Feb 20, 2007

whole lot of nuthin'

Sunday I started off great guns sewing on my new Brother machine pictured at left. By the end of the evening I had the bulk of the pink and brown framed 4 patch that I showed HERE assembled with just borders to go---and two days later, that is as far as it got.

I really like the machine---nice stitch, runs quietly. The threader works wonderfully and I found that I am sorta getting used to the concept of a knee lift to raise the presser foot as well as a button to raise the needle. Another cuts the thread when the stitching is complete if you want---I still found myself using the scissors or the side cutter, LOL. (Clearly I need to develop some new habits.) The short threads worried me a bit that I would unthread the needle--and I did but only one time.

What seems odd to me is that you could conceivably sew without a foot! I had to correct myself when I first said that to Pam and Cher while chatting. That statement made it sound like I physically did not have a foot/leg when I meant the foot pedal. Near as I can tell if you poke that green button to start the seam and also set the speed with the slide switch, you don't need the foot controller!! The first seams I took that is what I did. The screen said "remove the foot controller" once I pressed the button -- I was thinking "then how will it sew?" I tried it and found out but how practical that is with the stops and starts of piecing, I don't know.

Shortly after I had asked Mom to pick up the machine for me at the dealer in Bloomington (IL) she called me to say that she had gotten another machine as well. I thought maybe my asking her to go shopping led her astray. She already had a Brother NX 400 and has used it for several years. Somewhere along the line she had checked out THIS PQ 1500S at the dealer. She tells me that it goes really fast. Not sure if it is meant for a short arm set up or not? Looks like a lot of good space between the body of the machine and the table base.

Yesterday was errand day though it being a federal holiday threw a little kink in my usual plans---the bank and post office trips had to wait till today. I delivered the t-shirt quilt as I had hoped but just dropped it off at his office. He was not in but I had already been paid so did not need to see him anyway. Hope it is okay. Linda S had another top and we had arranged to meet up at Hancock's for delivery. Nice and bright with fun fabric for the back which she had just purchased.

Once I got done running around I had to put on my "treasurer hat" for Home Extension since it is dues paying time. I wait till I have a stack to deal with and it took several hours to get all that paper pushing, ready the bank deposit and set up a bulk mailing. I have had this job since 2002 having reluctantly agreeing to do it. I was not elected to the position and at no time have I ever heard when the term is supposed to end. I do not attend the board meetings or planning meetings. I will go to the cooking school in the fall and occasionally if my schedule permits, sew chemo hats, tote bags and pillows for cancer patients. There is a new president after many, many years. She called to get a current number of members and I told her to start looking for my replacement. I'll see this period through but she has got to find someone else come fall. I just do not have time for all this.

Today, the bank and post office errands were ran. The rest of the day was clearing up other personal paperwork and some other household chores. A decent meal for supper that took a little time to prepare. The rest of the time I was working on a play list of songs that I enjoy. Mix of genres since I do like R & B, soul, country, some rock. Even classical. Small rant: I hate top 40 country radio because they play the same stuff incessantly and it all sounds the same. The morning group on the station DJ turns on when he exercises has a feature called "Hit or No Hit" where they play a song and then ask people to call in with their opinion. Usually I really don't care for their selection but today I actually like it. Because I was looking for songs for the playlist, I wanted to include the one from this morning. I knew it was one by Kenny Rogers and Don Henley so did a google search. The song is "Calling Me" not that those guys would bother to say so. Come to find out , it was released in early March 2006 off Roger's "Water and Bridges" CD and was just up for a Grammy in BEST COUNTRY COLLABORATION WITH VOCALS. Sheesh--those dodo's at the sation should not be acting like it is a new release--only been out for a year. Are they that clueless in the music biz stuck in top 40??

I'll get back to sewing tomorrow but it just didn't happen today. As DJ is always saying "who gave you all these jobs anyway?" Normally, it is me. I may just go curl up with a good book---my SIL sent me a couple to read and then share plus I promised her our copy of Hiaasen's newest book. Oh, and there are two quilt mags on the night stand that I have not even opened that have been there for a week. Guess that's it for now--------


  1. I have a Juki TL98E that looks almost like the Brother NX 400. I use it on my table top frame (kinda like a Handi quilter but made of wood.) I like it alot but had some breaking in with the tension. your mom is right. It goes FAST!

  2. I meant it looks just like the one in the picture... :::grin::::

  3. my mom has a machine much like that brother -- she bought it because it doesn't need a foot control... It seemed to take a while to learn to "drive" it well in terms of precise stops, but now you can't tell the difference on a sewn piece whether its been hand or foot controlled....

  4. Glad to hear you had a chance to play with your new machine! I can't believe you have had it all this time and have not been tempted to try it! *LOL*

  5. I'm so glad that you finally took some time to play with your new toy and that you enjoyed it.

    You accomplish so much, Linda - I'm constantly in awe of all you do!

  6. I love Don Henley! and with Kenny Rogers, too( aren't you glad his voice wasn't affected by the botched facelift *s*). I'm going to have to search around and see if I can catch a listen.

  7. Finally catching up with my blog reading. Glad you finally got around to trying your new machine!

    You are being incredibly productive and busy - as usual!


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