Nov 16, 2006

challenge completion

I still need to cut out the binding and backing but here is my completed butterfly challenge top. All from my stash with the exception of the butterflies. The turquoise piece is leftover from a quilt back and really picks up on the shade of some of the butterflies if enlarge it or see it in person. The other colors are also leftovers from previous kids quilts. I only bought a tad more purple so I would have enough for binding.

Cher showed you the one that she had completed recently on her blog last week. She's the one that had surplus butterfly fabric left over that she could share with her quilt group, mine and other friends. My mom has one finished that she sent back with me this summer. Finn is working on one a well but is being secretive about her plan.

Beverly was sewing on hers at the meeting the other day using a pattern that started off with large scrappy squares in a row, the following row cut it down to 4 patches and the next row 16 patches. She said that the pattern calls for a sashing strip and then it repeats in reverse order. Lois had her top done and the girls got it pinned--the log cabin she started at the sew in last month. Theramae's was butterfly pattern that we had used in the past in two different sizes. It is so cool how differently these are turning out. Others are still in the planning or sewing phases. We will taking the quilts to the Presbyterian Children's Home in Talladega since they are definitely "girl" quilts.

The quilt at right is the lighthouse quilt that Aline made for the Boys Ranch that I wanted to share with you. I finished up the binding for her last night. Good sized for one of the older boys.

Other than that not a lot going on. Fixed my husband an decent meal last night and spent a bit too much time in the kitchen. With my being gone so much lately it was quick stuff, sandwiches or food out. Since it was cold, windy, damp today he said he would rather stay home and eat leftovers than venture out any day. After hearing his son say that they were off to an Illinois game and would not have time to eat so would grab a hot dog at the game, he said he would much rather sit down to a good meal and watch the game on TV than eat junk food. I don't know if that was a testament to my cooking skills or a compliment or not.

A friend from the round robin group came by this morning to see if I had any fabric that she could possibly use for a small spacer. Janet had been to about 5 different quilt shops or fabric shops looking. Before she headed over to Birmingham, she thought she would check with her fellow quilters. We looked through my color group and one might have worked but I didn't have much of it. I thought from looking at the colors that someone else in my group might have just what she needed and gave her a call. Yep, Pat had some yardage to share and they will do the pass off tomorrow. Janet is doing a really cute appliqued border that the owner should enjoy.

I intend to start on the two SEC tops I have been commissioned to do tomorrow. Actually some of the cutting is already done as I had cut extra pieces of the team fabric when I made three of them a few years back. Just have to do some quick calculations or draw up in EQ as I am using a picture frame set this time. My EQ6 upgrade is on its way!!

(Cher, Pippi is still napping on my new bag--the way it curves she must think it is a little kitty nest. I've not had a chance to get it loaded and make it less appealing, LOL. ) Guess that's it...............


  1. I love the twisty block you used for the butterfly quilt, and the colors really accent it! And the lighthouse quilt is fun -- I have some of that fabric that's been looking for a pattern for quite some time...

  2. Your butterflies look great. Probably the first challenge quilt I have seen that I like the challenge fabric and the quilt, too *s*

  3. Hi LJ, so happy to hear you had a nice, homey type day at home...*VBS* And yes! I do think that was a compliment!! *VBS*

    The butterfuly challenge quilt looks wonderful..I absolutely LOVE the twistey part at the outside of the butterflies. I'm not far enough along to share what I'm doing just yet..but soon I hope..*G*
    It isn't anything brain in on frosty freeze I think!
    like when you eat ice cream too fast!
    Talk to you soon, Hugs, Finn

  4. Yep, I need to get back in the kitchen too. We've been eating out way to much because things are so hectic. I never thought I'd say I miss cooking!

  5. Linda, that interlaced block is absolutely my favorite block! I made a pillow for a friend years ago with that pattern. I would love to make a full quilt someday. Love the lighthouses. Great job!

  6. Ohhh, I like that woven looking twisty block toooooo. :)

    Do you have it in an EQ file you could send me, or do I need to try to draw it myself?

  7. Linda, I just love that twisty pattern. What's the name of it I sure would like to make a baby boy quilt using that pattern. The lighthouse quilt is very nice and yes it's perfect for a boy. Great job.

  8. Linda, both of those quilts are wonderful! It's such a great thing that you and your quilt friends make these quilts for children's groups. :) If I were a faster, more prolific quilter I would love doing something like that. Maybe some day.

  9. well done my friend. It's great fun seeing all the different ideas inspired by the same fabric. I went very basic and simple-really a quickie. Of course DJ meant your cooking is preferable to anything you can get eating out! I know what a great cook you are. Well, all the quilts look great. Guess Pippi has claimed that bag for now LOL.

  10. Love the butterfly challenge. That little bit of turquoise is the perfect accent. The pattern intrigues me. I'll have to do a little playing with EQ6 and see if I can figure it out.

  11. Your challenge top is lovely :-)

  12. The butterfly quilt turned out very well indeed!! I love the intertwined blocks! I've never seen that before now and I really like that pattern!

    I think it's nice that you gals have such a nice groups that helps out to share fabrics when needed. Sounds like a nice productive day at home...leftovers and all. Nothing wrong with leftovers!

  13. Good the challenge I said earlier, some young girl will love owning it.

    I found some lighthouse blocks that were in my mom's stuff (meant for my older brother, I am sure) that would make a quick and easy quilt...might have to think about that. Don't be surprised if they end up in a "Sarah Box" headed your way.


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