Feb 17, 2007

done-done x 3

I am happy dancing--I reached my goal of having three quilts bound a day earlier than I thought possible. Not my favorite thing to do and I am easily distracted by the computer--or anything to NOT work on it to be honest. I cannot cross one darned thing off my goal list though because the only things on there are PERSONAL projects. The donation stuff gets done--my own stuff doesn't, I'm afraid. I suppose I could set up a tally list of how many WTIL tops I have made and how many quiltedmore or less for my own purposes but have not yet.

At lunch time today I told DJ that I had just turned the corner onto the 3rd side of the t-shirt quilt binding. That was more than I had done yesterday at the same time as I had not even started it. He had been teasing me about not getting in production done the day before when I took a 20 minute break (he said 5 mins should be sufficient, LOL) After lunch when I left him to deal with the dishes, he said those fingers better be flying. I took the last stitch in it at 3:30.

No picture though---it is far too big and too heavy to even think about asking him to quilt hold. Besides the poor boy got pressed into duty on the other two I finished. You can see the top HERE so just imagine the all over wave quilting and brick red binding the same color as the lettering I pieced.

I was switching the sewing table back around to its usual position and setting up my new machine so look who popped up into my chair once I vacated it? I think I need to read the manual a bit as I have no clue how to wind a bobbin, thread it or what all those feet are for. There is a knee lift too and built in thread cutter, etc to learn how to operate.

I had finished the Interlocking Square (at right) binding Thurs a.m. and started right in on the Toadie BQ (below?) so was done with it by Thursday evening. Linda S stopped by with a quilt top Friday morning and picked up the Toadie and 4 others that I had stashed in the closet that will go to the Boys Ranch---she says we have 31 at her house now which is what I had told the girls---we are halfway to goal with completed quilts. I delivered the quilts that are going to the Presbyterian Home for Children to the appointed spot later in the morning stopping by the hospital to see Sarah. Thankfully she is doing much better than when I saw her earlier in the week.

Other than that about all I have done is work on binding. Hardly been out of the house. Took the lazy way out for supper tonight but we'll live--not going to starve by any means because I fed him a corn dog or two. Just not in the mood to deal with cooking pork tenderloin and the stuff to go with it.

DJ wants me to watch something with him on TV so I'll wrap this up for now. I intend to get some piecing in tomorrow---once I figure out that machine. About time don't you think since that machine came home with me two months ago almost?

Hope you all are having a good weekend.


  1. what a binding fiend you were! well done LJ...now the reward of piecing comes....hurray for that.

  2. When I bought my new machine i sat on the floor of my closet for one YEAR before I plugged it in and used it!

    Good work on getting all the binding done!

  3. You have been very productive with your time--even with a long break of 20 whole minutes! LOL I recognize that zig zag on the toadie quilt! Pay attention to the next quilt I show a picture of, you will recognize the quilting design! *VBG*

  4. Congratulations on finishing! I can just hear that sigh of relief. The Toadie quilt is too cute. The interlocking square is fabulous! Love that pattern...

    Enjoying becoming acquainted with your new machine. So much fun!

  5. That should have read "Enjoy becoming". LOL Sounds like I'm the one using it! It's late..

  6. Both quilts are really lovely. Good job on the binding! I might be weird, but I love doing bindings. I just load up some movies and stitch away!

    I forgot I had that BQ pattern. I need to pull it out and bust some stash!


  7. Great progress, but the Toadie is really super, I love it!

  8. It's a good thing binding is my most favorite step -- if not I'm afraid it would never get done *s*

  9. Congratulations x 3 to you Linda! Very well done :-)

  10. Congratulations on finishing so many quilts! Even if you give them away, they still count as finished quilts. Way to go!


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