Nov 24, 2006

Peace and Plenty

Peace and Plenty

Good block for Thanksgiving weekend, I thought. #1201 attributed to Farm Journal but looking at me atop the computer and the "365 Quilt Blocks a Year" from Nancy Martin and That Patchwork Place. I have made this block before. One that can be approached several different ways actually but I recall foundation piecing it in 4 quadrants.

Hope that everyone that celebrates our American holiday had a wonderful day with family and/or friends. Ours was a quiet one with just the two of us since we live some distance from our family. Local friends have their own plans. I could have gotten a ride up to IL and flown back but I didn't want to leave DJ alone on the holiday.

I got smart Weds morning when I was making pecan pie and cranberry sauce---if you need chopped celery and onions for supper and for dressing the next day, do it once!! A light bulb moment and how long have I been cooking?? Mostly I just don't plan that far ahead though as I may not know exactly what I am going to make till I get in the kitchen and usually have a couple of options based on ingredients on hand. Who knows what you feel like eating 4 days in advance?

At one point, I wondered why I was knocking myself out trying to get a meal on the table at noon? I don't cook a noon meal--we had leftovers from Weds night. DJ didn't care one way or the other either. It was a holiday was the only reason and I'm not sure that was enough justification. When I had one of those nights with little sleep and had to drag out of bed to take care of a turkey breast, I really had to wonder why I was doing that. BUT, I piled back in for an hour after it hit the pot. DJ was all chipper and chatty and I just wanted him to NOT to really wake me up. It is a wonder the crockpot even got turned on in that hazy brained state of mind, LOL.

He watched a little football, cleaned his bathroom, did some piddling outside and I sewed. One SEC top is completed except for the two vertical borders. Today the other one. I had to re-adjust all my cutting due to an initial cutting error (too short) and trim the blocks down. Every subsequent added strip has needed trimming down as well so it is taking a bit longer. I believe that round 2 will go a little smoother today. Lunch and then one small errand to run and I'll be back at it. I just might make my goal!

See who had to test things out?


  1. Hi Linda

    Thanks for stopping by my new quilt blog and for your warm welcome to blogger land. I just had a quick look at your November posts. I'm jealous of your lovely big ironing board. What a great place to press fabric.


  2. I really like the shadowed window you're using. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Sounds like you had a quiet Thanksgiving. Oh, I like the peace and plenty block, too. Ideas...

  3. love the actual top photo...way to go on getting these done...

  4. What a lovely block. Quarter square triangles in 2 sizes comes to mind. First piecing the inner squares and then adding the outer corners. A good use for my Triangulation CD :-)

  5. It's sometimes a challenge to get excited over preparing a holiday dinner for two -- but we love the leftovers too much to pass up the original *s* I am learning to scale back though.

  6. Linda
    I just LOVE that setting for the tshirts. VERY cool! That drop shadow really sets the T's off.

    I hope your thanksgiving was super!

  7. A quilt isn't finished until it receives the official "paw of approval"! I love that picture of Pippi. She looks like she is posing!

  8. I hope you had a lovely Thansgiving with DJ! I know you can cook! Pippi looks like she ate too much too! When summer comes and hubby takes salads I chop up a weeks worth of each ingredient and store them in containers in the fridge for him to just grab a handful of chopped, green pepper, onion, cucumbers and tomatos!! Works great!

    The block is cool, I need to come down to your house one time and let you teach me how to use my EQ6, I fear I have one thneth the quilt knowledge you have about blocks and designing!!

  9. Sounds like a nice, quiet thanksgiving to me! I need to get some sewing time in today, badly. I have a Christmas deadline! Aaaauuugghh!!

    Have a great weekend, God bless :)

  10. Love the quilt and your helper. What would we ever do without the help of the furry ones?

    Please give Pippi a pet from me.



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