Jan 6, 2007

Saturday doings

A few months back Finn sent some fabric and quilt kits down for the Belles' use--some was bits and pieces left from previous projects from both her and her pal Betsy. Cut squares I gave to Theramae since she loves making nine patches. Abandoned blocks went to Sarah as she works wonders with tops made from "nothing" and so it went but the dribs and drabs came home with me. Since I will be making some Heartstring blocks before long, I thought today was the perfect time to visit that box!

The carpeting felt a little dampish yesterday so I got to cutting. I've got a stack of muslin cut for the foundation and the red strips for the block centers. In true stashbuster fashion I cut my way through the muslin cutaways from quilt backings---so I cut 10 inch squares for the string blocks, 9 1/2 inch squares for an alternating block for some nine patches made at the fall sew-in, 6 1/2 for bowtie alternating squares if you were to put them on point and a gob of 3 1/2 inches for bowties.

The fabric from Finn I am cutting whatever I can get out. It is shaking out like this with half of the box yet to cut :
  • 3 1/2 inch strips
  • 3 1/2 inch squares for bowties
  • 2 inch strips
  • some 2 1/2's and 1 1/2 for the string project
  • some 2 1/2 inch squares---Rd to St.Louis
  • 6 1/2--not sure about those but if the piece is big enough, why not?

So what is with these pictures? Well, I found one piece big enough with a large enough print that I decided to use it to recover that awful mess of a foot stool. Finn has said to use the stuff how we see fit--donation quilts mostly of course but there is something that I want, I get first dibs. I keep the footstool under my desk to prop my feet up when I am sitting at the computer. The tapestry fabric on the edge is pretty frayed and I had stuck a bunch of packing tape over it the other day as a temporary measure. Yeah, I know it would probably be easier to go buy a new one but they don't have them at Wally World anymore---I looked when the leg needed fixing.

I've got my own tool boxes so I hauled them in and had DJ take the hinges off though I could have done it myself. (I was trying to get dinner started at the time so I just let him.) You know, my mom sent me away to nursing school in 1970 with those two blue handled screw drivers, a hammer and a pair pliers. Boy, did those come in handy and they still do. I have accumulated other things over time--a Phillips screwdriver or two, a variable speed drill for my birthday one year, that staple gun to frame pictures etc and the tool boxes as well. I pried those staples to take off the nasty cover in no time. . The foam that was under looked nasty so I replaced it with some scrap cotton batting--8 layers since it was the thin kind. AND here it is. When it wears out again--and it will---I'll do it again. Just like my pressing table board and the June Taylor mat that I covered with teflon cloth. Have staple gun, pliers and screwdriver, I'm set.

Oh, that bow thing is a cat toy in case you were wondering, LOL. She does bat at it especially when the fan currents get it stirred up.

So no sewing or quilting yet but I am sure getting ready for it. The quilt group meets for our first 07 meeting on Tuesday so I know a few more pinned tops are probably coming home with me if not at this meeting, then the next. It will be good to be back in the swing of things again. Guess that's it for now..............


  1. oh! that foot stool looks gorgeous Linda! well done my friend.

  2. Great job! I too have my own toolbox and the tools are only for my use. All the guys in the house have to ask permission to use my tools. They have their own but they never put them back.

  3. I think we all must have our own toolboxes! When I bought the long arm, my son bought me my own tool box to hold all the screw drivers, wrenches, etc. in so that I don't have to borrow my husband's. That box lives under my sewing table and has come in handy many times. The stool looks fabulous! I love the fabric you picked to recover it with. Joey's current favorite toy is a red feather attached to a string. If he were at your house he would be after that red ribbon too!

  4. your foot stool looks great. I'm hoping to get some more string blocks done in the next few days.

  5. The stool looks great. And I have my own tools too. Unfortunately it's easier for David to want to grab mine that are in the house than to go out to the shop and get his so I keep having to rescue them from wherever he's been working. LOL!

  6. Your footstool looks great -- nothing like being able to take care of things on your own. Your mom was smart to start you off with some tools *s*

  7. I, too, have my own tool box. It resides under the computer desk and I use it as a footstool too! I found that if CarGuy asks what I want as a gift, if I mention a tool, then he is all over it! I love my electric staple gun (my hands won't work a non-electric *sigh*). Your footstool looks a lot better than mine.

  8. best gift I received when I moved away from home was hand tools and a recipie book (it had hand written recipies of family favorites that I needed to know how to make) Both are still used lo these many years later...

  9. Tools!! Yes, every girl needs her own tools. Ed is always asking to use mine simply because they are handy upstairs and his are downstairs. Albert and I got our heads together and got Angela a cute PINK tool belt for her to use during this remodel...hilarious! but the tools that are HERS are HERS...he has his own, she has her own and now Tristan is getting his own..yes...tools are necessary to all girls as well as guys!!!

    Your footstool is cute..isn't is amazing what a bit of time and effort will do when "saving" a treasured item? I love recovering chairs and etc...was fun for me to put the black and white check on our bar stools in the kitchen...just a little bit of fabric and tada! those stools looked like they were made to go in our kitchen.

    Thanks for the tips on recovering my June Taylor...it is GROSS!!!

  10. I've always done my own tool jobs! My mom marvels when I use to pull out the electric drill! Who waits for a man to do those things? My sister for one, that's why nothing ever gets done at her house!

    LOVE the fabric for the stool cover! I have one too but it's a more office-y covered hard plastic ergononmic thing. Couldn't work without it though!

  11. Wow, you are way more handy than me! You footstool looks great now!

  12. Linda, you are so organized! I am jealous. I cannot seem to discipline myself long enough to cut pieces for future projects. I have baskets overflowing with scraps that need that done. I'm sure there are no shortcuts - just, do it! Right?

    Your footstool looks great. I must be the odd-man out 'cause I don't have a toolbox. Guess I'll hint to DH for birthday this year!

  13. I'm a true believer in everyone having their own tools - and spare flashlights in the car too! DH and I are currently having a friendly, little arguement to see who gets the bigger tractor this year - I want it!

    The makeover you gave your footstool is great!




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