Feb 26, 2007

a couple more...........

I am still having a grand time piecing! 1st pic shows the Frogs in Race car Snuggle Up that I finished up yesterday. Originally it was supposed to be one row longer but I decided to forego that once I had the top done--more un-sewing. I moved the squares over the right side for a little bit wider top after I cut a couple more squares. Normally I cut the squares 4 or 5 inch finished while these are six inch finished to keep from chopping up the cars too small. The binding will carry out the race car theme a little further---black and white check like the racing flags.

I also pulled a piece of fabric that I have had for years and years---a crinkled looking black that looks like old faded jeans but is not a denim fabric. I had planned long ago to make a jumper out of it----not going to happen. Actually I am thinking about seeing if Linda S wants to take it on what is left for one of her raggy quilts--I've even got the red bandana fabric that might work with it. More then one way to bust fabric!

The one at right I just finished this afternoon-- kind of a Bright Hopes variation from a pattern I found online. Does anyone know what the source might be??? I wanted to link to it here on the blog. The pdf file does not give a name of the quilt OR any contact information. I would not have needed a pattern really since Bright Hopes is a favorite of mine but usually I would frame it with 4 different fabrics and make a 8 inch finished block set block to block without the sashing row. Maybe I needed the picture after all, LOL.

I think the sports uniform fabric is some that Cher sent for our boy quilts. I have enough squares cut to make another that I will arrange a little differently BUT I was supposed to cut them 7 1/2 inches---maybe two strips were cut that and then I started cutting 6 1/2 inch centers in error----oops! Recalculate the framing strips---2 1/2 x 8 1/2 instead. The red is what I am using on the heartstring blocks, the light blue is leftover from the scrappy strippie and I love that tone on tone "kit" gold. (Veronica, Pam and Cher know exactly what I mean by that.) The binding will be a navy blue star tone on tone that I dug out of my stash--not sure of the source.

A little story: DJ was headed to the golf course this morning and has been a little discouraged about his play the few times he has been out this winter. In past years he would go out regardless on the "marginal" days . Since we were sick for three weeks in late November/early December, he has been worried about a relapse of the cough/cold. It is either too damp, too breezy, too cold and he stays home. He is also NOT one to hit some shag balls very often or hit the putting green to warm up all leading to rusty skills once he does try to play . Before he left, I was trying to give him a pep talk---"I don't want to hear you say you are going to give up golf. Can't never did anything!" He countered with "how would you feel if you were sewing and kept sewing things on backwards or upside down?" I might set it aside for a few days but I would NOT quit forever since I could just be having a bad day, tired or just not paying attention. If I don't "feel" like sewing, I know not to do it.

Well, talk about the power of suggestion! I flipped on of those top two rows on that top above this morning. They were already joined too but you know, I kind of liked the way it looked instead of them all facing the same direction with the gold on the top and blue on the side. Happy accident then.

The quilt group meets tomorrow. I doubt that we will get all nine of the tops I have on hand pinned. Some of the others may need the pinning table as well so I won't hog all the time we have available. I have a hunch that I'll be off in quilting mode by the end of the week. It is all cyclical---cut, sew, pin, quilt and hope someone volunteers for binding, LOL.


  1. I thought I had sent you the last of "that" fabric but in my "clean sweep" I found a bit more...it went directly into the donation bags...and now as far as I know there is NONE of "that" fabric in my home...that is unless I find some in Momma's stash!! I couldn't even begin to talk Diana into taking it LOL she has seen enough of it as well LOL

  2. The power of suggestion or the junx effect!! Tell him to keep him comments to himself next time!

    The quilts look very happy and colorful Linda! I must get my second top done and get them off to your ladies group! I'll make sure to put that up on the list of to-do's!

  3. You've been very busy as usual churning out these tops. They look very cute! Mom and I pieced together a top with a butterfly fabric in addition to working on a bunch of projects for her. I got to bring it home to quilt and then donate.

  4. love how these tops came out Linda!


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