Nov 28, 2006

wrestling a bear

It has taken the better part of a 24 hour period to get this round robin to this point. First viewed in this post when I asked for your help. I don't think you can tell just how wobbly it was on the outside edges.

I re-sewed the seams that were pulling apart, taking slightly bigger seams. Then I stay stitched it all around the outside as the fabric was raveling and I did not want to have to patch up more opening seams.

My mom had called to see if my day was going any better than yesterday. Well, that was good question as I had just discovered that I was Still a half inch off in either direction. She suggested doing an easing stitch like one would do in garment making--Cher and Pam concurred. It helped square it up but there are a few spots where I had to just trim out a quarter inch seam allowance on one side and re-sew to take up more so the borders will match up at the quarter points. What a giant pain! It is as squared up as it is going to get and laying down the best it will on the carpet.

Okay, the applique people will say that I should have done the applique off the quilt and mitered the corner. I know that is the normal course of action but it isn't happening with this thing. So what is next? Something simple like THIS like I did on Pat's quilt but without the bee hives and maybe less flowers. I have misplaced my templates for the dresden plates and the leaves but overcut the bias stuff on that round so should have enough to go around two opposing corners without cutting more.

Many of you have said that my experiences have kind of turned you off to the notion of making a round robin. Know the ones you work with, is all I can tell you and there are still no guarantees that it will all work out. My problem is that I had to follow someone who was an experienced seamstress but not necessarily a quilter. The seam allowance variances are enough for me to tell that, the fabric choices etc. Medallions are NOT for the accuracy in cutting and sewing challenged. This is the 2nd time I have had to really re-work something she has done. And look, it is a simple checkerboard that could be easily cut and sewn--should not be difficult, SIGH.

On a much happier note, I am going to get a new machine. My good ole Viking is going to be relegated to quilting or backup status. The timing is off yet again and will need service if I wish to sew with it or deal with a very short seam length. It will do okay with the walking foot on or at least this is the pattern we have gone through each year. The shop is about an hour away. I admit to being hard on my machine with all that quilting and charity quilt sewing, broken thread etc. You cannot open this to clean it out properly as the dealer is supposed to be the one who does it......blah, blah, blah.

Mom had mentioned a few months back that the Brother Pacesetter model she had was going to be closing out--those can be serviced here locally. I had been considering it or a baby lock that was a similiar model for that reason. I should have done something about it sooner but was saving up money for airfare to OR. She called the dealer for me today and I could get the model that replaced hers--Brother Innov-is (think that's right) NX450. Pam and Cher said that a working machine was more important; I should get it first and then start saving up again for my future trip. Mom will float me a loan for the balance and I should be able to bring it back with me when we gather for our family Christmas at my brother's home in the Nashville area. Thanks, Mom!

Our guest is staying over another night. I didn't have to cook tonight though I was prepared to make some chicken enchiladas if I had to. Sometimes he wants to go out but no one said anything when they left this morning for the golf course. Popped the chicken in the crockpot and it can wait if not needed. DJ, I knew would want to see part of the Illinois basketball game if possible and I needed to keep stitching. We got pizza instead.

Guess that's about it---applique prep tomorrow........the quilt that keeps annoying


  1. Uh...Cher....does it sound like we were just blamed for LJ getting a new machine??? LOL

    Airfare to Oregon will happen...for now there is NO WAY you can live without a good working machine. Thanks mom for being the loan officer!!

  2. I have never done a round robbin because I don't want to be the quilter who's work needs to be fixed by the next person in line.

    You did a great job!

  3. you certainly have a lot of patience when it comes to these Round Robins and the problems that come with it.
    I am one those that definately won't go in a Round Robin after reading what you've gone through.

  4. Been there, done that with the RR quilts. Did it twice and said never again!

    Yahoo for the new machine. I've been thinking of buying a new one myself. Nothing wrong with the one I just think I need to get a new one BEFORE this one wears out as I don't have a viable backup.

  5. I enjoyed the RR I did, but found the same problem you're having (I was just lucky and didn't follow hte person, so only had it to really deal with in my ifnished quilt). I don't think RR's are the place for a person to start quilting! All the work you've done will be appreciated by the owners.

  6. Coming to Oregon is important - after all, if you do maybe we can get together with Cher! But they are right - having a working machine is even more important. I'm so glad you got yourself this early Christmas gift!

  7. This round robin has been quite a challenge. I will definitely think long and hard before joining one *s*

    A new machine -- we know you aren't on the naughty list *s*

  8. good to keep you company yesterday my friend-online chatting is always fun. thanks for sharing the completed top thus far. The applique left to do ought to feel like a snap in comparsion!

  9. Already the RR looks more pulled together with that beige border. What a lot of work you have done! Lucky for the recipient.

  10. I'd just use what bias binding you have left and fil in with more leaves and maybe larger flowers here and there and it should be fine. Now I understand you have had to follow the same gal all along. That really sucks that you got stuck behind and inexperienced person who doesn't really understand the work she added to your round each time.

    Hooray for the new machine. Is it really easy to clean out? I like pulling mine aprt and cleaning since I always seem to end up with hunks of fuzz and thread garbage loaded under the plate!!

  11. I think that wide border that you finally decided on is just perfect! The colors looks great, and I do think some easy applique, just enough to call it "good" is in order! I suspect others will know the work that the gal before put into each of theirs was shoddy.
    You've already knocked yourself out on the repairs of so many of them!
    Love that you are getting a new machine. I can't get into my Pfaff to clean what REALLY needs cleaning either. Have to take it to a service guy..$70 and climbing for a clean and oil. Ouch! Hugs, Finn

  12. Is your round the last round on this one? Seems like you mentioned that once, but I've slept since then. I think your applique plan will be perfect. I don't blame you for using less flowers. I might even be inclined to only put the applique from the center of the strip to the corner and leave space for lots of quilting. Just a thought...

  13. I am glad to hear you will be treated yourself to a new machine! This is important. Imagine your life without a sewing machine! Cher and Pam are right--the trip can wait. That RR might be annoying you, but I am so impressed with how well you can wrestle that one into a tame beast!

  14. I also got wobbly edges on my folk star quilt and I blame it on the blocks being wider on top than on the bottom but there was no way I was even going to try squaring them up.They would have lost there points. I'm just easing in the wobbleness as I quilt the borders.That had never happened to me before.What gets me is that thats the way the pattern was . I just love your quilts.I think after it's done you won't be able to really tell.Love the picture of your kitty.

  15. Sounds like the reason I don't like to work on someone else's quilt. Seriously, my quilts sometimes take a bit of easing and I'm used to working with my own imperfections!

  16. I've always thought that a RR or a Row by Row had more to do with 'adjusting' to another quilter's skills or non-skills, than it does to a perfectly lovely finished project. It would be wonderful if we just LOVED the product we received, but it takes a lot of talent, patience, stretching of the imagination, to work on a RR - THAT is what it's made up of, not necessarily perfectly sewn borders or rows. I have a Row by Row, made by guild members, that I wouldn't trade for anything -- each row is different, made by different hands - not entirely coordinated, but I remember each person's comment along the way and THOSE COMMENTS and how each person struggled, are the finished product. Rather than shy away from a RR, we might want to take on that challenge.

    BTW - this has turned our very nice - you've managed and it's lovely.


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