Feb 4, 2007

goal met

Well, Nancy was right---I got the three WTIL quilts quilted before Tuesday but I thought I might. 6 quilts in 5 days time, as it turned out. (They are small and I have lots of time to work on them--superwoman, I am not.)

Friday was a simple grid zoom lines that Aline had done with a piano key type border. Yesterday, a 50 x 70 ish double attic window top that my mom had made. Today, binding on the double attic window and then my little butterfly challenge top seen HERE in its unquilted state. Even sucked it up and did some free motion in the hexagon centers. Didn't look too bad as I tried to do a concentric spiral. I took the last stitch on the binding and label at 5:20---just in time for the Superbowl game.

What is next then? Binding on the two tops that I quilted for Marilyn once she brings it over for me to put on--tomorrow, I think. Eileen asked if I ever was going to work on something for myself. Well, I don't think she meant the challenge top necessarily, LOL.
Actually, I have my 30's sampler dug out again and hope to get the last 5 blocks quilted. I had to set it aside when the commissioned work came my way. I am not entirely sure what I want to do with the borders though. I have it in the back of mind to hand quilt a simple cable but I think I could still do that even if the binding was on it BUT I want it on the bed sometime in my lifetime, LOL.
The longarm quilter called me late Friday and said that the t-shirt quilt was done. I ran up yesterday morning to pick it up---more binding only this time I get to hand finish it myself. The only other thing I want to do this week is some kit cutting. I've got fabric for three, maybe four, quilts stacked up on the cutting/pressing table--any of which I could work on at the sewing retreat Friday and Saturday. Tuesday, clean up the house and Weds/Thursday mess it up again. DJ will entertain our houseguest--they just need me to cook supper.
So what are you looking at here? DJ had gotten a foam topper for this bed and then decided that he didn't like it. He had it rolled up on the bedroom floor and was cutting sections off of it for kneeling pads. Of course, Miss Nosy Nose had to get in there to see what was going on.

She was not happy with me getting her picture in there either. She vacated and off she went to the kitchen with me in tow. How many times a day do both of us truck out there with her to look at the food bowl? Naturally she does not need a thing in it. When I go, she won't even touch the food till she gets a taste of her Petromalt. That is why she is just sitting looking nonchalant. Silly girl.
Pam was having a Superbowl gathering and said Hawaiian meatballs were on the menu. She gave me the recipe and I had all the ingredients on hand to make a batch for us in the crockpot. I did make a run to the store for chips and some salsa. Kinda fun to just do the finger foods stuff and nothing that I had planned on doing. By half time I was back in the sewing room putting labels on the quilts piled on the hamper. Needless to say, I would have preferred the Bears win but the Colts played the better game. (Heck of a run back first play though.) Danged talking heads were right---and I hate that. By 8:30 I was sick of hearing Phil Sims talk --and talk-- and talk.


  1. Six quilts in 5 days does sound rather "superwomanish"! *LOL* Sounds like you have been making nothing but progress and you even had time to watch the Superbowl game! Did Pippi decide to head back to the tunnel after you were gone? She looks quite cozy in there.

  2. Superwoman, indeed! Keep it up. You are my hero! Love the pics.

  3. Love the kitty in the tube -- they do find spots to get into *s*

    Great job on your finishes - a lot of satisfaction in getting the job done.

  4. That's why I don't watch...the announcers! Great finishes Linda!

  5. I think you have been dubbed the superwoman title, and you can't take it off. Congratulations on the finishes.

  6. Wow...you really go when you get started!! Sounds like any slump is definitely OVER! And the tshirt quilt back to bind..amazing.

    I can imagine you are soooo looking forward to the retreat time, with food, fun, fabric and friends! And you definitely deserve it. Hugs, Finn

  7. Love the pictures of Pippi. I can guarantee not a single one of mine would have been able to resist that foam roll. LOL!

  8. What kind of labels do you use. I just put one on the folk star quilt since I'm taking it to the museum. I had some very pretty old fashion looking ones that went well with the quilt.I had been saving them for some time now.

  9. Sounds like you're getting a lot accomplished!
    I am right with you on the comment about Phil Simms -- I was saying the same thing here -- and thinking seriously of turning the sound off! vbg


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