Mar 22, 2007

Thurs check in

Pippi enjoying the spring weather. I may regret opening up the doors and windows with all that yellow pollen stuff blowing around right now but it is so nice to be able to not be so shut up in the house and have hot air blowing. Not sure what the trees beside the pines are responsible but I read that there are about 6 trees that produce that dust this time of year.

I have seen all kinds of redbud out --at least I THINK it is redbud-- and the dogwoods are starting to show up and a few azalea bushes are already in full flower. Just in the last few days it really looks different out there. My little dogwood so far has two little teensy bracts open---lots of possible blossoms this year so I have hopes that I might be able to share a picture of it this year. DJ said his much babied lilac is doing well too. Gotta love it!

DJ and I had to laugh at Pippi the other day when the neighborhood tomcat came by to see her. They butt heads through the glass at the base of the storm door and try to sniff each other. Usually Pippi just turns on her back on him and plops over on the catnip scratching box. The other day they went through the usual routine but the next thing we know she is being quite the inhospitable hostess and walks off up the hall. "I'm throught with you. Be gone!"

No sewing or quilting going on the past few days though I did get pedal to the metal over the weekend and early week. I got three of the donation quilts quilted on my stint. This Bright Hopes for the boys, one of Linda S' that will be a raggy like block and Jeanne's Delectable Mountain. I will share a picture of that one once the binding is done though. Lovely quilt. I have two more in the stack to do--the pink and brown framed 4 patch that I assembled from Nancy's blocks and Jeanne's Rail Fence in blues and greens. The pink will go to the girls and the Rail Fence needs to have the quilting lines marked--either a meandering line that I would like to try or be lazy and mark some diagonal lines. I'm debating, LOL.

What has stalled me out is household type work. Monday is always errand day but it turned into paperwork day in part though I did finish up the little bit of quilting that was left on Linda's top. Tuesday was clean the house day as company was due in Wednesday. I was "duster girl" while DJ was "vacuum boy" though I did half of that too when he went out to wash and wax his car. Wednesday I needed to go to the doctor and by the time I got home the boys were already on the golf course. Next thing I knew it was time to start supper preparations ( homemade scalloped potatoes, glazed ham balls, corn per DJ's choice and peach cobbler)

Today was much the same---walked again today, made a batch of banana nut muffins and then a huge pot of vegetable beef soup. It smells great at my house. Herb wanted to go out for pizza buffet so we met him at Cici's after he played another 9 holes. The soup is for tomorrow--you know how tomato stuff tastes best the next day anyway.

Darel's son, DIL, grandson and his gs' best friend will be here sometime tomorrow morning and Herb will be leaving first thing. Word has it that they all might be going out to play golf but we'll see. All week I have been trying to figure out where we will put everyone for the night. Do we have enough pillows and quilts? Yes. Bought another air mattress and set of sheets just in case. Other than putting up the sewing machine if I have to set up one of the mattress in here I guess we are ready for the next batch of visitors. How did we get so popular all the sudden?? They are actually on their way to New Orleans from here and will be taking a cruise from that port. I said, he does realize that we are two states away from there? This will be only the 2nd time they have been here since we moved 10 years ago--third for Tracy if you count when his dad had open heart surgery.

Really not too much else going on around here. We just found out that our Hancock's will be closing. I had heard within three months time but yesterday I passed there and they have store closing signs on the window already. A corporate decision to close 100 of the stores, we were told. This is not particularly good news. It is not clear how the Walmart decision regarding their fabric departments will affect our three area supercenters. There is NO local quilt shop---closest ones are either in the Birmingham area about 65 miels away. One of the two is closing, may have a buyer but the shop may be moved if it does to a less handy location. Other choice: over on the Georgia side of the state line, a good 45 miles away or so but you best call as she is not always there. Good thing I have a pretty good stash!

I do want to make a Building Blocks quilt like Pam shows on her blog. I think she probably linked you to the pattern which is the Debbie Mumm March 2007 quilting project of the month. I need some primary color yardage for a couple of things I have in mind for the boys and some fabric I hauled home from the donation bin.
Guess that is it for now----check and see what y'all are up to.


  1. nice to chat this am with you! love the Pippi photos...hope we catch some sunshine soon...gray clouds are just so dreary.

  2. Wow - I can't imagine being without a nice fabric source withing reasonable driving distance. Hopefully someone will come through and keep them going.
    Like Pippi, I love these new spring days - throwing open windows and doors with wild abandon now that our little rain storm has moved on.

  3. This time of year in Korea is Yellow Dust season. We get the dust from China. They catogorize the days into numbers and when it gets over 50 the kiddos 4th grade and younger can't play outside for long periods of time...forget it if you have asthma! We are all walking around with a weird cough and the mornings are the worst! I guess I will have to pull out the antihistamines (sp). I love springtime!! I love to open all the windows...not to sure we can do that least not every day. :)
    Have a good weekend!!! love the pictures of the kitty cat!


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