Jan 21, 2007

at last!

As I told you in my last post(s) I have been asked to make another T-shirt commissioned quilt. This one will be auctioned as a fund raiser for one of the local private schools. The fellow that has asked me to make this quilt and other recent commissions is on the school board.

SO Friday I whacked up the shirts to get a ball park idea of what size they might. This time, I had a lot of duplication of the shirts. Someone even donated one of those fish net looking football jerseys---no way could that be used. There is not a lot of color in the backgrounds this time either--lots of white and pale gray. Because I was told get this up to full/queen, I did the best I could with the duplicates but tried to keep them separated out in the design.

Those large black squares--the same shirt back. The small black squares in the 4 patched blocks? The front interest of the shirt. I actually pulled one out of the trash when I found I had enough 6 1/2 inch squares to squeeze out 4 blocks like that. Luckily the trash had just been empty and nothing wet or icky had gotten to it since it was on top of the heap.

Yesterday was spent doing the fusing part. Today the final trim and then laying them out on DJs bed to figure out placement. From there I could get the mathematics worked out with the sashing etc and draw up my working model. I will foundation piece the letters but have to wait for the fabric to come in from Hancock's of Paducah.

DJ and I almost went up to the quilt shop/longarmer about 30 some miles from here. I thought perhaps that something I had purchased there for use in one of the round robins might work. He said he had a bit of "cabin fever" but his fever only extended as far as the next towns north--like 10 or 20 miles worth, LOL. He also asked if my car heater was working---I hate getting hot when I drive so I don't even turn it on when I have a coat on. What a goof ball! All these conditions applied to whether he wanted to go or not. I ended up just ordering the stuff online as I would have had to get the brick red/burgundy stuff there anyway.

DJ actually cooked lunch for us Saturday. We had had some discussion about what we could have for lunch if I didn't cook supper Friday. We had a few hot dogs left from the possible ice storm preparation. He mentioned wanting some Mac and Cheese--one of the few things he knows how to fix. The thing is, I ate so much of that stuff in nursing school in the early 70s that I vowed I wouldn't eat it anymore if I could afford NOT to . The other thing was I don't cook lunch--I re-heat or will make sandwiches but that's it. He must have wanted it BAD as he got a box of it at the store. He did all right except for asking me how much was a quarter cup of butter and what had I done with the hot dog buns? I said to use margarine and that just garnered the question about where that was too, LOL. (2 trips out to the kitchen.) Other than not calculating how much time it took to bring water to a boil, he seemed to do okay. I cleaned up after him but that is often his job with me--load the dishwasher after we eat and take out the garbage. Got to wonder if the reason they act so helpless if that we will just go ahead and do it anyway OR are they really that clueless?

DJ is, of course, elated about the Bears winning the NFC championship. At this writing the Colts and NE are tied in the 4th quarter so who knows who their opponent will be? Hope have had a good weekend at your house-------


  1. I like the design and
    look forward to seeing the top.

  2. The drawing you have there reminds me of 'back to school' and schoolbus colors - perfect for a school themed quilt. :)

  3. At least your DH gets into the kitchen to do something other than get something to drink! I think they really can, they just don't wanna. Especially if we go ahead and do it since it's easier for us in the long run.

    Good luck on the t-shirt quilt. You're getting to be quite the pro. I'll have to remember next time I have questions about one. Stay warm!

  4. I sometimes get the mac'n'cheese hankerin'. I never make it at home -- if I make it, I EAT it . . . ALL! The Souplantation in our town offers it on the soup buffet, so that's where I go to satisfy the craving. One small dish not a whole box *s*

  5. I am needing to make a t-shirt quilt for my boss. I'll be following your progress to get some good ideas. Thanks!

  6. Good luck with the t-shirt quilt. I am looking forward to see it. The layout looks good.

  7. Linda
    Mac & Chez is the favorite dish of
    your niece in TN. I ate so much of it in college (It was four boxes for $1 at Eisners) that I also vowed not to eat it again. She can't understand why I don't just LOVE it like she does. LOL. By the way "Mac & Cheese" is sneakily incorportated into your younger CO niece's email name, so it must run in the family!

  8. I could swear I posted a comment here, but it disappeared! Glad to see you didn't have too much trouble wghipping those t-shirts into a decent quilt tops, although I had no doubts! You are very good are figuring out layouts!

    Can't do Mac n cheese anymore, too much of it earlier in life!


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