Feb 2, 2007

quilting mode

Old picture from last year but wearing the same clothes, LOL (not long after I cut off about 12 inches of hair and sent it to Locks of Love). What's a post without a picture?

I'm off in quilting mode for a few more days. There is a stack on the hamper and the armoire again. I am trying to get it all moved along. The hamper stack needs labels sewn on so I can't put them away yet. The armoire stack is WTIL tops. 3 more to quilt, couple to bind. Pippi is laying on what I thought would be the next one up. If I can convince her to get off of it, I'll quilt it. If not, the next one in the pile. (Okay, okay 4 of my own personal projects are in the closet and out of sight so those don't bother me as much. LOL)

So if the quilting is done, then someone will help out with the binding. That removes them from my house however temporary as that might be. If the labels are put on, then I can stash them in the closet or take some more over to Linda S' for storage depending on where they are headed. Either way, I'm getting the hamper back, LOL.

Wednesday I marked and quilted a simple grid for a top for Marilyn. I am waiting for her to make up the binding for it and another top I did a week or so ago for her. I still had time that afternoon and did "zoom lines" on a flag like top that Cher had sent us. Yesterday it was a Churn Dash variation John Deere top that my mom had sent. Those both need the binding and labels applied---my early afternoon goal.

So three more WTIL's by Tuesday---entirely possible as these are not huge quilts--just "one a day". I know I cannot just sit and stare at the TV set for the Superbowl so will need to keep busy doing something, anything, to keep the anxiety level down watching our beloved Bears. Tuesday will be time to clean up the house as our guest is coming either late that evening or the next day. Friday and Saturday is a UFO retreat at our friend Joy's house--week is pretty much spoken for already. Not at all sure what I will work on at Joy's---too many choices there.

You know where to find me----


  1. I wish I had just a fraction of your energy then maybe I'd get things finished too. :-) Good luck with getting that stack finished. Knowing you they'll be done BEFORE Tuesday. :-)

  2. You are certainly doing your part -- I sure don't know how you do it all.

    I did Locks of Love a couple of years back. It was really kind of fun to sit and grow my hair. I should think about doing it again . . . hmmmmm

  3. MY hair doesn't grow fast enough to cut off any for anyone! I need to get the second top made for the group so I can get them off to you! I'll have to think about that soon!!

    Good sewing!

  4. Oh, Linda! There you go again, inspiring me to do more! lol You and your Belles are my inspiration. Keep it up!

  5. Great Linda, you are a height of energy! LOL ;)))) Have beautiful weekend!

  6. so that's what you are up to?? I miss chatting with you online, now that I am around! LOL...go LJ go!!

  7. I always enjoy seeing pictures of quilters at work. I guess that means I have to post a photo of me quilting. You go girl.

  8. Linda,
    Your energy is inspiring and tiring:)
    So, have you done anything for yourself???? Hmmm????

  9. Hey Linda, I do LOVE that pic of you..*VBS* and am kinda glad I don't have anyone here snapping a pic of me quilting..LOL
    Not that I do much machine quilting...maybe next time Steph is here...maybe *G*

    Sounds like you are making excellent progress on all those tops. Keep those fingers flying girl. Hugs, Finn


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