Happy Birthday!

Those of you who read around the stash webring probably read Nancy's invitation to help her celebrate her birthday today by making some string quilts to aid the Heartstrings group. The blocks can either be sent to Nancy or one of the other volunteers to assemble the top with the resulting quilts being donated for those in need OR kept in our own communities to fulfill a need there. I'm planning doing both, LOL.

So Ms. Nancy, Happy Birthday to you--the red ones are to honor you on your special day. I could not resist sticking a bit of cat fabric in there but you might have to enlarge it to see better. The blue ones are to honor your dad's life as you said yesterday would have been HIS birthday. (A tad of cat fabric there too).

I'll get them in the mail tomorrow when I run errands.

Finn, any of those fabrics look familiar to you? Told you I was going to put those into use! Off to start on a few of my own now. I left the walking foot on--it might be helping to keep these things in line on the muslin base but truth be told, it is a PITA to remove it and I'm being lazy. This is not rocket science after all and is meant to be fun.

Hope you all are having a good Sunday------


  1. the blocks are great... I was surprised at how quicklyt they went together...

  2. Thank you so much for both my blocks and Daddy's. :-) Yes I did enlarge them and see the cat fabric. Wanna know a secret? There's cat fabric in some of the ones I've made too.

  3. Hi Linda, I haven't made thr rounds of the Stash gals yet today, so thanks for the heads up!
    I think your blocks look great, and yes,*VBS*, you put some of that 'ugly' stuff to good use!! It all seems to work in scrappy quilt blocks..*VBS* I'm heading over to Nancy's to leave my best wishes. Hugs, Finn

  4. Linda, these look so great! I made a couple blocks today to honor Nancy's birthday too but I've been working with blue centers so I stuck with blue rather than making blue and red. Once I finish another 2 blocks - I'll send these 20 off and then work on one of my UFO's which is also a string quilt and will be a HeartStrings Quilt when I'm done.

  5. These look great! There should be a lot of quilts getting made from all these blocks. =)

  6. Your blocks look great--love the addition of the cats! Isn't it wonderful that fabric donated by Finn makes it into your donation blocks which in turn honor two wonderfu people and benefit so many others! How did the walking foot work? I often leave my walking foot on for piecing--i think it keeps the blocks "truer". Where is Pippi today? She didn't make it into the post.

  7. hey, I used my walking foot today too to make several of my string blocks-photo tomorrow...it's a string block day!

  8. Look great -- you stitched them up in no time flat *s*

  9. Hi Linda! Just popped in to see what you've been up to! LOVE the string blocks!

  10. those blocks look great. I've just finished making another seven today. I've been using some cat fabric in my blocks and each time i picked up a piece it remined me of the bloggers who loves cats :-)


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