Sewing day

The group did not make the trip about an hour or so north of here after all as we were under a winter weather advisory from about 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. this evening. Figures, doesn't it? The one weekend that we plan something? There was a chance of sleet, freezing rain etc so we thought it best not to chance it. I will probably go tomorrow for the day--it's downright cold and damp but no precip in the forecast.

I did do a bit of sewing here at home though. NOT on any of the 7 kits I just cut, LOL. I had been considering combining some of the leftover blocks from previous projects and digging out a few blocks that we had made along the way and doing something with them. This morning I thought that a strippie might fill the bill--48 inches across would work for 6 or 8 inch blocks. DJ got up to find me digging in the bins for the blocks I had set aside. I hit the machine shortly after that, working in my pj's till about 1030.

Inventorying the blocks on hand I had found that the 9 inch finished nine patches would just need one more segment to get the length I wanted. I pulled a couple apart to rearrange them into a checkerboard. (The 9 patches and the framed nine patches were leftover from the two tops I assembled a week or so back.) I made one more framed nine patch block and borrowed one of Nancy's pink and browns for a little more variety of color. Made a three more album cross blocks so I could repeat that row again. I only needed to make one more 3D bowtie to complete that row. The hearts were from a old BOM from several years past---good chance to put some of them to use as well.

I am debating what color to use for sashing between the rows and the left/right border. I have a nice medium sky blue on hand that might work. A tan? I used some of it for a block background---it might just fade in? Black or navy? Not sure that I have enough on hand of either of those. I'll let the blocks hang for a while to see what trips my trigger but will take suggestions. Just feels good to move these blocks along--not doing much good piled up and waiting till who knows when. A something from nothing top that looks bright and cheerful. Maybe not the loveliest quilt ever made but hopefully it has some "kid" appeal.

I made the few half blocks and four patches for the Road to St. Louis that were needed to complete those kit components along with the missing framed 4 patches needed. What I probably should have been doing was sewing and applying the binding for that t-shirt quilt. Naw, I felt compelled to sew--after all, I have been waiting to do just that while working on the commissioned piece, quilting all those tops and cutting for two days.


  1. Disappointing that your retreat did not go off as planned. However, it seems that you made the best of the day anyway. I love the idea of putting those orphan blogs together into a row or strippie quilt! Excellent idea!

  2. sounds like you had a personal retreat even if you didn't get away...

  3. It's a shame you couln't go on retreat but the strippy orphan blocks look good - my vote would be for blue sashing.

  4. great idea using the orphan blocks that way. I would probably vote for the blue fabric also.

  5. caught up with what you have been up to offline lately...way to keep on the quilty track Linda! Good for you to get so much cutting and kits lined up-plus love what you came up with for those leftover blocks...nice!

  6. Great idea on the strippy quilt. That is a good way to use some leftover blocks.

  7. I love those days I get up and head right for the machine. I've been know to quilt all day in my PJ's and just shower and dress in time for Keith to get home. Unfortunately, with the move to MN I have to get dressed to take the dog out unlike in Marietta when I would take him out back still in my PJ's.


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