Mar 28, 2007

check in on a Weds. evening

The Belles met yesterday so as usual I have a few finished quilts to share. The framed 4 patches were some from Nancy that I assembled and Ginny quilted. She used a nice leaf pattern on it so I hope the quilting shows up. Silly me--I went off without the digital camera so DJ had to do the honors once I got home.

Ginny also quilted the pseudo- Railroad Crossing top with a multicolored primary color thread in a zigzag pattern. I think it looks like a "happy" quilt but then I love yellow or gold. I have noticed that a lot of the quilts I make DO have yellows in them. If I like them, then I imagine one of the kids will too.

The other quilted top is one that Lois made shortly after her quilt shop class on how to use the Tri Recs ruler. When she pinned it she commented that her husband didn't think that she should donate this one. She used what she had left of the blue/red print on the back with a border around it--stashbusting is contagious??

We pinned a few quilt tops yesterday and I shared the block I had picked out for the BOM. I had decided to feature blocks this year that either include a nine patch or would incorporate nine patch elements. THEN I saw somewhere that someone else came up with the same idea, independent of mine. Same thing happened when I was writing up a handout for three ways to do attic windows and bowties. Debby Kratovil or some magazine did the same thing, LOL. Like minds think alike?

I should have been piecing some spool blocks that will be my part of a row robin with 4 friends as it needs to be mailed off to IN sometime this week. I had a few done but what did I do at the meeting instead?? Pieced 5 quilts backs for some race car tops that Theramae had assembled, LOL. Oh well---it needed done and I think I was the only who had brought their machine. I made some last night and finished up today though they still need to be joined. Not much in the mood to do that at the moment.

The obligatory Pippi picture shows her in her at her supposed hiding spot. There is a bit of quilt batting in there so it is nice and cushy. I didn't blame her a bit for hiding when the house was full of people on Friday and Saturday. Herb is here often enough that he does not bother me which is surprising to me--he talks loud and you would think that would spook her. DJ was a little jealous when she stood still for petting while she slinks away from him---most likely because she wants him to check her food bowl, no doubt.

Not a whole lot going on around here. I have been making an effort to get out and walk on a more consistent basis--more like daily schedule permitting. The temperatures have been in the mid 80's for several days so I have been trying to beat the heat. Seems like just a week or 10 days ago we still needed to run the heat. Now we could almost turn on the a/c--we could but won't is more accurate. You would think that there would be a little time interval where you could have a lower gas bill before you switch to a higher electric bill! I have some spring bush and tree pictures to share but I'll add those in another post. Meantime, I'll keep plugging away. 5 in my stack to quilt again but I am piecing for a few days till it cools down a bit. That's more fun anyway!!


  1. Yellow reminds me of the sun and definitely makes me happy! I love the yellow in the railroad quilt. The zig zag quilting definitely compliments that one! Pippi's hiding place looks cozy! You are experiencing heat? Send some up our way--we are still cold here! I haven't packed away the winter clothes yet!

  2. I like yellow too - I saw a TV programme this week that said they always use the colour yellow on price tags for special offers in supermarkets because people are drawn to yellow as a warm and inviting colour and more likely to buy the offers. So quilts with yellow in can't fail.

  3. The Railroad Crossing is a happy quilt *s*
    We are having the same very unpredictable weather - one day gorgeous, nearly summer-like. The next day - dark, gray and gloomy. I suppose it will all sort out eventually.

  4. Two days ago it was 87, today it's barely in the 60's and very chilly! Go figure. Love all the tops, very happy!

    Pippi found a good spot, I wouldn't mind crawling there at times too!

  5. I have a cat that looks just like Pippi. Shadow has a basket full of fabric in my sewing closet that he's claimed for himself, too. Very cute!

  6. all great looking quilts Linda- thanks for sharing!


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