Jan 16, 2007


I learn something more about html everyday. Good thing! Someday when I don't have much of anything else I feel like doing I AM going to review the chapters on the web design self study I had done before. It is a challenge to me and makes those brain cells work a bit plus makes me a little bit better informed for tweaking my blog template.

Pam commented to me yesterday off post that I didn't have a view profile link on my blog. I knew I didn't because I had not wanted it to say "About Me" like everyone else's set up. There are other ways to get there if you really want to see it, I had though. BUT there is that challenge again--see if I could put it back in.

I know Finn has the same blog set up as I do Bowman's Minima which is somewhat of a blank slate so I snuck a peek at how it SHOULD read, got my own profile html to plug in and the view button is back. BUT it was not aligned at center. No biggie but it sorta bugged me when the rest of it was where I wanted it.

The light bulb just went off--you have to have the paragraph opening and THEN the centering tags---not the other way around and of course, the closing tags in the same sequence. No wonder it hadn't worked before. I finally have the graphic garden and power blogger button centered, the view profile tag that I just added back too----only took me a year to figure this out, LOL.

Not much going on here this morning. We have had some rain but the temps are hovering in the mid 30's. If the freezing stuff comes, it will depend on what the temperatures are later in the day and naturally, if we have precipitation. Electricity is still on though I know that others in the US are not so lucky with this wild winter weather. I threw some beef stew in the crockpot for supper and baked a spice cake from a free with "over 25 bucks purchase" at Winn Dixie. (still gotta frost it) So a few more stitches in the May snowman---basically just a clump of flowers and this thing is done. I'll quilt a bit after lunch if I feel so inclined but something tells me I'll keep putzing with this block if only to have a quilty picture for "blog fodder".


  1. Hey good for you. I like being able to tamper around with my stuff too that ione reason why I haven't gone over to the new layout yet. No html tampering...it's all funny widgets and they don't like to be messed with..believe me I tried!

    I'll send you something...a cheat sheet, that hubby found for me!

  2. Good for you for only taking a year to figure it out - if it were left to me I'd take til Hell freezes over :o)

  3. Ahhh -- the triumphs of blogging *s*

  4. a year isn't that long when you think about mastering another whole language....

  5. WTG on the HTML and have fun!

    I have to look at it like a puzzle, then it becomes a challenge rather than a chore. :)

  6. I hope the freezing rain left you alone and you never suffered a loss of power. We woke up to storm #15--more snow--this morning! I am so looking forward to spring!

  7. HTML makes sense if you stand on your head and your eyes are closed. THEN....only if the moon is full and it's the 6th sunday of the month.

    Hope you're not getting all this frozen stuff that we have had. No, we didn't lose power but being cooped up for 4 days was really nice.

    Is it spring yet?

  8. Hi LJ, congrats on the HTML..ready to take me and mine on????? I see that Jeanne switched(somehow) and set up a new blog. I'm still struggling to be able to post a link with a "here" rather than the whole http thingy...LOL

    Where did you find out what the ESFJ meant??? Inquiring quilters need to know, hugs, Finn

  9. Good for you on figuring out the html stuff. I took a class, but apparently learned the old html, right before the new stuff came out.

    I do like learning new things, and love conquering computer codes.

    The new blogger does that kind of stuff without going to the html though.

  10. I love to fiddle with code. I'm Paula the quilter and I'm a geek. I confess.


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