Mar 6, 2007

quilting mode

Pippi cuddling with the laundry--nothing like warm underwear fresh from the dryer, huh? Next best would be lolling in the sunshine.

Sunday my goal was to finish up a pile of 96 HST's. Tedious work cutting them apart pressing and trimming dog ears but I don't need to tell you that. Who hasn't "been there and done that"? I set all aside that evening and watched another DVD off our shelf with DJ.

After looking at a stack of 9 donation quilts piled up on the armoire for almost a week, I thought I best get to quilting yesterday after I ran errands. I set the Viking back up, turned the table around to face the "quilting position" in my little room and got busy. This Snuggle Up and this 9 Patch were the ones I got done. Simple zoom lines for one and a grid in the other.

Today will be much the same---I've got one of Linda S tops set out (large 4 patches and plain alternating blocks in nice bright colors--pic once I'm done with it) and the sashed transportation squares. Again, zoom lines should do the job on both. Doesn't make for a particularly interesting post but that is what is happening here in my little corner of the world.
Some have asked about my proximity to the storms last week when the tornadoes hit the Enterprise (AL) High School with such devastation and loss of life. That is in the Southeast corner of the state while I am located in the northeast central area so I would approximate the distance to be some 4 hours almost directly south of me. We had some winds and rain but nothing near what it could have been. Because of the topography of the land and the fact that these storms often roll in after dark when the air cools down, the storms often dissipate before they make their way clear across the state from whatever has happened in Lousiana and Mississippi earlier in the day.

That is not to say that tornadoes don't happen here--they do. I know I heard about the Palm Sunday tornado in '94 that wiped out a Methodist church not all that far from here when I still lived in Illinois. When I came back from the sewing retreat a couple weeks ago, I went right past the site where the church once stood and where a memorial stands in its place. Very sobering. I know that no part of the country is ever immune from natural disaster. All it did in my case is keep me home from a planned event which has been rescheduled to this week instead. The worst of the rain and wind hit about the time I would have been driving some 15 mins north of my home. No biggie. Others in the state and onwards into Georgia where not so lucky. I thank you for asking though and ask that you remember the families that are suffering in your prayers.


  1. Pippi looks happy! My cats know the sound of the dryer door being opened. Pixel runs to the layndry room almost knocking over anybody in his path and dives...yes dives, for the open door into the dryer!! He stays as I pull out piece after piece and fold it until the last piece comes out. I did say we are always covered in cat hair didn't I? I should own stock in the lint roller company!

    Happy sewing Linda!

  2. Pippi does look like she is enjoying herself! Thanks for the note on the tornado. We do think of you when we hear abaout disasters in your state. I will keep the impacted families in my prayers as they put their lives back together. A disaster can hit anywhere at anytime. It might be us next.


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