Feb 8, 2007

still at it--stashbusting

Well, I am still at it again today but I knew I would be, LOL and planned for it. I have cut out three more tops today and have 6 project bags in my little basket to haul with me tomorrow for the sewing retreat.

I would like to prep one more but that will have to wait till after supper--I am on break at the moment! Actually I sat down to draw the Road to St. Louis up in EQ since I will be using larger blocks than shown in Hughes book. That's it at left. BUT my back keeps telling me to STAY down, LOL. DJ came home from playing another 18 holes of golf with our out of town guest about 3 so I've been on my own most of the day. Now he wants me to give him a haircut and also put a request in for potato soup for supper. I'll do it only because it ain't gonna happen till Sunday otherwise.

SO I thought I would share just what I cut and/or prepped today. Pat F, one of the Bama Belles had given me some yardage for the kids with a rather large race car in brights on black with bright green frogs driving them and some "go with's". There was even some black and white checkboard stuff like racing flags that I had previously used for binding---I had cut enough for another quilt. She had purchased the stuff, then moved out of state and knew she would not get to it.

I had been thinking about what to do with that for a couple weeks now--picking and rejecting several ideas because it could not be cut up too small. Last night I finally decided Snuggle Up but cut the strips 6 1/2 inches and alternate the race car fabric with a gold, green, royal blue and red. I had done something like that at one time with a bright tropical print and like the way it turned out. Use the checkboard binding. SO that was top #1 today.

There was still plenty of that race car stuff left though---so back I went to trying to decide again. Warm Wishes, maybe? Like the design but have never made one yet. I had thought about BQ originally and doing the blocks large as originally called for but had rejected that--I like smaller blocks as a rule.

I had planned to cut the race car squares to finish at 7 inch and DID cut two strips that way---then messed up and started cutting the remaining fabric at 6 1/2. GRRRRRR. Sit down and resize the blocks and the block set up to accomodate the goof. It will look sorta like the picture above ( Debbie Beaves pattern originally---Norma got me onto this!) Top #2 sacked up.

Next up---I cut the setting half square triangles and quarter square triangles to accomodate Nancy's framed 4 patch blocks. The fabric is a soft pink and her blocks are in this color range. That Easy Set ruler I spoke about in my previous post came in handy again today-cut strips and stack cut. Looks like I only need to make 2 more blocks--Nancy had enough for the top. I will use a phlange of a darker pink to bridge the border and the quilt body. I had unearthed a brown calico print from my under the cutting table bins for this. Something that I KNOW belonged to my mom at one point. Top #3 all ready to roll.

So the brown fabric yardage is no more, the race car stuff is all cut up. Most of a red kit fabric (Veronica, Pam, Cher and my mom all know exactly what that is!) is gone. A little less of some lime green and gold too. Busting stash for sure. BUT what really makes me feel good is knowing that soon this will be something usable for the kids. Stuck away on the shelf, it is not doing any good but creating more clutter.

Only other things that I have done besides cut and scheme---

  • made some Peanut Candy to take for a sweet snack to share at the sew in. The recipe is from one of the Alabama senator's wives for the Alabama Peanut Producers--approx. half of all peanuts grown in the US are grown within a 100 mile radius of Dothan, AL after all. DJ told me at Christmas that I best not make it too often as it is pretty addictive
  • loaded and unloaded the dishwasher
  • loaded up my machine and sewing supplies in the car
  • played too many hands of Superior Canfield--what else is new, LOL?

Guess he is ready for the barbershop to open. Please don't tell me that I am wearing you out reading this! We are all busy women. Yes, I get a lot done but I have all day to do it. All part of the cycle--cut, then sew, then quilt--and repeat. I just do all my work at home where many of you have a job AND housework/homemaking duties as well. You might be lucky to only squeeze this sort of thing in on the weekend or a few hours in the evening.


  1. Not worn out - just wishing I could be so clever to work through all the designs that you come up with *s*

  2. hope you have a great time on retreat!

  3. Don't you love EQ? I use it all the time.

  4. I KNOW why I envy your output.

    ny sewing goes..set up, let master 3 'help'...... LOL

    I have 9 of my 10 children at home, but really look forward to having the time to sew unhindered....maybe when the baby (6 weeks) starts school......

  5. I *really* like that second quilt you worked out. I have a friend who loves things like this, and I have to send her over to look.

  6. Great designs Linda...have a wonderful time at your retreat. Looks like you are going to have a fun things to work on. Just checked out the peanut candy recipe...YUM!

  7. Have fun on your retreat. You read my mind when you made the comment about us wishing we had your kind of time to do our "thing"! I applaud you for all the donation quilt-time you put in. I definitely do not get worn out reading about all you do. To repeat, you are my inspiration..Thanks for all the links.

  8. OK - I will follow the instructions in your last paragraph. I will not tell you how much you constantly amaze me when I read about all you get done. I won't remind you that you have a job also - it just happens to be in the home taking care of yourself and your hubby. I won't hold you up as a shining example of what one can accomplish if one puts one's mind to it.

    I won't do any of those things. Instead I'll just ask you why you didn't get more done that what you listed. After all, you are home all day.



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