Jan 30, 2007

I'm back

Another goal met and a day earlier than my initial expectations. I took the final stitch in the t-shirt quilt top at about 9 last night (Monday) By late Sunday I had the 5 strips done and assembled, the lettering for Donoho done and the top border completed. That just left the Falcons lettering and the outside vertical borders for yesterday afternoon, after errands were run. Wouldn't you know that I started goofing up on the letters? Even the simplest one of all--the "L"? Had to start all over on the "C " as well as it was easier to print a new one than ripping it out.

ed. note: I had meant to post earlier that someone had asked if I had used a walking foot when I pieced the first t-shirt quilt. (Veronica, maybe it was you?) I had not but did take that suggestion for this one and I am very pleased with the results. I didn't have any problems with the sashing not lining up properly with the interfaced shirt pieces, no incidental stretching. Amazingly too, all the pieces in the strip measured exactly what they should have measured mathematically and that included both the vertical and horizontal measurements. I measured them anyway to be sure but it was all right on the money. How often does that happen? The weird thing is that I never know exactly where to line up the foot when I am putting on binding but it worked for this project and worked well.

It did help that I had it all figured out on paper (in EQ after my rough calculations where in place) so I knew exactly how many pieces to cut in what sizes and could make the best use of the yardage I had bought. The t-shirts were all cut and labeled with sticky notes so I wouldn't try to stick the filler strips on the wrong blocks. I kept all that blocks in rows with a binder clip and in the order they were to be added. Also I learned on that first one---I had a ball park idea from the last one how much interfacing it would take (about 13 yards) and how much sashing fabric (5 yards with a tad leftover which I don't mind since I can use it on something else). I don't think I will doing any more of these things though.

"Done is a very good word", to quote Pam. There was not as much variety of shirts or the shirt colors this time. I had to repeat three of them and yet still get it up to full/queen. It measures 87 x 94. DJ and Eva Marie the longarmer held it up for me at the shop but neither of them was quite tall enough to get a straight on shot but I didn't think I better complain about that. Those t-shirts are heavy!! I had to promise to hurry up and take the shot but of course, DJ didn't believe me. HMMM mutiny in the ranks.

DJ has not been playing golf this month much at all. Too cold, too windy and/or too damp. He did ride up with me today just to get out of the house, more or less. I asked him if he helped that cabin fever any. He thought that riding in the car wasn't much better than sitting in the chair at home. I commented that at least it was a change of scenery on a sunny day. He compared that comment to watching TV sitting in his car. He needs to get out of the house about as much as I need him to. (We got word that his golfing friend from IL will be here on 2-7 and 2-8 as his way to Florida to paint an elderly friend's house but that is not soon enough for DJ to get out for a couple hours and practice up on his friend)

So no sewing or quilting today as I am taking the day off. Other than trying to track down some 6000 yard Tex 30 cotton cone thread, I have not done anything quilt related today. Still, it is a long time till bedtime so I think that I will dig out the July snowman block and do some embroidery. Pam emailed me that she has 4 done already and she started waaaaaaay after me. It sounds like she needs to make doubles as her momma has fallen in love with the blocks and won't let her bring them home from the care center, LOL.

Maybe I can at least start trying to get caught up with the ring and other friends while I stitch in front of the computer-------


  1. I made ONE (count them ONE) t-shirt quilt and it was VERY heavy. Turned out really cute, but it was a monster to work on. Glad it went to a son and not something I sold or gave away. It had a lot of work in it as it had 400-different sizes of t-shirts on it too.

    Cute, Cute! I'll commission you to make my next one!

  2. Linda,
    That quilt really is awesome. You just work so fast, and it comes out so nice.
    I finished the t-shirt quilt in time for the client to give to her daughter for Christmas. She actually cried when I opened it up. But I haven't heard whether or not her daughter liked it.
    Do you get that feeling-anticlimactic-when you finish a commissioned work?

  3. The quilt looks wonderful!! Great job!

  4. Never abuse your quilt holders *s* It looks great -- you came up with a great design.

  5. Amen..never correct the holders, they might strike!! What a great job done! You are the queen of these quilts for sure!

  6. Well done--exceeding the goal on that t-shirt quilt! I believe the goal was Wednesday for that one. I vote that Pam should make double the number of blocks--that might slow her down some! *LOL*

  7. You did a great job on it but I bet you're glad to get that t-shirt quilt out of the way.

    And I agree, Pam's gonna have to make 2 sets of snowmen if she wants to have one for herself.

  8. the t-shirt quilt looks great Linda. I have never tried making one before.

  9. That is one big t-shirt quilt! Great job! And - my Little Boy is like your DJ - he needs lots of fresh air!



  10. Hi LJ, the latest t-shirt quilt looks just great! And in record time. Now that you have all the stuff worked out about interfacing, etc it would be shame never to use it again...LOL Maybe after a few months???

    So glad you are going to get a house break with DJ going golfing(I hope!) with his friend. Nice to have some alone quiet time.

    I've been playing with 2" squares today, Patti got me all going with her postage stamp in 2", can't quite manage Libby in 1" pieces..*VBS*
    Guess I should get busy on the stuff I have started. Am feeling quite good as I complete one week of the switched meds...talk to you soon in IM, Hugs, Finn

  11. hey LJ...this top turned out great! so glad you have that over and done with!

  12. That turned out so well. :)

    The colors just look so... schoolish, and you did a great job spacing out the different size and shapes of shirt logos.


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