Feb 21, 2007

break time

Today's output-- I finished putting the borders on the Framed 4 patch a little bit ago. DJ is holding it upside down from how I had it pictured in EQ but it would be incumbent on me NOT to complain to the quilt holder. This should definitely be a girl quilt with that pink background, don't you think? The blocks came from Nancy as a donation for kids quilts. This set was all the same color so they went in their own top while the green, blues etc all went in another that I assembled in late January. It can be seen HERE for comparison and I think can go to the Boys Ranch.

My EQ sketch looks fairly similiar but at the time I drew it up I was not sure what background fabric I would be using.

I continue to get better acquainted with the Brother machine today. I did notice that I was harkening back to the days of the old Kenmore and trying to use the knee lift as the control---we are talking 30 some years ago! It was an old machine of my mom's, in a cabinet and what I took with me when I was in nursing school.

I also did a bit of stashbusting for the quilt's backing. I know that I used some of it for the backing on Beth's Indiana Puzzle quilt because the fabric she picked from the suggestions I had was not wide enough and I filled in with the complimentary piece. She will be 12 and I know that I bought all this "Peppermint and Sassafras" line when she was just a baby. I have some over cut binding and a 10 inch square of it left---outta here! They will make more of a nice neutral tan should I need it down the line. All that is left to do is press the binding and mark a line down the middle of the zigzag's for quilting later. After supper for that though

Spring is feeling like it is right around the corner here in NW central Alabama. The crocuses have been in bloom for about a month now, the daffodils are about to open and the camellia has been trying to burst out in bloom for weeks now. That is not good when the temperatures got so cold the past two weeks and we had almost a week of nights in the 20's. Today we are up in the mid 60's and heading to 70's by week's end but that front came with rain and thunderstorms this morning. The birds are out in full force digging for worms and our car port is full of worms that have crawled out and didn't crawl away so will probably will dry up. What I call "worm suicide" I tried to take a picture of the oak tree (the lone oak in Lone Oak Subdivision) across the way as it was loaded with those black birds. I see them on the larger view so hopefully it will click open. It had gotten so loud with them singing! I hear the frogs too. Good to get some fresh air in here.

That's it for now--got to start supper preparations.


  1. I, too, learned to sew on my mom's old Kenmore with the knee lever to control it!

  2. It's starting to feel like spring here, too. When I look out the window it's just beautiful, so Harper and I took out for a walk. That's when I realized I should have brought a jacket *brrrr*

  3. Great job on the Framed 4-patch. So, no foot pedal on your new machine? I haven't seen that! Something to look for in Houston this year.

  4. Wow! What a great quilt.

    A new sewing machine, huh? Isn't it fun to have a new toy to play with at playtime? I hope you keep having fun with it.

  5. Goodness me woman, where do you find all the energy to do everything you do?LOL!I know it's hard getting used to a new machine and when you do you never look back. I really like your mom's machine. I saw one at our LQS and decided to get one when I save enough money. I like the fact that it's not too big nor too small. I love the way the four patch quilt turned out. Honestly, it would be great for a girl. Reminds me of strawberry and chocolate ice cream.I just bought myself three CD's last night. I can't believe I did that.


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