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Mary mentioned in her blog posting about some heartstrings variations that were being discussed on list. She also showed some EQ sketches that she had been playing with.

Her center one reminded me of this one that my mom and I did---well, she did most of it and I think pieced it to Reader's Digest pages or some such thing. It is all strings turned into HST's but could also be pieced as a 4 section block of strings on point as a vertical strippie. She used a limited palette of color on this as well but I may have quilted it. (Mom, do you remember? Looks like your house in the background.

The other quilt is Naptime as the label says. Shelina showed a quilt in her post the other day with a quilt she called Flip Flop that reminded me of one like this. It is an old favorite from Quiltmaker's magazine that they reprinted in the Fall 2002 All Time Favorites. I can't find my scribble note about just were it was originally printed. This is one we kitted up on one of my "busman's holidays" back to IL. Not the best picture in the world--the fabrics were really quite pretty together but the peach looks washed out here. Maybe it will be easier to see the quilt, Shelina, full out.

Been a lazy day again today spent mostly trying to upload music to my iPod. I got it figured out enough to load and play which is all I needed for now. Its ready when I am though I DO wonder how you get the stuff off there should you tire of it and so forth. It's almost full now.

DJ and I are going to watch a DVD tonight---"Hoot " which is based on a Carl Hiaasen novel for young people. Might be a little juvenile but I liked "Because of Winn Dixie" which aimed at a younger audience so we'll see. Probably will cycle it through the family to the younger nieces and nephews if any of them what to see it and have not already.

Better go--he just managed to get the packaging open so he will calling for me any minute. Tomorrow morning is the annual Kiwanis pancake breakfast so we will plenty of togetherness, LOL. Where is my bluework snowman? Can't just sit.


  1. I hardly ever met a string quilt I didn't like - this is so simple and yet so lovely. Thanks!

  2. What a yummy, yummy string quilt. The colors are so soothing.

  3. That first quilt gives me all sorts of ideas! Like doing the strings all vertical and then slicing it on the diagnal twice and getting 4 triangles to then switch with others and sew back together for the same effect. I had to look when you said HST's but I figured it out. Once you start to think about the posibilites all sorts of things come to mind!!

    Great ideas Linda!

  4. Yes Linda, this is exactly the pattern - where all the fabric have their own place. Mine used fewer blocks, and didn't have an inner border but that is the only difference.

  5. Yummy, pancake breakfast. Why does it seem more delicious when cooked in a parking lot with a ticket required to get your food?

  6. sounds like a nice break from quilting and piecing to me.

  7. Oh my goodness, Linda! I forgot that you are in Alabama! Anywhere near those deadly tornadoes? I hope not. Keep on quilting, friend! Loved the cartoon...

  8. The kitchen sink quilt is wonderful- love the colors!

  9. Linda, did you see the string blocks Bonnie Hunter just put on her quiltville website. It'sa beauty.

  10. People should read this.


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