Mar 12, 2007

more spring pics

Every year, it seems, we have birds building nests on the front door light and occasionally the back door one as well. You look closely and click on the picture I think see that the bits of grass and some sort of fuzzy stuff. Makes me wonder if it is quilt batting or dryer fluff, LOL.

The Bradford Pears are blooming every where and it seems like it happened just overnight. Highs in the 60's and plenty of sunlight will do that, I guess. This at the entrance to the subdivision at the end of our lane. I don't know if you can tell but there are three rows of trees, on the outside edges of the two lanes and on the median. About 20 or 21 trees. Looks like popcorn on the tree limbs in person.

Not sure what kind of tree this is in our yard but it is flowering--might be the plum tree or the apple. It was darned near dead but seems to be coming back this year. DJ had sawed off some of the really gone limbs so that may have helped.

And this one---no burning prohibition in the county, obviously. The across the land neighbor is NOT being very neighborly. I just shot this through the window but he he has been at this since early afternoon. I hate this--first, because we finally get some nice days and could have the window open and then can't because of him and 2nd, I have a real problem with smoke anymore. (Tightens up my chest) The breeze shifts and he is sharing this with the whole subdivision. GRRRRRRRRR

This has been a day of errand running and paper pushing mainly. I picked up some sheet protectors and a new notebook while I was out so got my 9 patch BOM ideas filed away and combined with another smaller notebook of kid quilt ideas. Cleared out the old mail and catalogs that I was just piling up and filed some recipe printouts in the notebook I just emptied. Not sure what I'll do the rest of the evening. Or maybe I do, after all. I saw that they have revamped and reprinted the Mary Ellen Hopkins book "It's Okay If You Sit On My Quilt Book" I have a copy of the old one and will re-visit it.

The Belles will meet tomorrow and MY main plan for the day is to go through the donation box and get things re-organized in our storage space. I know that there are some tops in a lower bin that need to see the light of day but they are hard to get at right now. A couple of the girls want to save "everything" and I want to winnow things down and get it down to one container. If anyone has any objections to my tossing something, then they are welcome to take it home and make something with it. Only fair, right?


  1. If you threaten to "toss", perhaps someone will "adopt"!--speaking about the bits in the donation bin of course. It is nice to see signs of spring down your way. We are still in the midst of winter. :(

  2. Do all of those trees bear fruit? They look beautiful in full bloom -- spring is going to happen . . . I can just feel it.

  3. Love Bradford pear trees. I can't have one though, as they tend to break up in our Missouri winds and storms. But I do admire them! Lucky you.

  4. Ours here in Memphis are blooming too, they're all lovely. Finn said you had some daffodils on your blog, so I'm going back to look for them. :)

    Great quilts you've got there, the dotty rick rack one really fits it's name!


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