Feb 24, 2007

sewing the day away

Still sewing the away for the past three days----

Thursday's output was backing for three tops, binding for two more and applying borders to two tops that Jeanne had sent for donation. I had planned to refer back to her old blog for pictures of the tops but see that something weird has highjacked it---oh, my!! Her long time readers may recall a Delectable Mountain top she did in orange-peach-rust tones as well as neat rail fence with skinny strips in blues and greens. (I promise I will get pictures of them once they are quilted)

Jeanne helped me out by cutting the binding and borders for the DM and provided the backing for both tops. I did some slight remodeling on the Rail Fence as it was a tad long. I took the last two rows off and moved one row plus 2 blocks around to the side but had to re-sew them so the rail went the right direction and zigzagged like they are supposed to. The other block will probably land in another top down the line--that strippie thing worked out pretty good earlier in the month, after all.

I started off Friday morning by making the binding for the Rail Fence and then moved onto the top you see above which I just finished a little bit ago. This one uses the "giant" modified nine patch blocks technique that are later quartered using a technique from Slice 'Em & Dice 'Em by Nancy Brennan Daniel. It probably says in the book somewhere NOT to use directional prints. But I did and then found myself ripping off the sashing bits to turn them upright. I overcut the amount of 6 1/2 inch squares but that worked to my advantage in the end.

This is a stash buster all the way around. I got the bright idea to make 8 of the larger nine patches but needed to dig out a similiar bright green in order to sash them. Then decided that I needed another row this morning. Not enough of the black hotwheels fabric---use another airplane. Couldn't find anymore of that red print since I used it all in the RR Crossing as part of the backing. I found the leftover RR crossing sashing bits since it used the same print cornerstones, removed them and sewed them together in a four patch to squeeze out the last row square. The print transporation squares were some that Ginny gave me, some fabrics from the donation box, a few fat quarters I owned. There are Finn's dots too. Maybe not the most gorgeous quilt ever made but I hope that a young boy will enjoy it even if all does not match---its close enough and I wanted it that way!! (right?)

I will use the fabric at right for the backing--not sure who it came from now. Finn, does it look familiar? I'll need to sew about an 8 inch band of fabric on it for length and that same yellow that I used in the RR crossing will work for that. Too neat to cut this up in small pieces.

Next up: another one from the kit basket-- Frog in race car Snuggle Up. After that, I am cutting out two more. One will use this beetle fabric in this configuration. It is inspired by a Ursula Reickes' pattern from one of the quilts for baby books but I re-drew it in EQ to eliminate the seams that result in a block to block set. I see a series of background and center squares alternating with a pieced four patch so drew it up that way. Triangles on a roll will work well here. Then there is some dalmatian fabric from the donation box that is calling to me too though I best decide what I am doing with it first, LOL. Patience Corner, maybe as I haven't done one of those for awhile.
Well, that backing and binding is not going to sew itself. Back to work.


  1. Wow, you constantly amaze---and inspire--me! You accomplish so much. Way to go. I recently bought the Slice 'Em and Dice 'Em book and am anxious to play with the ideas in it!!

  2. I like your latest quilt. What a great way to use large scale prints.

  3. Big prints are always a challenge but you mastered it very well! I love how the framed 4 Patch turned out. It is perfect for a young lady.

  4. You have been a VERY busy girl...wonderful quilts!

  5. Hi Linda,your quilts are a pleasure for my eyes!!! Great!!!

  6. Gosh I sure admire all the work you do. These quilts are just wonderful.

  7. Any little boy would be thrilled to have this one!!


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