Jan 26, 2007

checking in

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary. In a previous post I spoke about how this came about and showed our wedding picture. It does not seem possible that we have known each other for about 29 years! How did that happen?

The mums are one of my presents--there was some lovely green paper on the pot but I had to take that off when I put some water in the pot. Pippi is enjoying one of my other gifts---it is pretty cuddly, after all. Baby blue polar fleece top, hooded pullover with pocket and Eeyore on the front. It says "BORED" on the front. That is a bit odd as I am rarely, rarely bored. I think he liked the color and the hood part, LOL. We went out for catfish--about the only time we go to this particular restaurant is for a special event or when visitors come from out of town so it was a nice treat.

I have been sewing a bit the last two days as I really did not feel like quilting though I did get one done for my pal Marilyn on Wednesday. The fabric I ordered for the commission t-shirt quilt is NOT here yet--a week later. I pulled out some blocks that Pam had sent me that Nancy had shared with her. It was my understanding that Nancy did not care who had the blocks as long as they would be used in a donation quilt. And they will be.

I believe that the blocks may have been from a centralized swap at one time. I kept finding labels on the back of the blocks as I squared them up---thought that might be a good idea when things came from more than one sewing machine. There was a goodly number of pinkish/brown framed four patches that I set aside for their own special quilt which will be set a bit differently. Below (or somewhere) on the page is the top that I finished up this morning. There were a lot of

blue and green blocks---maybe that was part of the swap plan or just that the block makers had a lot of those colors in their stash at the time. A few teals and purples worked in as well---I just tried to distribute the color evenly throughout.

The 9 patch blocks are some that Carolyn and Ada made at the fall sew-in from my 3 1/2 inch squares and strip box. How about that?--stashbusting and I didn't even do any of the block sewing, LOL. Even the muslin alternating squares were cut from backing cutaways. I really thought about setting these in a more enticing way but since I already had the squares cut, thought I best use them. Naturally, I overcut the number of squares but the leftovers can be used for heartstring blocks. I marked the blocks as I joined the rows in a simple 3 x 3 grid but didn't prep any quilt backs or binding. It can wait and I'm having too much fun assembling.

Tomorrow? Borders on two tops that Jeanne shared with the Belles probably. Fed Ex better be getting here one of these days!!

Guess that's it for today-------


  1. Happy Anniversary! Keith and I will celebrate out 18th in April although I told him during this move I wasn't sure we'd make it!

    I love both tops - nine patch quilts are a favorite of mine - they don't need a fancy setting and I love the framed 4 patch too.

    I was thinking today how much I love simple scrappy quilts. 4 patch, 9 patch, strings, some Sawtooth stars thrown in - I don't make many complicated quilts but I sure like the ones I make.

  2. Happy Anniversary! and, many more! Love those tops.

    I feel your pain waiting on packages. Do you have a tracking number?

  3. Love the tops. Amazing how attractive the simple things can be.

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary! How was the catfish? It looks like Pippi wants to share your gift! The delay in the fabric arriving for the t-shirt quilt is giving you an opportunity to play with these scrap quilts--nice quilts!

  5. these are great tops Linda! thanks for sharing them

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    I think Pippi read that hoodie and decided the bored was for her... lol

    Really like all the quilt tops, and great work on all the Heartstrings blocks from your group!

  7. Wishing you a very happy anniversary!

    You always seem to put together the nicest looking charity tops. It must give you all such a rewarding feeling to be part of your group.

  8. Happy Aniversary Linda!
    The framed 4-patches are very cute. Something to keep in mind here :-)

  9. Hey, happy, happy anniversary!!! Love your quilt tops--what a great job you do.

  10. Happy anniversary!

    I hate waiting for packages too. I'm waiting for a completed table runner to back from a friend in Minnesota. It should have been here by now, but my mail woman is teasing me.

  11. Happy, Happy Anniversary, Linda!

    I'm working my way through the Stash Quilts Ring just to say Hi.

  12. Happy Anniversary, Linda!! I really like those simple quilt tops...I think I need to just make me a 9-patch, and that churn dash that won't leave my mind. :) Great work, girl.

  13. Glad you had a nice anniversary Linda, The tops look great, it's fun to piece together the left over or donated bvlocks into something useful for another purpose!!

  14. Happy Anniversary - belated, but still heartfelt *s*


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