death up on the roof scraping paint off the fascia board and here he is priming what he can reach from the ladder we DO have. Painting was out today as it was quite cool and windy most of the day. He concentrated on doing maintenance work on the lawn mower instead--changing the filters and cleaning off the deck. He has had to mow once already this year but that is because the last three years he has over seeded with winter grass on the front and side yard.

We got word last night that his golfing friend will be coming through again next week on his way to Florida (Weds evening through Friday morning) His son just called and he, his wife, son and his son's friend may also be here Friday for a quick trip--they are catching a cruise out of New Orleans, I guess and since they were heading South, he thought they might come to see us. I doubt that DJ will be going back to IL with me in May or June so it would be good if they decide to come. Just odd that everybody wants to come the same week, LOL.

I have not gotten one darned thing done this week except the Card Trick blocks are all un-sewn now. At this point I am about half done with the cutting. About 2/3rd of the quarter square triangles to go. I have intended to quilt all week but that just has NOT happened. I guess it will still be there tomorrow unless some quilter fairy decides to pop in and do it for me, LOL. That girl must be at someone else's house is all I can think.

Don't forget to wear your green tomorrow or you will get pinched! Happy St. Pat's--------


  1. That Pippi is such a doll baby! I'm afraid I'd spend too much time sweet-talking her and petting her to get much else done LOL! Enjoy your out-of-town company!

  2. Sweet Face cat waiting so patiently!

    DJ looks ready for anything on that ladder!

  3. Cute kitty. That pic of DJ on the ladder reminds me of a funny story about my Dad up on a ladder. I was young and he promised to quit smoking. He was out on the ladder working. The phone rang for him and I went to get him. He came in took the call and came to me to apologize. I asked for what? He was smoking when I came out. I was so used to seeing him smoking it didn't even register!


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