Mar 23, 2007

Charity Quilt Day

Please pass on the following to any interested quilt group, online list, blog etc-----------

"Charity Quilt Day" March 29 Wraps Up "National Quilt Month"

To wrap up "National Quilt Month," Judy Howard is designating March 29 as "Charity Quilt Day." This is a campaign to raise awareness and funding for the sacrificial volunteer work of hundreds of thousands of quilters who provide comforters for sick babies, orphans, homeless and elderly people, cancer and Alzheimer's patients, soldiers and victims of disaster-those most in need of the touch of God's love and comfort that quilts represent.

On March 29, Judy is donating the net proceeds of Amazon sales of her books, "Heavenly Patchwork I and II" and "Centennial Stitches-Oklahoma History in Quilts" and companion DVDs to non-profit organizations like Linus, local Quilt Guilds, The Hugs Project, Binky Patrol, ABC Quilts, Quilts for Injured Soldiers, Wrap Them in Love, Newborns in Need, Quilts for Kids, My Brother's Keeper, etc, that provide charity quilts. Just tell them which group you would like to designate.

Besides donating to worthy charities, those who purchase Judy's award-winning gift books on Amazon on March 29 will receive bonus gifts valued at $100 of free quilt patterns, quilting tips and book excerpts by renowned celebrity quilt artists and historians like Kaye Wood, Darcy Ashton, Nancy Kirk, Ruth Harris, Jennie Rayment, Judy Anne Breneman, M.J. Van Deventer, Lucille Ralston, Dorcas Publishing, NLS Productions and more.

Please join Judy on "National Charity Quilt Day" in honoring charity quilters and their tireless work by helping "Wrap those in need with Quilts of Love" through your purchase of "Heavenly Patchwork" gift books and DVDs on Amazon March 29. See and for details. Thanks for sharing this info in quilt newsletters, websites, yahoo groups, blogs, chat rooms, and with all your quilting buddies.


  1. A very generous offer - thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for letting us know about this, Linda. I hadn't seen it anywhere. I'll have to let my sister know about it since she has begun to accumulate her quilt book stash now! lol Never gonna quilt, my foot....(That's what she used to say)lol


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