Nov 11, 2006

Better luck

I had a little better luck today one the shopping front--both shops were open for business and it is quilter's quality stuff. The yardage on the left is for the round robin border--that "paper bag" color for the background. At right, the top 4 are for me with my $25.00 off gift certificate--1/2 yard cuts for the reproduction stash. The other three may be part of the applique I intend to do on the robin because I have some pieces in the stash that MIGHT work---either/or. I overcut fabric on vines I did on an earlier round so I don't think it will be necessary to make more unless I go with a different color green--also could come from stash, in that case. I am only doing that applique on two opposing corners mainly because it needs a break from all that busy-ness at center but also because I don't want to spend a year appliquing. Aline took to it back to fix a couple spots where the person after her chopped off the star points she had tried hard to do correctly. That's fine---I can wait.

Aline drove and our friends Jane and Sarah went along with us today. Very overcast but that is almost easier to drive in--the sunlight does not glare or strobe through the trees. We took a slightly different route to the quilt shop in that we did not have to get on interstate at all. The trees were gorgeous and new scenery to look at. We had lunch at the tearoom in Trussville when we first got to town. LOL, those "local" quilt shops that are over an hour away.

I got the challenge quilt blocks done last evening and will finish up the top after supper. It is a small quilt so shouldn't be hard to get it done though I may wait to do the outer border tomorrow--BEFORE I clean up this house for Cher's visit. (Finn, I've got that hug ready for her)

Judy, I have tried adjusting the color in Picassa but some old image editing software I used to use would make it far more easier and truer in color---I think I need to be able to adjust the RGB--like add or lessen the blue tones? I played with the two block pictures and just made it worse but gotta love that "un-do" thing.

I'm outta here------- Posted by Picasa

UPDATE: 7:30 p.m. I just discovered that those five blocks that I did last night are pieced wrong----ack! I started off around the ring with the wrong colored strip so I guess that seam ripper is going to get a work out. The one that is right and joined in the quilt looks pretty good if I do say so. Just wasn't watching closely enough and was chatting between stitches. RATS anyway---but if you are going to sew, you best be prepared to do this unsewing.


  1. what beautiful reproduction fabrics to add to your collection! I'm so thankful I've got upwards of three quilt shops in under half an hour drive, and more than 3 other fabric stores with good cotton too.... One positive of city living :-)

  2. Yum, Linda, those are some beautiful fabrics! I don't have any quilt shops closer than an hour away from me either. :( Sounds like you guys had a fun "outing" those tea rooms. :)

  3. It looks like you hit the jackpot with fabrics today! Good for you! A day out with quilting friends is a great way to spend time. After all that piecing, it is frustrating to have to frog--but like you say, it goes with the territory!

  4. Those fabrics are just lovely Linda! What a wonderful shopping trip.

  5. Love your colour classification - 'paper bag colour' - describes it perfectly, a very useful piece of fabric to have in a stash even if you didn't have a specific use for it :o)

  6. What could be better than a day spent with good friends and fabric! Those are some lovely pieces you have there.

    I'm sorry you messed up blocks! I know what a bummer that is as I sewed a whole vertical row of my chocolate/weave quilt wrong and had to rip/redo it.

  7. What lovely fabrics you have purchases. I have developed a very soft spot for CW repros :-)

  8. Fun shopping trips 2 days in a row. Your repro fabrics are a nice addition to the stash. Sorry to hear about the unsewing, I do a lot of that myself sometimes ... it just happens that way, I guess *s*

  9. Oh well it was worth a thought about Picasa. SOmetimes I like to go under tuning and slide the dial from left to right until I get the right color...then undo it I hate it!

    Rats on the un-sewing, but now you can make it all good. I think you got some fabulous fabrics and the paperbag color should work very well and add a bit of sparkle because it's not a flat color!

  10. I just realized you switched to the Beta version??/Do tell! I was not going to do it until they made me because I remember JudyL losing ALL her blog archives and having to beg to get them back.

    Do tell about how it went for you.

  11. Hey LJ, get job scoring on those fabrics! I think they are perfect. Love the repro's you got for you...and the bpg color looks good too.

    I'll be already with a bit AMEN when the RR project if complete. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that yours will be magnificant!! I do love that center block you did.
    Sorry about the need to call in Jack the Ripper...but it keeps us humble..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

  12. If you join another RR I will personally arrive on your doorstop and we shall have a conversation...along with a few others I am thinking...Right Finn?

    Can't wait to see the finished-finished challenge top, thus far it is just too fun and some little girl will be thrilled to have it for her own.

  13. I hate when I find I have been sewing blocks or just a piece in the wrong position.

  14. Looks like you had a great time shopping this time around. What very pretty fabrics you've chosen. So you've decided to do appliqué on that RR - I'm eager to see how it turns out.

    Did you change a setting on your blog? I used to be able to reply to you when you left a comment on my blog, but now when I do my reply is returned as undeliverable because it says "no reply-anonymous" or something like that. Maybe it happened when you switched to Beta Blogger?


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